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As seen below - I have been calling for a bitcoin significant pullback and if I add the full retracements from prior highs to prior lows - it equated to an 80%+ decline. If we get another 80%+ pullback - it takes us back down to the 11-12k range.

If we get this move, historically, it has been a great place to enter long.

I will continue to update as time goes on, but happy to share my thoughts from a TA perspective.
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Buying crypto vs buying $COIN
Some people prefer holding stocks of "crypto" companies to holding actual crypto.

$COIN, $BTC.X a and $ETH.X seem to move in unison ... although $COIN is arguably doing much worse in 2022 than the rest of the crypto ecosystem (here approximated by $BTC and $ETH)

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For me it's easier to choose Coinbase which gets me exposure to much more than random shitcoins
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Coinbase Earnings Preview
While Bitcoin $BTC is down 15% in the last five days, Coinbase $COIN is down 40%!

Today Coinbase reports earnings, with analysts expecting $0.17 in earnings-per-share (EPS) on $1.48B in revenue. Let's see how this crypto giant stacks up with some competitors!

It isn't easy being a fintech stock! Each of these businesses are 70% or more off of their 52wk highs with $COIN down 80%. Unlike the rest of the stocks in this comparison, $COIN generates huge net income margins of 45%! These are higher margins than Microsoft $MSFT, which we have added to the chart.

Bears will argue that $COIN is just an exchange and will eventually have margins similar to $NDAQ and $IEX. To their point, $COIN's margins have dropped heavily from a high of 59% to 34%. This is still roughly double $IEX and $NDAQ at ~18%.

Bulls will argue the valuation is too cheap to ignore. To their point, $COIN trades at a trailing earnings multiple of 3.7x, but slower growth estimates suggest a forward earnings multiple north of 20x.
What is your take on Coinbase?
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Cryptocurrency platforms
Hello guys! I’m curious, do you invest/hold cryptocurrencies? I have some $ETH $BTC $XRP and some smallest ones, I use Coinbase, Celsius (for staking and earning return) and Crypto.com (for a Visa card with cashback )
Would love to heard your opinions and happy to tell you more if you are interested
$BTC Bulls need to Defend the Daily EMA100 & 44.8k Crucial S/R Level..!!

  • If Bulls lost the 44.8k S/R Level then Be Ready for 40.8k..

  • If Bitcoin Remains Above it, Expecting Bullish Rally towards the 51k..

#Bitcoin  #BTC  #Crypto #BTCUSDT
$BTC (update)

Symmetrical Triangle Formation in 4H TF 🔥

Bulls have been Defending the EMA100 (45k)

If #Bitcoin  Remains inside the Triangle & Above the EMA100, Still Expecting Bullish Wave towards the 50k.

In Worst Case, If bulls lost the EMA100, Be ready for 42k.

$BTC (update)

45k Crucial S/R Level Reclaimed by the Bulls but Bitcoin is Still Moving Below the 200-days Moving Average (48.3k)

If Bulls Cleared the MA200 Resistance too, Expecting significant Bullish Rally..

#Bitcoin  #Crypto #BTC 
$BTC (update)

Descending Broadening Wedge Formation in 1H TF..!!

So far Bulls in Complete Control & If Wedge Broken Upside, Expecting Bullish Wave towards the $50,000..

#Crypto #Bitcoin  #BTC  #BTCUSD
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