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New month, new portfolio overview
I see it's time to showcase my current state of portfolio since it's the 1st day of a new month

So, I think it's worth mentioning I decided to add $AAPL into my core allocation, joining $TSLA $MSFT and $GOOGL, then I'd love to DCA down my positions in semi allocations so $AMD and $NVDA should be behind the core and then I'll probably go with my Data Infrastructure and Security bucket consisting of $SNOW $PLTR $MDB and $NET. The rest should follow after that. That's kinda how I'm currently thinking of building this up. Will continue to nibble more of strong companies.
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Nvidia Keeps Dropping
  • Fears of history repeating itself for Nvidia and its gaming segment might be one of the reasons the stock is down.
  • Last quarter, Nvidia said that it expects to take a $500 million hit in Q2 because of Chinese lockdowns and the termination of selling to Russia, which represented 2% of the company's revenue.
  • TSMC will hike the prices of certain chips by 6% in 2023.
  • A hacker group has claimed to have more than 450GB of data from AMD.
i haven't been following $NVDA closely these days but it's been the consensus AI/ML/Gaming/AutonomousVehicle play for years nows. any weakness in the shares would seem to be an opportunity to average in. what would concern me:
  • the CEO retires
  • $AMD or $INTC do a technology roadmap leapfrog
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Performance 6/27/22
Down -1.14% for they day.
I update my portfolio adding some of my favorite long term hardware and software stocks back to my portfolio. I’m planning to basically just add to these 12 stocks over the next year. I had all of these stocks back in November of last year and watch how they held up in this tech sell off, I think they are some of the best long term holds.
New allocations:
15% $AMZN
15% $GOOGL
15% $AAPL
15% $MSFT
5% $AMD
5% $MDB
5% $ZS
Also for the last 2 weeks I’ve been DCA $40 into $BTC.X every day, and I’ll plan on keep doing that till we get back to the $30k’s
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AMD: Buy The Weakness?
AMD is a no-brainer stock to own for the long term.
  • The recent Analyst Day blew everyone's mind.
  • One analyst resumed coverage with an overweight rating and a $103 price target.
  • The semiconductor industry is expected to grow into a $1 trillion market by 2030, up from just over $600 billion in 2022.
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