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Performance 5/23/22
Up +2.47% for the day beating the $QQQ, a nice relief rally after being down -5% last week. Big tech were all up except $AMZN which was barley down, but is still struggling as people are still are very wary retail, but I own it for AWS, and I’m definitely buying more $AMZN in June if keeps going down. The stock I’m really watching this week is $NVDA if they have another great earning on Wed then that will be my next big holding alongside $AMZN, $GOOGL, $MSFT, $AAPL .
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📈 Optimum Mix target allocations--weekly update
Momentum continued to be relatively strong for $WMT, $TSLA, and $MA as of May 16, 2022, but was relatively weak for $AAPL, $TQQQ, $UPRO, and $FNGU so the Optimum Mix target allocations changed to the following based on a $10,000 total balance:
cash: $10,000 x 50% = $5,000
$WMT: $10,000 x 25% = $2,500
$TSLA: $10,000 x 12.5% = $1,250
$MA: $10,000 x 12.5% = $1,250
The 3-year total return for the Optimum Mix was 518.59% as of that date.

The next Leveraged Momentum newsletter/trading is tomorrow so visit website today to subscribe to the FREE newsletter. Click image to see larger image of complete list of strategies with their 3-year total return rates. Any questions or feedback?
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In Bear market or not ?
With bear market news around the corner, I dipped into the charts of S&P 500 'Top 10' stocks to check on their current levels. Here are the insights :

  • Current Top 10 S&P stocks by weight (in the order )
( My watchlist had $JPM as 10th entry. It has been replaced with $UNH. Any thoughts ?)

  • 8 out of 10 stocks are under 50SMA and 200SMA on daily charts except for $BRK.B and $UNH which are just touching 200MA.

  • However, on weekly charts, I see 6 out of 10 stocks between 50SMA and 200SMA. 2 stocks above 50SMA and 200SMA. And the last 2 , $AMZN and $FB crossed below 200SMA.

With looming food shortage , spiked gas prices , ongoing war , inflation , housing market potentially entering correction , hiring freeze from companies etc.. more drawdown of S&P 500 index expected ?

I am trying to find information to see if i have to rebalance some of the funds to have more bond exposure. I am planning to go 100% SPY index when we flatten out and start showing some strengths in the months to come.
Crazy talk from Cathie Wood again 🙄
One thing that bugs me: IMO, AGI will most likely come from one of the big tech companies. Why? Because you need:
  • the best AI researchers
  • high AI R&D funding
  • lots of data
  • lots of computing
  • billions to burn without going bankrupt
That means investing in $GOOG, $FB, $MSFT and maybe $TSLA, $IBM, $AAPL and $NVDA.
If ARK Invest believes in AGI and wants its investors to profit from it, they should be positioned in all of these companies. However, they are not. Seems counterproductive to me.
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A Weekly Update on Special Situations
Covetrus $CVET received $21 / share proposal from CD&R and TPG to acquire remaining outstanding shares.

Griffon $GFF initiated review of strategic alternatives.

Kohl’s $KSS said final bids will be submitted in the coming weeks; skepticism regarding a deal is growing amid poor financial results.

Spirit $SAVE bidder JetBlue $JBLU announced a $30 / share hostile tender offer.

Electronic Arts $EA rumored to have had takeover discussions with Amazon $AMZN, Disney $DIS, Apple $AAPL; held discussions with Comcast $CMCSA regarding merger with NBC Universal.

Hemisphere Media Group $HMTV shareholder Edenbrook Capital sent letter to the board expressing displeasure with sale price.

MiMedx Group $MDXG released a presentation in response to activists, highlighting its standalone value creation plan.

Republic First Bancorp $FRBK chairman Hill removed from role, filed lawsuit against company.

Turtle Beach $HEAR entered into cooperation agreement with Donerail Group.
Your newsletter and compiling all this stuff to share is always incredible! Thank you for the work you’re doing
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Performance 5/20/22
Down -0.29 for the day, and Down -5.11 for the week. No trades this week. Holdings are equally weighted between $AMZN, $GOOGL, $MSFT, $AAPL. We survived another down week as the the entire market inches closer to a bear market! It’s my first time being in a market like this, as I started buying stocks in March of 2020. I’ve consolidated into my core holdings of great business and plan to buy/hold them throughout this downturn, as it should pay off 10 years from now, but I’ve newer really seen the carnage of a prolonged bear market so it will be interesting to see if this generation of new investors get wipeout/panic sell and leave investing, or if most people manage to stick to their plans, and keep finding ways to make money is this market. The latter I’m watching for and hoping to learn from. Making money in a down market is a skill set I’m looking to add to my investing toolbox.
Same here. In a similar journey as started right after the 2020 crash and now trying to weather this current storm. Been a learning experience for sure and had to let go some of my high growth and speculative plays to derisk and focus on fundamentally sound companies including the ones you own. Still have some growth stocks stocks as $DDOG and $DOCN however they are on the verge of profitability and still have solid growth rates and good FCF.
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Portfolio changes - update 9
Hello friends, today I moved further with my portfolio consolidation process.

  • I sold out of $S, there's nothing specific wrong there, but I stay stunned by just how Microsoft's position throughout all kinds of enterprise software is strong. Crowdstrike, Microsoft and SentinelOne usually score the best in all sorts of 3rd party research, therefore it makes sense for me to consolidate.

SentinelOne is great, but we are entering a very unkeen environment for companies heavily spending instead of bringing cash flows, which I'm fine with, but when looking at the optionality, profitability and growth, I'm very much fine with $MSFT here. Many maybe don't know, but $MSFT is growing its CyberSec division by 50%, or at least did YoY, pulling about $15B in sales last year, which is just INSANE! So, from now on my coverage of CyberSec will be through $GOOGL (soon to likely buy $MNDT), $NET $DDOG $MSFT $ZS and $SNOW.

  • I also sold a position in $SE as I'm beginning to be very concerned about their tempo of cash burn (about $1,9B in Q4 and additional $1,6B in Q1) despite management's encouraging comments regarding coming profitability. So for now, no $SE for me. $MELI in this condition looks like a better R/R now to me.
  • I added significantly to my $MSFT position, should be visible by tomorrow. I also added to my other favorites such as $AAPL $TTD $TSLA and $NVDA.
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I like the stable growth companies with a long track record of success. So I’m definitely with you on the $GOOG, $MSFT, and $NVDA. Analyzing the newer companies is out of my wheelhouse. I like the valuation of Microsoft and Google especially, but bought Nvidia for both kids’ custodial accounts. Personally, I don’t think there are two better companies on the planet than Google and Microsoft to own. When my safety of principle is considered. Especially after they were the sole two companies standing after last weeks research. Impressive.
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