Crazy Eddie, the Crooked E, and Toilet Paper Inventory
Earnings quality analysis is not just for finding the next Enron. Investors are well-served to look for one-time accounting-related benefits in their companies' results. We scrubbed the numbers of consumer products giants $CL, $CLX, $CHD, $KMB, & $PG

Wonderfully insightful. No-brainer to subscribe, and I will be recommending it to my readers.

I'm sure you have most of this data (and perhaps more!), but if not, you may appreciate CHD's acquisition data I aggregated in my own research. I often get annoyed that the company references continued relative performance without the specific context of the purchase base:

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Dividend Forecast - Week of 8/15
Below are my expected dividends this week and how they will be utilized:
$O - $0.25 per share, $0.52 total, reinvesting
$HAS - $0.70 per share, $0.71 total, cash
$CL - $0.47 per share, $1.45 total, cash
$ABBV - $1.41 per share, $4.31 total, reinvesting
$PG - $0.91 per share, $1.87 total, cash
$NSC - $1.24 per share, $1.24 total, cash
Roth IRA
Do you have any dividends coming in this week?
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PCE Deflator, More Earnings: Daily Contrarian, July 29
Good morning contrarians! Stocks look to resume their rally after positive earnings from $AAPL and $AMZN

Today’s main economic data release is the PCE deflator, out at 0830. Economists expect a 6.8% increase to the headline figure, which is ahead of last month’s 6.3%. The core figure, which excludes food and energy, is expected to increase 4.7%. That would be identical to last month’s number.

Watch for: A small increase is baked in to the headline figure. So don’t believe any headlines that say it rose “unexpectedly.” But the core figure is more important anyway.

Earnings include $XOM, $LYB, $CVX, $NWL, $CL, $CHD, $PG, and $PSX.

Am monitoring $SWK after it dropped 16% yesterday. More on this in the podcast, available here:
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$GOOGL just has to be the top pick for the next 40dys. So lock up on this stock. I need the advance's when it stops $2k in September start
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Dividend Forecast - Week of 5/9
Below are my upcoming dividends this week:

$AAPL - $0.23 per share, $0.93 total, reinvesting
$CL - $0.47 per share, $1.45 total, cash
$O - $0.25 per share, $0.52 total, cash

$AAPL - $0.23 per share, $0.46 total, cash

Do you have any dividends coming in this week?
Q1 2022 earnings reports from many Dividend Stocks
Buckle up everyone, this will be a crazy week! There are so many earnings coming up and this list isn't even complete!

Having said that, what's your favorite company reporting their earnings this week?

#Earnings #stockmarket
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Portfolio Bracketology - $AAPL is the Champ!
Portfolio Bracketology has concluded and you have chosen $AAPL as your champ! $AAPL beat $VTI 21 - 16 in the final poll results (combined between Twitter and Commonstock poll).

Below is the final bracket:

The bracket was made up of all 55 of my active holdings - as verified here on @commonstock. Seeding was based on total return since initial acquisition date through 2/28/22. Final rankings are based on poll results - ranked in each round by initial seeding.

Here are final rankings of all 55 holdings based off the results of the bracket (Initial in Parentheses):

  1. $AAPL (3)
  2. $VTI (8)
  3. $O (21)
  4. $HD (42)
  5. $VDE (4)
  6. $BAM (11)
  7. $LOW (32)
  8. $TGT (47)
  9. $XLE (5)
  10. $ABBV (9)
  11. $SCHD (16)
  12. $KO (19)
  13. $VWO (20)
  14. $PFE (26)
  15. $SCHB (27)
  16. $PEP (31)
  17. $CMA (1)
  18. $CARR (2)
  19. $DD (6)
  20. $FUN (7)
  21. $RTX (10)
  22. $SCHF (15)
  23. $VEA (17)
  24. $MCD (24)
  25. $VNQ (28)
  26. $LEG (29)
  27. $SBUX (30)
  28. $HAS (40)
  29. $UL (43)
  30. $DIS (51)
  31. $COIN (52)
  32. $CTRE (53)
  33. $RVT (12)
  34. $VIG (13)
  35. $IEMG (14)
  36. $IEUR (18)
  37. $HASI (22)
  38. $PG (23)
  39. $CNA (25)
  40. $BUD (33)
  41. $CL (34)
  42. $HE (35)
  43. $TIPX (36)
  44. $VTEB (37)
  45. $PPL (38)
  46. $HSY (39)
  47. $CSX (41)
  48. $NSC (44)
  49. $LQD (45)
  50. $KMB (46)
  51. $BLV (48)
  52. $EMB (49)
  53. $T (50)
  54. $CRON (54)
  55. $CHWY (55)

Are there any surprises? Anything that stands out to you?

What are your overall thoughts on Portfolio Bracketology?

I had tons of fun putting this together and getting insight into people's perspective and thoughts on these companies holdings!
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That seems rad to me! I’ve never thought of putting your holdings head to head in a bracketed to-the-death tournament before! How do you determine the lineup to begin with?
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