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Earning Presentations 📊
Last 2 weeks of Earning Presentations for the stocks in my portfolio.
Maybe some of you can be interested in 👇

Johnson & Johnson $JNJ

Lockheed Martin $LMT

Procter & Gamble $PG


Sonoco Products $SON

Genuine Parts Co. $GPC

Kimberly-Clark $KMB (report only)

Verizon $VZ (infographic)

Coca-Cola $KO (report only)

PepsiCo. $PEP (report only)

Archer Daniels Midland $ADM


Kraft-Heinz $KHC

Microsoft $MSFT (ppt presentation)

Essex Property Trust $ESS (report only)

AvalonBay $AVB

The Southern Company $SO

Qualcomm $QCOM

Altria $MO

Intel $INTC

McDonald’s $MCD (report only)

Now without Fincredible, I need to do the dirty work myself 🤣
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I drop this piece of information. 👇

$GOOG PE = 20
$KO PE = 27

Why is someone selling Alphabet? I don't know...
Here's what I think, as I buy $GOOGL today (re-posting my own comment on Twitter):

"$KO at 29 - Government doesn’t care
$GOOGL at 20 - Government out to break or at least disturb Big Tech

Now what do you pick?

I still pick Google, but just illustrating there are risks that have to be discounted by the market."
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I know I disappeared from CS for one week, but unfortunately, I am not in great health condition 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, I can't forget to congrats with $KO Management on the amazing quarterly result.
Good job 🤩

Yield 2.67% - the stock is quite expensive right now...
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Big Week Ahead
Here are some notable earnings coming out this week that I am focusing on:

Monday - $KO
Tuesday - $MSFT, $GOOGL
Wednesday - $FB, $BA, $PINS
Thursday - $AAPL, $AMZN, $TWTR, $CAT
Friday - $XOM, $ABBV

I own most of these tickers and would love to add if the opportunity presents itself after this week's earnings. Unfortunately, last week, my scanner did not pop up anything, as you can tell, due to the volatility, so it has been pretty quiet on my side.
Coke, Activision Kick Off a Massive Earnings Week: Daily Contrarian, April 25
Good morning contrarians! Stock futures are dropping anew apparently over concerns of China’s Covid restrictions…

It’s a massive week for earnings. Most of that tomorrow and Wednesday. For today we’re waiting on $KO and $ATVI.

Commodities are a sea of red, with WTI crude oil down 4% to $98/barrel. Industrial metals zinc, palladium, nickel, and aluminium are all off multiple percent. It looks like concerns about China’s Covid lockdowns are finally coming home to roost. Cryptos are going along for the ride down, with bitcoin off 3% to trade around $38,500.

Bonds are seeing some bids amid this risk-off, with the yield on the 2–year down about 10 basis points to 2.62% whilst the 10-year yield is down 7bps to 2.84% (yields move inversely to prices). This moves bond yields further off of their highs seen earlier this month.

More in today’s briefing and podcast, now live here:
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Q1 2022 earnings reports from many Dividend Stocks
Buckle up everyone, this will be a crazy week! There are so many earnings coming up and this list isn't even complete!

Having said that, what's your favorite company reporting their earnings this week?

#Earnings #stockmarket
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Portfolio Bracketology - $AAPL is the Champ!
Portfolio Bracketology has concluded and you have chosen $AAPL as your champ! $AAPL beat $VTI 21 - 16 in the final poll results (combined between Twitter and Commonstock poll).

Below is the final bracket:

The bracket was made up of all 55 of my active holdings - as verified here on @commonstock. Seeding was based on total return since initial acquisition date through 2/28/22. Final rankings are based on poll results - ranked in each round by initial seeding.

Here are final rankings of all 55 holdings based off the results of the bracket (Initial in Parentheses):

  1. $AAPL (3)
  2. $VTI (8)
  3. $O (21)
  4. $HD (42)
  5. $VDE (4)
  6. $BAM (11)
  7. $LOW (32)
  8. $TGT (47)
  9. $XLE (5)
  10. $ABBV (9)
  11. $SCHD (16)
  12. $KO (19)
  13. $VWO (20)
  14. $PFE (26)
  15. $SCHB (27)
  16. $PEP (31)
  17. $CMA (1)
  18. $CARR (2)
  19. $DD (6)
  20. $FUN (7)
  21. $RTX (10)
  22. $SCHF (15)
  23. $VEA (17)
  24. $MCD (24)
  25. $VNQ (28)
  26. $LEG (29)
  27. $SBUX (30)
  28. $HAS (40)
  29. $UL (43)
  30. $DIS (51)
  31. $COIN (52)
  32. $CTRE (53)
  33. $RVT (12)
  34. $VIG (13)
  35. $IEMG (14)
  36. $IEUR (18)
  37. $HASI (22)
  38. $PG (23)
  39. $CNA (25)
  40. $BUD (33)
  41. $CL (34)
  42. $HE (35)
  43. $TIPX (36)
  44. $VTEB (37)
  45. $PPL (38)
  46. $HSY (39)
  47. $CSX (41)
  48. $NSC (44)
  49. $LQD (45)
  50. $KMB (46)
  51. $BLV (48)
  52. $EMB (49)
  53. $T (50)
  54. $CRON (54)
  55. $CHWY (55)

Are there any surprises? Anything that stands out to you?

What are your overall thoughts on Portfolio Bracketology?

I had tons of fun putting this together and getting insight into people's perspective and thoughts on these companies holdings!
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That seems rad to me! I’ve never thought of putting your holdings head to head in a bracketed to-the-death tournament before! How do you determine the lineup to begin with?
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