August Watchlist Update
Below is an update on my watchlist for August in preparation of my Birthday Buys in January! I am targeting to add 1 to 2 positions in each portfolio. Some of the great July Ideas recommendations have made their way onto my watchlist 👀
$COST - I have a number of other very strong alternatives that I would add ahead of Costco, so I removed it from my watchlist.
$DE - Jumped to a 5/6 to tie $DMLP as an Industrials option.
$F - Potentially breaking one of my rules by choosing not to invest in auto manufacturers. This was a July Ideas rec, and ranks as a 5/6 to tie $DMLP as an Industrials option.
$CAT - Jumped to a 5/6 to tie $DMLP as an Industrials option.
Roth IRA
$WM - Dropped from a 5/6 to a 4.5/6 over the course of July. Added $AY, which has a higher ranking at 5/6.
$ALL - Dropped from a 5/6 to 4.5/6 over the course of July. Still have $OZK as strongest potential Financials picks ranking at 5.5/6.
$AFL - $OZK increased from a 5/6 to a 5.5/6, which is now my strongest potential financials play. $AFL has therefore been removed.
$RICK - July Ideas rec. Ranking at a 5/6 and strong Sin Stock option.
$AY - July Ideas rec. Ranking 5/6 as a Utilities option.
$CAH - Jumped up to a 5/6 in July to tie $AMGN as a top Healthcare option.
$REGN - umped up to a 5/6 in July to tie $AMGN as a top Healthcare option.

​My predicted picks in July were $PENN in my Taxable account and $AMGN in my Roth IRA. Now in August, my picks have changed to $CAT in my Taxable and $OZK in my Roth IRA.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on my picks and thought process!
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Dividend Portfolio Update
As you may know, I write many updates, economic analysis, and opinion pieces on my website, you can read my most recent full portfolio update here. However, it's been a while since I've shared an update on Commonstock so let's do one!

To date, I have invested $10,550 into the account the total value of all positions plus any cash on hand is $10,615.85. That’s a total gain of 0.62%. The account is up $241.52 for the week which is a 2.33% gain.

We started building this portfolio on 9/24/2021 and, even with this rough last week, when compared to the S&P 500 we are outperforming the market so far! Within that same timeframe, the S&P 500 is down -7.3% whereas our portfolio is up 0.62%! I love tracking my portfolio against a benchmark like the S&P. The above chart comes from Sharesight which makes portfolio and dividend management a breeze!

We added $200 in cash to the account this week. The trades made this week will be broken out below

Below is a table of everything we are invested in so far. There you can see my number of shares, shares bought through dividend reinvestments, average cost, gains, and more. The tickers in green are positions that I bought shares in this week and the blue ones are positions that I reinvested dividends into. The positions that we added to increased our annual dividend income by $11 at a yield of 4.45%.

This week we received three dividends: $0.74 from McCormick ($MKC), $4.24 from Global X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF ($XYLD), and $2.03 from Comcast ($CMCSA).

In my portfolio, all positions have dividend reinvestment enabled. I don’t hold onto the dividend, I don’t try to time the reinvestment, I just let my broker do it automatically. The Coca-Cola dividend was actually received last Friday, but got reinvested on the following trading day.

Dividends received for 2022: $197.83
Portfolio’s Lifetime Dividends: $220.75

Below is a breakdown of my trades this week!

July 25th
  • McCormick ($MKC) – dividend reinvested
July 26th
  • Ecolab ($ECL) – added 0.2 shares at $157.75 (short term trade)
  • $XYLD – dividend reinvested
July 27th
  • ETRACS 2x Levered ETF ($SMHB) – added 1 share at $8.78
  • Ecolab ($ECL) – sold 0.2 shares at $160.10
  • $SCHD – added 0.13775 shares at $72.60 (recurring investment)
  • $XYLD – added 0.230044 shares at $43.47 (recurring investment)
  • Comcast ($CMCSA) – dividend reinvested
July 28th
  • Comcast ($CMCSA) – added 1 share at $39.26
  • Intel ($INTC) – added 1 share at $39.76
  • Ally ($ALLY) – added 0.25 shares at $32.28
July 29th
  • Comcast ($CMCSA) – added 1 share at $37.92
  • Intel ($INTC) – added 1 share at $35.42
  • Ally ($ALLY) – added 0.35 shares at $32.89

This week I mostly focused on $INTC and $CMCSA as I indicated in the last portfolio review. Both had some rough earnings misses which gave some good buying opportunities. I’m not too concerned about $CMCSA’s earnings, most segments of the business performed as expected, however economic contractions affected the business more than anticipated. $INTC is a different story. Though they were also affected by the economy, revenues were way lower than expected and guidance was not peachy at all. This poor performance was to be expected while they build out the foundry business, but the severity of it was not. I’m still bullish on the long term for both, hence the buys at the end of the week.

Next week I plan on keeping my eyes $INTC again for the ex-dividend date coming up, and $ATVI, $AFL, $SBUX, $AMGN, and $O for their earnings reports as potential buys.
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$AMGN and $AFL are inching towards the top of my watchlist for my January birthday buys! Will be interesting following your positions the next few months

Which brokerage are you using? Interested in the fractional shares
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CW27 TreadingScreen
  • Documenting CW26 results (didn't post on-time due to a busy 4th of July)
  • CW27 Screen Results (v1)
  • Changes to search criteria (v2) -> Results presented for CW27
  • CW26 TreadingScreen performance
  • TreadingSelect changes

Looking to exit: $LYB & $VST

Focusing on: $IBM (watching through earnings), $ADC, $DOX, $MRK, $PGR (short), $AMGN
Watchlist - Birthday Buys for 2023
Each year I make Birthday Buys as a way to slowly diversify. With about half a year to go, I decided to update my Watchlist on Commonstock to reflect the companies I am tracking for this upcoming January.
I have a long Watchlist in each portfolio that I rank using the same Scorecard methodology as my active portfolios. This helps me make educated decisions on which positions to add. I use a combination of the Scorecard score, portfolio sector/industry weighting, and existing underperforming holdings in specific sectors/industries.
Below is my current Watchlist and a breakdown on each:

I have exposure to all of my target sectors, so future additions are to continually improve portfolio and add great companies.
$DMLP - This is the highest ranked company in my Watchlist at a 5/6. It has outperformed the S&P over the past 3 years, has a P/E under 25, Dividend Yield in the top 5% of my current portfolio, and I am underweight in Industrials. One concern is that the current dividend is more than 100% of their FCF. I need to do more research on this company in the next few months to understand it better.
$PENN - I have tracked $PENN for a long time. I am a huge fan of Barstool, which introduced me to the company. Additionally, with the expansion of legalized gaming in the US, I think there is a long runway for this company. $PENN has had a sharp sell off and is at a much more palatable valuation. My current "Sin Stocks" are $CRON and $BUD, which have been less than underwhelming. Therefore, I am looking to add a stronger position to this sector. $PENN scores a 4.5/5 on my Scorecard - has outperformed the market over the past 3 years, but has underperformed recently. Has positive FCF, but no dividend. Has a P/E less than 25, and is an underweight industry in my portfolio.
$COST - $COST is a strong, defensive play. I currently hold $TGT in the Retail sector of my portfolio. $COST currently has a higher ranking in my Scorecard than $TGT with a 3.5 vs 3. This would be an opportunity to incrementally improve. $COST has outperformed the S&P over the past 3 years, has a dividend payout less than 50% of FCF, and is a company and business I believe in.
Roth IRA
I am continuing to build a balanced portfolio and initiate positions in unrepresented sectors - Consumer Discretionary, Defense, Financials, Healthcare, Sin Stocks and Utilities.
$AMGN - Highest ranked Healthcare company in my Watchlist with a 5.5/6. $AMGN has outperformed the market, has a dividend payout less than 50% of FCF, dividend yield in the top 5% of my current portfolio, and has a P/E under 25. The only thing holding $AMGN back from a perfect score is I have only given it a Medium conviction rating. I will continue to research this company and potentially bump my conviction to High prior to January.
$LMT - Highest ranked Defense company in my Watchlist with a 5.5/6. $LMT has a dividend payout less than 50% of FCF, has a dividend yield in the top 5% of my current portfolio, has a P/E less than 25, and I have High conviction in this company. The only thing preventing $LMT from a 6/6 is underperforming the market in the last year.
$AFL - Tied for highest ranked Financials company with a 5/6. $AFL has a dividend to FCF ratio of less than 50%, has a dividend yield in the top 5% of my existing portfolio, and has a P/E less than 25. I will need to continue to research and compare to the other Financials companies in the watchlist to differentiate the companies further.
$ALL - Tied for highest ranked Financials company with a 5/6. $ALL has a dividend to FCF ratio of less than 50%, has a dividend yield in the top 5% of my existing portfolio, and has a P/E less than 25. I will need to continue to research and compare to the other Financials companies in the watchlist to differentiate the companies further.
$OZK - Tied for highest ranked Financials company with a 5/6. $OZK has a dividend to FCF ratio of less than 50%, has a dividend yield in the top 5% of my existing portfolio, and has a P/E less than 25. I will need to continue to research and compare to the other Financials companies in the watchlist to differentiate the companies further.
$WM - Highest ranked Utilities company in my Watchlist with a 5/6. $WM has outperformed the market, has a dividend to FCF less than 50%, has a dividend yield in the top 5% of my portfolio. P/E is currently a little high at 34.
If I were to make a gut decision right now, I would be adding $PENN in my Taxable account and $AMGN in my Roth IRA.
Would love to hear from anybody who currently holds any of these companies or has read/written any research on them.
Other alternatives in these industries are welcome as well!
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Where would I be able to read more about your scorecard process? I have been trying to develop one myself to make sure that I really know what I'm buying and am sticking to my strategies (and not, as I call it, buying the new shiny object in front of me).

As for the specific companies, I am a huge $PENN bull for the reasons you laid out, and my background is in the waste industry. While you can't go wrong with $WM, I'd encourage you to look at $WCN as well, as they are some of the best operators in the space, and have a little more room for growth, as they are not treated as one of the big dogs, despite their size. I personally have made my bet with $GFL, but I'm comfortable with less dividend right now and more volatility, because I think they will be able to keep making acquisitions to get to the size of the other big 3 over the next few years.
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Meta/FB Earnings, Pending Home Sales: Daily Contrarian (April 27)
Good morning contrarians! Stock futures are rising a day after a brutal sell-off on Wall Street. Tech saw the worst of it yesterday, with the Nasdaq down 4% to slip deeper into bear market territory. Other U.S. indexes were down 2%-plus.

Today’s issue is reprinted here in its entirety for the CommonStock community. You may also listen to the podcast here.

State of Play
As of 0620, stock futures look to rebound with major indexes up 1%. Among individual stocks, $MSFT and $V are rallying after earnings yesterday, both up 5%. Losers include $GOOG and $TXN, both down about 3%.

Commodities are mostly flat, with WTI crude up about 0.5% to trade around $102/barrel. Bonds aren’t doing much either with the 2-year yield sitting on 2.58% whilst the 10-year is 2.77%, both roughly unchanged. Cryptos are dropping again, with bitcoin off 3% to trade around $39,000.

$FB is the main event today but that’s not until after the close at 1600.
$GSK and $BG just reported a beat of top- and bottom-line estimates. $SPOT revenues missed expectations but MAUs and premium subscribers grew by 19% and 15%, respectively. Not sure what was expected but Spotify is moving higher this morning, up 2%.

We’re waiting to hear from $KHC, $BA, and $TMUS before the market opens at 0930. After the close we’ll also get $AMGN, $QCOM, and $F.

Economic Data
Pending home sales are out at 1000. Economists surveyed expect a 1.6% drop month-over-month in March, less than the 4.1% decline seen in February. Yesterday’s new home sales were in-line with estimates, at least on the headline number.

U.S. Trade Balance is out at 0830. Last month the trade deficit was $107 billion. U.S. trade deficits are a good thing where the health of the global economy is concerned. If Americans are buying more stuff (especially stuff they don’t need) then that means factories in China and elsewhere are churning out more stuff, which means those factories are ordering more raw materials from developing markets, which makes for a healthy global supply chain. Of course there are periodic hiccups in this global supply chain, such as when China shuts down over Covid concerns as they have done recently. Not sure that will work its way into this data yet. It could.

Retail inventories are also out at 0830. Crude oil inventories at 1030. Seeing how it’s Wednesday we’ll also get MBA Mortgage Applications at 0700.

The Bottom Line
Yesterday’s sell-off was as brutal as Monday’s rally was encouraging. Lately it seems the sell-offs have more velocity than the rallies. That’s typical for a bear market. We aren’t there yet for the S&P or Dow, but we are (again) for the Nasdaq.

There doesn’t seem to have been a catalyst for yesterday’s selling either. That too is typical of bear markets. Unless acted upon by an outside force, markets take on the direction of their spirit bull (bear or bull).

If there is a sign of encouragement, it’s that the global economy looks to be in good shape
(certain supply chain issues notwithstanding). But for now stocks have a few precious days left to salvage a positive month for April. So much for it being such a great month for stocks. Consider that your reminder that past performance does not equal future results.
Q1 2022 earnings reports from many Dividend Stocks
Buckle up everyone, this will be a crazy week! There are so many earnings coming up and this list isn't even complete!

Having said that, what's your favorite company reporting their earnings this week?

#Earnings #stockmarket
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My trades for $AMGN
$AMGN had a tough second half of 2021 losing over 20% through the end of the year.

I absolutely love starting/adding to positions in companies that have been beaten down in the short term but still maintain strong dividends and a healthy balance sheet. Doing this makes your yield on cost look very attractive and sooner or later the price will revert to the mean giving you capital appreciation. My position is now at a 17.3% gain after just a few months of buying and holding 🔥

Buy low and rake in the divvies!
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$27.8m follower assets
Corporate shuffleboard, February 18, 2022
A smattering of headlines from the world of corporate shuffleboard. Pushing discs won’t create value, but it can springboard its revelation.

Initial public offerings
  • Vår Energi offer price fixed at NOK 28 per share.
  • Hualan Biological Becterin set pricing for Shenzhen IPO.
  • AD Ports raised $1bn before market debut.
  • Spanish fashion retailer, Tendam, sees €2bn valuation in IPO.
  • Thyssenkrupp CFO said possible listing of Nucera would take place in H1.
  • Kids Clinic India filed for IPO.
  • Al-Dawaa Medical Services IPO price range set at SAR 65-73 per share.
  • India’s Life Insurance Corp filed for $8bn IPO.

Mergers & acquisitions
  • Shipping group MSC targets successor to Alitalia.
  • British Government fined JD Sports (LON: JD), Footasylum $6.4m for breaching terms.
  • End of Lockheed-Aerojet (NYSE: $LMT, $AJRD) deal pressures leadership of both firms.
  • Intel (NASDAQ: $INTC) unveiled $5.4bn Tower (TLV: $TSEM) deal.
  • Crypto firm Fireblocks bought payments tech platform for $100m.
  • Spotify (NYSE: $SPOT) acquired Podsights and Chartable to grow podcasting business
  • U.S. sued to stop merger of Rhode Island hospital companies

Divestitures & spin-offs
  • Repsol (BME: REP) struggled to tempt buyers to renewables unit.
  • Toshiba (TYO: 6502) is considering sale of air conditioner business.
  • Danish pension fund ditched Wizz Air (LON: WIZZ) over labour rights.
  • Italy’s Leonardo (BIT: LDO) suspends search for automation division partner.
  • Discovery-WarnerMedia (NASDAQ: DISCA) deal cleared U.S. antitrust review.
  • Australia’s AGL (ASX: AGL) sees job cuts, cost savings as demerger plans progress.
  • EDF (EPA: EDF) confirms deal to take over French nuclear turbine unit from GE (NYSE: GE).
  • Informa (LON: INF) announced sale of Pharma Intelligence for £1.9bn to Warburg Pincus (NYSE: WPCA).
  • RWE (FRA: RWE) could add $19bn in value if it ditches brown coal according to Enkraft.

Share repurchases & buybacks
  • Essilorluxottica SA (EPA: EL) buyback reflects confidence in long-term prospects.
  • Amgen (NASDAQ: $AMGN) to buy back $6bn in shares this quarter.
  • ArcelorMittal (AMS: $MT) raised dividend and announced new $1bn capital return.

Originally posted in my newsletter here.
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