What is My Story?
My name is Preston, and I am a corporate trainer for a Fortune 100 company. My passion has always been to mentor, coach, and develop those around me while I seek counsel in my own life to better myself. As a corporate trainer, I get to live out my passion daily which is a joy.
How did I get here: I grew up in a middle class household that lived paycheck to paycheck. Throughout my high school years, I saw my parents were never going to be able to retire unless I helped them out. Growing up as an only child, I took a lot of responsibility in my household at an early age. As I saw their continued struggle, I knew I needed to do something. In that moment, I knew I needed to learn money management, so at the age of 18, my journey began.
I opened my very first Roth IRA account because google told me that was the best place to start for tax advantages. At the time, I was like yes, I will start early and pull the money out when my parents need it at 65. I quickly realized I could not touch the money until I was 65, so I had to find another avenue.
At the age of 19, I read every cnbc article to try and grow in my knowledge of finance. This year was transformational as I learned about compound interest, the Fed reserve, stocks vs bonds, growth stocks vs dividend stocks, analyst ratings, and so much more. CNBC helped me see my vision for my parents could be achieved with some discipline, patience, and consistency.
I decided to pursue a bachelors degree in finance to continue to grow in my knowledge. In my first finance class, we played a simulation game on MarketWatch and from that moment I was hooked. I can't say I won this competition, if I remember correctly, I fell around the 40-50% range within my class. In that moment, I knew I needed to learn how to invest/trade within the market instead of just terminology.
I finally decide it’s time to put some real money to the test. My first $100 went into $MSFT, $V, $CRM, and miscellaneous penny stocks. After a month or two, I sold $MSFT, $V, and $CRM to buy more penny stocks as they were growing faster than the large cap stocks. This led me to a 6-8 month span of playing pump and dump stocks which led to some huge wins and huge losses (more losses than wins). After this span, I thought to myself there has to be a better way to grow wealth, so I took a step back and made a rule that I would never touch a penny stock again. This rule still stands true today.
From there, I went to mid/large cap stocks where I said I’ll just long term invest in strong companies. This strategy required tons of patience which I did not have in my past. I quickly got bored and learned about options.
My journey with options was very similar to penny stocks as it led to massive gains and losses. I remember securing a 100% gain in a week and also losing 5k in a weekly options play. Once again, I found myself gambling instead of investing.
During my time of options, I was learning a trading style called Elliot wave theory. This is a strategy that taught me a lot about market sentiment and technical analysis which I still reference at times today. After roughly a year of learning this strategy, I wanted to simplify my trading/investing, so once again, I went back to the drawing board.
At this time, I decided let’s look only at price action and 2 indicators (RSI and 9/21 EMAs). I studied supply/demand zones, support/resistance, and candlestick patterns. This simplified system has changed my life forever. I am seeing consistent gains by swing trading, but it took me blowing up an account, two mediocre systems, and continued refining to get to my current spot.
I am a few years into the market and I’m seeing all the hard work paying off. Now that I am seeing success, I want to share my system and story to motivate you to keep going.
You might be in the struggle to find a system, blowing up accounts, or in the refunding stages but keep going! The hard work will pay off!
Thank you for sharing your story Preston! I’m sure plenty of investors here share a similar path, too. Reflection is key, and holding yourself accountable while walking away from experiences with learnings to remember and guide future decision making is what separates the few from the pack that goes back to the well again and again and never learns from their experiences. Excited for you to continue to share your journey here on Commonstock
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Latest Articles and other fun stuff
Hi Friends!

It's been a while since I last posted. I wanted to share my latest write-ups as well as some other stuff I've been looking at.

Latest articles on $COIN, $HOOD, $AAPL, $GOOG, $MSFT, and $AMZN can be found here:

Additionally, I've been helping out my cousin who makes a living buying/trading sports memorabilia (particularly trading cards).

If anyone on this forum likes sports, trading cards, or sneakers, feel free to message me. And if you happen to be in the Philly area, there is a card show next Sunday in Fishtown. (https://www.unation.com/event/10115122)
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Performance 5/27/22
Up +3.65% for the day, and up +6.83% for the week. A nice relief rally after months of just going down. I’m just happy to have survived another month in the down market. $AMZN $AAPL $GOOGL $MSFT
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Listen to the Children!!
OMG I just found a journal my children and I made when they were in 5th & 6th grades. I had been reading about investing for a couple years and had just finished Peter Lynch’s books where he covered a 5th grade class investing and how well some did. I was intrigued and took his advice literally. Took my kids to a Columbus, followed them around the mall, and asked what their 5 favorite company’s would be, if they could own any company in the world. Their answers, not surprisingly, were Apple, Starbucks. Chipotle, then agreed on Nike and Activision. The would have trounced all my investing performance with this small selection of stocks. Picking $MSFT @$44 at the same time was the only bright decision I made. I just wish I would’ve let them invest their own money🤦‍♂️

Ask your kids, they understand the trends better than all the stupid data we look at.

Source: The Rich

The journal is from my birthday. April 8th, 2015. Lord why I didn’t just trust the children!
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I love this story! My siblings are 17 and 18 years old and I have drawn on them for investment advice, too. Spoiler alert: $UA hasn't done well 😭

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2 "Sells" and 1 Buy For My Daughter
After being hit with a $38 reorg fee from eTrade following $ZNGA's acquisition by $TTWO, I'm selling $ATVI ahead of its potential buyout from $MSFT to avoid the same fee.

They did reverse the fee after I called, but still quite frustrating as I feel like this is the exact type of stuff that scares off smaller investors.

With the cash from Zynga's deal and Activision's sale in my daughter's custodial account, I bought her some $ABNB.

According to Ycharts, Airbnb already generates around $2B in FCF, even accounting for stock-based compensation. Compared to a market cap of around $75B, the company's growth rates and future potential look reasonably priced.

In unrelated news, I'm looking for a new brokerage for a custodial account 😂 -- any you all may know of that are good or use personally? 🙏
Will Airbnb outperform against the S&P 500 over the next decade?
83%Of course!
8%No way!
8%Who's Airbnb?
12 VotesPoll ended on: 05/28/22
Check out Stash for a custodial account. Believe they make it easy for you and solid UX for a younger user/beginning investor to get used to investing!

Also, king $ABNB, hoping this one is a multi-bagger 10 years out!
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Performance 5/25/22
Up +0.87% for the day. Stocks initially reacted well to the fed notes, then came back down. $AMZN and $GOOGL still close to going under $2k. On my watchlist $NVDA was up big and I’m hopefully they do well in earnings and move semi stocks up. Overall I’m just holding until my stocks go lower to my next buy target and waiting for things to bottom out. My current portfolio is supposed by equal weighted so I’ll probably buy more $AMZN and $GOOGL so they are equal to my $MSFT snd $AAPL holdings. There was the temptation to go all in on $GOOGL and $AMZN but I’m glad I didn’t as they dropped much lower than I had thought they would back at the beginning of May, although their are so undervalued
right known so I’m very comfortable with a 25% allocations for each.
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90% Investor
My profile claims I am 90% Investor / 10% Trader.
My experience in the 10% is relatively limited but I have enjoyed the ups and downs while documenting lessons learned and understanding the variety of strategies. Thus far, my posts have been devoted to this 10% because it is new & exciting for me... but what about the other 90%??

On this side of things, it's pretty quiet.
Before going majority cash, I bought solid/established/quality names ($MSFT, $JNJ, $TGT, $T) or index/thematic ETFs ($QQQM, $SPY, $BUG) and forgot about them. Boring, right?
I look forward to when the market bottoms and starts to turn the corner to put 90% of my money back to work.

With that said, I would like to briefly touch on 2 high conviction holdings that have survived my move to cash.

1) $ZIM (sea-freight shipping/logistics company)

With all the supply chain challenges, shipping rates have soared and ZIM has been a FCF monster. They IPO'd in early 2021 and have been rising ever since. The company recently held their Q1 results announcing a 10% increase in full-year 2022 EBITDA guidance and a $2.85/share dividend. Perhaps most importantly, the company believes this environment will maintain throughout 2022 (and may extend into 2023):

Fairly volatile price action which makes it appealing for buying/selling shares or options (only CSP's or CC's for me!).

2) $ASTS (Satellite 5G direct to smart phones)

This one is more speculative.
In a nutshell: they are launching a large satellite array (named Bluewalker 3 - BW3) soon ("this summer") that will test 5G service from space directly to existing smartphone hardware. I believe the recent price action (current price ~$7.00) is partly due to the expectation that a date was to be announced at their Q1 earnings call (it wasn't).

Following successful BW3 launch and testing, a series of "BlueBird" satellites are planned that will provide service to actual customers.

I may be wrong on this but, for the 1st time, I noticed new names (Scotia Bank & Morgan Stanley) on the Q1 call. Looking into it, Scotia Bank actually released a May 9th report titled "Space Mobile: If Successful, BW3 Could Disrupt Global Tower Industry Within 20weeks". Deutsche Bank is one of the first banks to cover the company and recently adjusted their price target to $31.00 (down from $32.00). I expect Morgan Stanley to initiate coverage in the near future.

Additionally, the company seems to be making good progress on all fronts:
  • Backed by American Tower & Rakuten
  • Allegedly on track to complete their "Site 2" facility this year (designed to manufacture 6 "BlueBird" satellites per month)
  • Granted experimental license by the FCC for BW3 launch / testing
  • MOU's with strategic telecom providers ($TEO, $T, $LILA, $TEF, $AMX, $TIGO, $VOD, $MTN.JO, $ORAN)

Keep Treading!
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$ZM posts impressive metrics and product launch details
I bought into Zoom video like so many others in late 2019, and then through 2020…a few investment services “promoted” (sometimes feels like another “P” word but I’d like to keep this post neutral) the stock as a great buy through its ups and downs, even near its all time highs, without actually taking into consideration it’s valuation, growth trajectory or how the alternatives were possible eating into its share.
$MSFT $GOOGL and other startups were all building great coworking and productivity tools, regardless of whether you’re remote or at the office.
Fyi - Www.teamflowhq.com was one of them we tried but it never caught on due to the habits of my team.
**UPDATE - another one www.preciate.com , great for virtual social gatherings or conferences with several tracks and breakouts.

Going forward, I’ll be more cautious in position sizing and checking valuations and euphoria (both upwards and downwards) when listening to recommendations.
$ZM has entrenched itself into enterprises, but it remains to be seen if it can be a “must have” platform of communication services. New product launches this quarter seem interesting but for the retail and SME, they don’t matter much. Here’s a recent article by zdnet that basically tells me that I don’t need a subscription…do you use Zoom, or just use the verb and use another tool?
Since my company implemented Teams over Skype, it has been another world. I don't honestly know how people prefer Zoom to Teams... my wife uses Zoom for her online business (streaming online webinars), and I understand it's good for that. Still, for collaboration tools in the office, Teams is way better, IMO.
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Performance 5/23/22
Up +2.47% for the day beating the $QQQ, a nice relief rally after being down -5% last week. Big tech were all up except $AMZN which was barley down, but is still struggling as people are still are very wary retail, but I own it for AWS, and I’m definitely buying more $AMZN in June if keeps going down. The stock I’m really watching this week is $NVDA if they have another great earning on Wed then that will be my next big holding alongside $AMZN, $GOOGL, $MSFT, $AAPL .
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In Bear market or not ?
With bear market news around the corner, I dipped into the charts of S&P 500 'Top 10' stocks to check on their current levels. Here are the insights :

  • Current Top 10 S&P stocks by weight (in the order )
( My watchlist had $JPM as 10th entry. It has been replaced with $UNH. Any thoughts ?)

  • 8 out of 10 stocks are under 50SMA and 200SMA on daily charts except for $BRK.B and $UNH which are just touching 200MA.

  • However, on weekly charts, I see 6 out of 10 stocks between 50SMA and 200SMA. 2 stocks above 50SMA and 200SMA. And the last 2 , $AMZN and $FB crossed below 200SMA.

With looming food shortage , spiked gas prices , ongoing war , inflation , housing market potentially entering correction , hiring freeze from companies etc.. more drawdown of S&P 500 index expected ?

I am trying to find information to see if i have to rebalance some of the funds to have more bond exposure. I am planning to go 100% SPY index when we flatten out and start showing some strengths in the months to come.
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