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Portfolio changes - update 7
Hello friends, I've been continuously evaluating my portfolio over the weekend and I want to share with you what my end actions/conclusions are:

  • I sold $AMPL. For those not familiar, Amplitude is a leader in product and behavioral analytics which puts seemingly random data into a perspective. They compete with players such as Mixpanel or Pendo. All of those are pretty strong competitors, which on its own isn't a deal breaker, in theory all of those could win simultaneously as the space is huge. But, those insights get sent over into CDPs or Customer Data Platforms. Customer data platforms are basically a software which combines the data from all sorts of tools - like Amplitude - to create a centralized customer database containing data on all touch points and interactions with the product/service. Segment is no.1 in the space, used by huge players, acquired recently by Twilio (which I own). Now I realize that regardless of whether Amplitude, Mixpanel or Pendo wins the customer, they are likely using Twilio already for at least something and so the network effects kick in. Therefore I decided to play this space through $TWLO which is more diverse and not focused on just one product, but instead has a lot of functionality and owns the top player in the CDP which is where that data from Amplitude and others comes from anyways. So I'll have exposure. I just prefer that upper layer over the end layer.

  • I spent basically the whole day yesterday trying to understand $SNOW better, evaluating their first mover advantage when it comes to data evolution in cloud vs legacy, their relationship with SMBs and overall the culture of the company. I'm very impressed and the company fits a lot of my checkmarks. Frank maybe isn't the most visible CEO out there, but I somewhat admire his laser focus on innovation, not getting too comfortable with yourself, ... basically pushing the limits at all times. Both $MDB and $SNOW fit many of investing themes I build my portfolio around and give me an exposure to broad set of customers, even better so to those just scaling up whose success will be reflected in the amount they pay to those because of their usage based pricing. $PLTR does something similar, but their Data Mesh is way more early in the process and Palantir overall has way less clients (although more capitalized) than those two. These 3 companies I believe are the best of breed when it comes to anything data. In conclusion, I essentially dismissed Snowflake due to the valuation since the listing, I knew something but not nearly as much as I do today. Now that I'm better informed I decided to add this one into my portfolio. This no doubt is a very HQ company!

  • I also added more shares of $PATH today as I believe this is an incredible opportunity to load up more shares of this incredible beast!
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Portfolio plans
My stock buy list for 2022
Crypto: $ETH
Hardware/AI: $NVDA $AMD $TSLA Software: $DDOG $SNOW $CRWD $ZS $MDB I plan make each of these at least a 5% holding, as I believe each is leader and will have the best recovery/growth story going forward
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Portfolio changes - update '?'
Hey, I've been going through my portfolio once again, as I'm slowly doing the consolidation process, evaluating whether there's not too much of an overlap between my holdings. I think I reached a phase where I don't see anything too weak, but quite a lot of strong performing businesses I'm looking to add to, actually. I'm not saying I won't sell anything moving on, but even if I do it will be solely for the highest conviction add purposes/just better opportunities in the space.

  • I think it's worth mentioning I'm looking to open a position in $ZS, I think it's a tremendous company that fits nicely within my investing themes, mainly in the enterprise and CyberSec space. As I'm going more in-depth, I'll definitely be adding to $MDB which I bought recently, their optionality is just way beyond what it appears to be on the surface and I'm absolutely mind-blown by all the possibilities and diversification they have.

  • I was looking to go deeper into Life sciences/Biotech/Health, but since I'm no real expert there but still I'm very interested in the space and I believe it's the future, I'm going to play the industry through companies like $GOOGL (large investments in all sorts of biotech companies via Google Ventures), $HIMS which I consider more of a technology/commerce company within the health space (telemedicine combined with branded products, many sold as a recurring subscription sort of), and companies such as $MDB and $PLTR which literally offer their software platforms to pharma companies which utilize them for all sorts of stuff such as data & analytics, gene sequencing, ...

So far by doing all this consolidation, I went from 57 to 45 when it comes to number of holdings and expect that number to naturally fall further as those industries consolidate, there's some M&A activity going on in tough cash tight environment and as some business just don't perform as much as I had expected them to do, which will result in further forming of core names I'll be adding to and sticking to long-term.
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Portfolio changes - update 3
As you well know by now, I'm a huge proponent of transparency. And despite me sharing my portfolio publicly here which gets updated like every 1-2 days, I want to make sure I can tell you what I'm doing as close to real-time as I can. So here we go, shall we?

I put my money where my mouth is, which are my high conviction bets.

There's a few companies I'm still thinking about for various reasons, such as $ETSY $ADSK $TWLO and $PINS. I'll let you know about them when done with my thinking.

Stay strong! Have a great day!
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Small buys the last 3 days
Small adds to $DDOG $AMD $ABNB
Sold puts on $DDOG ($90 strike July 2022) - continued bet on b2b cloud data service providers doing well vs just those providing tools for e-commerce (eg like $SNOW $MDB vs $TWLO and $SHOP) Yes, growth rates will taper in 2023, but leverage should be clear to see for investors to finally move to p/e and earnings yields. The million $ question- which ones retain moats and can defend earnings over the long run,like $MSFT & $GOOG ?

Based on results and guidance I believe $NVDA and $AMD will continue to dominate, and b2b software(as I mentioned above) will continue its penetration and expansion into larger SMEs and enterprises.

$ABNB is an example of a pandemic beneficiary but it first had to go through the downturn and be led by amazing management! Let’s see how these latest moves and new “product” launches do this summer and beyond!

Missed out on puts and adding to $TSLA by a tiny tiny diff on my limit orders. The Shanghai factory expansion announcement and reopening of the region have helped boost the short term price, but we will soon see upward revisions for late 2023 and beyond by Gary Black and the other Tesla bulls.

Sold out on crypto exchange $VYGVF after losing 80%…numbers seem good, margins ok, but no moat in the long run. Maybe I just don’t understand crypto yet…it was too small a part of my portfolio and didn’t fall into an area I understand or an area I am spending time trying to understand.
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MongoDB |$MDB
Took another short trade. The chart pattern are the same as with my last few short trade.
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The Dark Side of the Market: The Short Sell
Everyone is very familiar with buying a stock but many are missing a huge opportunity within the market by not being educated on the short sell.
First off, what is a short sell? Short selling a stock is when you borrow the shares at a set price with the hopes of buying them back in the future for lower. Just as you want to buy low and sell high, you want to short high, and re-buy back in low.
What are the pros to short selling? You can explode the returns of your portfolio if you believe a company is extremely overvalued. For example $ZM $FVRR $PTON are all exceptional examples of overvalued companies last year that could have generated over 80% returns in 2 years.
What are the risks of short selling? Unlimited downside potential, hard to borrow shares with some brokers, unable to borrow shares in retirement accounts, and at times higher fees.
How do I utilize short selling? I primarily short a stock as it is transitioning from a stage 3 top into a stage 4 downtrend. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is called stage analysis and it shows the higher time frame trend of a stock.
Given The Feds major change in stance this year with higher interest rates, potential end of QE, war with Ukraine - Russia, and other macro headwinds - I saw a huge opportunity for stocks to decouple this year. At first, we saw small caps roll over which gave a foreshadowing of what is to come in the mid/large cap world. While some might use short selling as a way to make money from an overvalued company, I utilize short selling when macro headwinds are ahead and TA is confirming major breakdowns. A few examples of these have included $U $UPST $MDB $APPS $DKNG $NIO $BABA and many more.
There are major risks to short selling as I only utilize them as trades, but they have been a huge part of my portfolio this year instead of sitting in cash or staying long in many downtrending stocks.
No matter how much you believe in your stock over the next 5-10 years - understanding how to actively invest can lead to explosive returns if you can capture both the upside and the downside.
I have not taken 1 long in over 6 months as an will wait patiently for my watchlist stocks to base after decoupling. For example, I am bullish on $TWLO long term, but I have shorted it this year to increase my portfolio value to buy more shares when it transitions from stage 4 into stage 1.
It’s important to learn to play both sides of the market because only playing the long side misses out on so much money when the market is rolling over.
If you can’t short, you can always look into inverse ETFs such as $SPXU $RWM $SQQQ $SDOW.
Trade the trend. Use the profits to buy more shares of your favorite long term names. Rinse and repeat.
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B2B SaaS shows resilience…$NOW results were consistent and unsurprising, yet for a few weeks I was unsure why the market was discounting it! Looking forward to some others soon, namely $SNOW $DDOG $MDB $TTD (2 in May, and 2 in June)

I suppose FUD takes everything with it! This has refreshed my confidence in the already strong management team. Link to Quartr app for the concall and report below(hope it works!):
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