$PLTR Government: It's Now or Never
The world is under geopolitical stress from Ukraine-Russia and China-Taiwan.
**Geopolitical risks = more military spending.
After 9/11, $LTM ’s Revenues doubled from ~$25bn in 2001 to almost $50bn in 2012.

$PLTR Government business is essentially “military software as a service”.
Almost 80% of the US Palantir’s Government business comes from the Department of Defense.

= War increases PLTR's Total Addressable Market increases.

Can $PLTR save the day?
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Long $PLTR, I keep buying more, yeah I know I am going to lose money and I am crazy
Love that Alex is coming out and clearing the air for $PLTR a lot more. $PLTR is absolutely necessary for any institution public, private or commercial to survive.

Software is a necessary alpha you need to survive and $PLTR is building some of the best software out there.

Tell me you are a monopoly without telling me you are a monopoly, $PLTR version
$PLTR ranked No. 1 in Artificial Intelligence software platform both in 2021 market share and revenue, according to the IDC!

According to IDC, the market for AI platforms software grew 36.8% in 2021, equating to a $14.2 billion industry.

“We predict that the growth of the AI sector is nowhere near slowing down and we’re excited to see how Palantir continues to separate itself from the competition by solving the toughest business challenges out there with their platforms.”

Palantir’s software is currently deployed in more than 50 industries, and helps power decisions in some of the most complex data environments in the world, including manufacturing, health sciences, finance, and government

Palantir is going to be one of the biggest enterprises to exist ever.

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$PLTR Hunting Season is Open!
Scared of a recession, many companies are cutting costs dramatically and laying off massively.
> Palantir is doing exactly the opposite and hiring massively.
This short article is an update on the previous article (PLTR Against the Tide).
Palantir reached, according to LinkedIn numbers, 3.779 employees compared with 2.920 as of December 2021. That’s almost a 30% increase!

From the same snapshot in July we can see that the speed of hiring is accelerating. From July, Palantir hired ~200 people, +5% of employees in just two months.

Interestingly, Palantir has a Median tenure of 2.4-2.8 years. This puts Palantir among the companies with the best tenure among tech companies.

As we mentioned before, the new hiring focuses mainly on:
  • Engineers;
  • Operations;
  • Business Development;
  • Sales.

From the chart below we can see Palantir keeps hiring a multitude of Senior profiles.

How do you attract such high-standing employees?

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Natural Portfolio Balancing
What was once a pretty heavy allocation to $ZM, the market naturally balances with $PLTR holding up better and $SNOW outperforming.
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This is how I prefer to "balance" my portfolio, too. :) Do you have an upper threshold percentage at which you'd start to sell off shares of a position that got too large?
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Very hard to have any sort of productive discussion on twitter, I give up, Long $ASAN
I posted a comment similar to this last week here. Twitter sucks absolutely terrible now. I use Commonstock way more lately
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Yesterday, I made a bunch of more changes.

1st of all, I added to my $AAPL position slightly.

2nd, I finally sold the rest of my $PLTR position. I took extra time after earnings to rethink this through and had countless conversations with people in a community I consider some of my closest friends, and decided to finally cut it.

My conviction continued to trend lower even after the initial round of emotions cooled off and so I'm doing what I think is right for me. For those interested, I voiced my concerns in number of podcasts we made and a bunch of Twitter threads like this one, so this isn't a quick decision by any means.

This is one of the threads, but even ignoring that, I just lost my confidence in management's ability to execute commercial well, and decided it's not worth to invest in a company in which I have doubts on management. Borrowed conviction from others isn't a conviction either, even if some people I know are smart are bullish on the company and have perfect reasons for it. But I have to stick to my set of rules and process, regardless of the outside factors like these.

I'm open to revisit my position and will continue to monitor the company, but for now, I'm out.
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