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Google Cloud
In full transparency, Google is one of my largest positions. YouTube revenue has been plateauing for quite some time. I personally feel that this isn't entirely surprising given corporate budgets are tightening. Additionally, Tik Tok has proven to be a legitimate threat. FWIW Marques Brownlee said on a podcast last week that he thinks YouTube Shorts will eventually take over Tik Tok in popularity.

With all of this said, I feel that Google Cloud does not get the credit it deserves. While it is losing money, Google has made a number of acquisitions in the cloud space and I think they will pay off in the long term.

The Motley Fool
Why Alphabet Is Much More Than an Advertising Company | The Motley Fool
Google Cloud may be Alphabet's next $100 billion revenue stream, and it's growing faster than the competition.

Yep. Google has barely scratched the surface of the enterprise world. Analytics, observability, search and all the other consumption drivers that come with cloud are an enormous opportunity.
$DOCU Is DocuSign a Zombie Company?
I struggle to see how DocuSign lasts much longer. One of my 2022 predictions was that it would be acquired this year. I truly think by mid-2023 the company gets scooped up. What do you guys think?

The Motley Fool
Time May Be Up for This Pandemic Stock | The Motley Fool
DocuSign was a stock market darling during the pandemic, but competition is heating up.

Zombie companies are indebted businesses that, although generating cash, after covering running costs, and fixed costs (wages, rates, rent) only have enough funds to service the interest on their loans, but not the debt itself.

By that definition $DOCU isn’t one. It’s debt interest payments are 6 mil. It had 510 mil in operating cash flow TTM. 70 mil in cap ex. A billlion in cash and equivalents vs 720 mil in debt. So clearly they have enough free cash flow to service their debt and if they wanted they could pay off all their debt with cash on hands.

Digital signatures aren’t going away. We aren’t going back to traveling to a lawyer to sign more things in person in the future.

Also margins for $DOCU have been trending up over the last 4 years.

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Latest Memos
My 3 latest articles below. I have nibbled on some $TSLA and am considering initiating positions in $MDB and $DDOG

I am torn keeping my powder dry, or buying some small positions. As usual, I'd like to give a couple shoutouts. @couch_investor had a great video on $TSLA the other day. Highly recommend watching. And @youngmoneycapital had a pretty interesting thread about data, AI, ML over the weekend. Go follow on Twitter :)

The Motley Fool
2 Beaten Down Software Stocks That Look Like Great Long-Term Buys | The Motley Fool
Datadog and MongoDB are trading near 52-week lows. Yet both companies are seeing strong demand from customers.

AMD - Are you buying?
$AMD has been on my radar for several months. Even though the company's preliminary results were just ok, I think there's more to the story. Like $NVDA, the datacenter business is doing extremely well and should continue to do so going forward.

I think the hoopla around supply chains, inflation, and chip shortages are more or less baked into the stock at this point.

What do you guys thinK?

Also, @couch_investor had a great video on AMD a few days ago. Highly recommend watching.

The Motley Fool
Why AMD Stock Looks Too Good To Pass Up | The Motley Fool
AMD's preliminary Q3 results contributed to a massive sell-off in the stock, but many believe this reaction was overblown.

Thanks for the s/o. So many great companies look too good to pass up on. I'm staying with Intel (dividends baby) :p
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Netflix - Will advertising work?
Hey everybody,

My latest memo is on $NFLX

I watched an interesting video on CNBC last week during which an analyst at Evercore stated that he thinks Netflix can re-capture 20% of its churned audience via the lower-tiered advertising platform the company plans to launch.

While reading over the company's Q2 earnings report, I found it interesting that the COO explained that Netflix is ok with some churn because the net additional capital from price increases from customers that do stay helps them fund their original content.

I have a few questions for the community:

  • do we think ads will work, or is it too late?
  • although Netflix is likely to re-capture some portion of its churned audience, would anyone who is a current customer considering downgrading to the lower-cost tier and deal with ads? Meaning, do we think Netflix may have some customer cohort re-allocations?
  • What do we think of Netflix' original content? In my experience, it's been very hit or miss.

The Motley Fool
40 Million Reasons Why Netflix Is a Screaming Buy | The Motley Fool
Viewers wait to test the waters in Netflix's new ad-supported offering.

Coinbase: What do we think?

To be completely transparent, I do not hold any crypto. $COIN is my exposure to the crypto market. I gotta say, there is A LOT of drama that seems to be going on there. I am definitely questioning management's ability to lead and navigate problems.

Please lmk what you all think.
The Motley Fool
It's a Make-or-Break Moment for Coinbase -- What Should Investors Do? | The Motley Fool
Coinbase has been at the center of management scrutiny as of late, and its competition seems to be on a tear.

Personally, I would not use $COIN for exposure to the crypto market. From a high view it seems like it’s a solid proxy but it exposes you to so much additional headache imo. Relies on success of the company and faces tons of headwinds versus a more independent outright holding in crypto. Sure, they’re correlated in a crypto bull/bear run but it’s just so much more nuanced than that, especially with far more players in the space (FTX, binance, etc). Buy $BTC and join us!

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Palantir Stock
Hey everyone,

I spent a lot of time on this article. Palantir is a company I've been following long before it went public. Anecdotally, when I was living in DC my old office was right next to Palantir's, so I'd see some of their workers on the train sometimes.

I am extremely fascinated by what they are building, and I've often told people that this is a 20 year holding. I must say, though, their results YTD have just been ok. While I haven't lost confidence in them at all, I had to dig deep for some of the more valuable KPIs in their Q2 earnings.

I've done my best to outline why I still think Palantir could be a big winner. Please lmk what you think, though. Does this article contain too much wishful thinking?
The Motley Fool
Has Palantir Stock Finally Bottomed? | The Motley Fool
Palantir's stock is down 58% year to date, but its latest results may shed some light on why now could be a generational buying opportunity.

NVIDIA: What Do We Think?
Another one published today!

I feel that this is a spec buy (for now), and I do still believe in them long-term. However, I feel that investors need to really assess how all of the different end-markets that NVIDIA helps power trend during this prolonged period of volatility.

I genuinely want to know what the community thinks of NVIDIA. Please comment!

Also, let's shy away from dumping on Cramer or CNBC given his recent comments. We all know he's an entertainer first, and an analyst second. If you have real theses as to why it's a good buy or not, please share!

The Motley Fool
Check Out This Stock If You're Worried About Crypto and Chip Shortages | The Motley Fool
Nvidia stock recently hit a 52-week low. But despite this downfall, the company could still be a compelling buy.

Hey everyone,

I'll keep this pretty brief, but my latest article for Motley Fool is below ($SNOW)

It took me a while to get comfortable w/ this one, but it is slowly turning into one of my larger positions. While the company has some wood to chop in terms of reaching profitability, I think this will be a huge winner over the next decade.

I've said this before, but I highly recommend reading @youngmoneycapital write-up on $SNOW. It's extremely detailed, yet very easy to digest (which is hard to do). If you don't understand the company's data lake technology or the potential growth of cloud computing, give it a read!

The Motley Fool
Despite Market Blizzard, Snowflake Stock Is Hot | The Motley Fool
While its stock price has spiraled downwards, Snowflake's latest results suggest now may be an ideal time to buy.

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