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I just bought more shares in Castellum AB at 172 SEK.

In my opinion, an excellent managed Nordic Real Estate company with a lot of dividend growth potential for years to come.

It now makes up 1.97% of my portfolio and I'll continue to add from time to time to this position below 200 SEK / Share
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Q1 2022 earnings reports from many Dividend Stocks
Buckle up everyone, this will be a crazy week! There are so many earnings coming up and this list isn't even complete!

Having said that, what's your favorite company reporting their earnings this week?

#Earnings #stockmarket
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Love to see it, also welcome back :)

I am awaiting big tech 🥺🤌🏼
🎬New video 🎬

3 Best Dividend ETFs | Select wisely and know the pitfalls of investing in Dividend ETFs

👉 Typical pitfalls
👉 Example of a poor performing dividend ETF
👉 Know what you own!
👉 3 Best Dividend ETFs

#dividendETF #Dividends #ETF

nice video Buddy
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🥊Battle for Dividends⚡

Intel Corp vs Broadcom

There are many stocks in this sector, but which of the two do you personally prefer and why?

The chip wars are on!

My personal thoughts: I like Intel more. Better balance sheet and lower payout ratio. At the same time it's a turnaround play. Generally I don't like Broadcom's way of doing business, but it must be said that it gave them a lot of growth in the last decade.
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Not sure if you are familiar with the #dividendTalk podcast?

@emf and I host a podcast which is focused on dividend growth investors. We're both from Europe, so you will find that it comes with quite a European flavor.

If you're interested in listening to it, then check it out. We're at episode 68 right now.

In this latest episode we are discussing our 3rd Quarter performance.

But tell us, how did your portfolio perform?

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