$BTC will be over $23500/share on 10/2/2022
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I love these predictions— thanks for doing one! Looks like so far people are bearish on BTC one month out.

I did a bullish prediction on Etherum to be at $2,300 that ends around Sept. 16th. Not looking good so far!
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$BTC Update - Wyckoff Redistribution
Bitcoin is showing signs of Wyckoff Redistribution which is very concerning for the crypto sector. If we cannot hold above 22.4k, we run the risk of falling to sub $18k in August/September.

My main target for Bitcoin still sits around 10-13k.
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Sold All of My $USDC on Voyager
TLDR: This comment on Reddit pretty much sums it up:

With the Celsius withdrawal suspension and collapse of 3AC, I decided to sell all of my $USDC on Voyager.

There is speculation floating around that Voyager may have been affected by 3AC's insolvency. On Friday, Voyager announced that it had taken out a $200 million and 15,000 $BTC non-binding revolving line of credit from Alameda Research, a crypto trading firm backed by FTX. I'm glad they announced this, but will they also announce if/when they tap into the LOC?

Right now, there are too many uncertainties at play for me to confidently store my crypto on a brokerage that is in an industry dealing with a liquidity crisis. I've converted my USDC to USD and am in the process of depositing it back into my bank account. I plan on reinvesting my USDC once/if the storm clears to whoever is offering the most APY. Voyager currently pays 9% for balances below $25,000, 7% for the next 25K to 100K, and then 6% for anything above that. These interest rates change every month, and I would guess that the rates will be reduced come July 1.

I'll be sad for my US dollars to only make 1.4% APY on E*TRADE, but protecting capital in times of uncertainty should be a top priority.

On a side note, I just found out that FTX pays 8% APY on FDIC-insured US dollars. I plan on transferring $$ into it in the near-future.
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Returns, Last 10 Years..
Bitcoin $BTC: +569,772%
Tesla $TSLA: +12,039%
NVIDIA $NVDA: +6,497%
Netflix $NFLX: +1,988%
AMD $AMD: +1,644%
Domino's $DPZ: 1,262%
Amazon $AMZN: +1,052%
Microsoft $MSFT: +1,021%
Apple $AAPL: +736%
Google $GOOGL: +703%
S&P 500 $SPY: +277%
Gold $GLD: +9%
What would be crazier— for Bitcoin to repeat similar returns over the next 10 years, or for it to level off and return 0% (but not go to zero)?
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