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New month, new portfolio overview
I see it's time to showcase my current state of portfolio since it's the 1st day of a new month

So, I think it's worth mentioning I decided to add $AAPL into my core allocation, joining $TSLA $MSFT and $GOOGL, then I'd love to DCA down my positions in semi allocations so $AMD and $NVDA should be behind the core and then I'll probably go with my Data Infrastructure and Security bucket consisting of $SNOW $PLTR $MDB and $NET. The rest should follow after that. That's kinda how I'm currently thinking of building this up. Will continue to nibble more of strong companies.
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Portfolio and Macro Update
Hey everybody!

Welcome to the second half of the year.. and good riddance with the first half!

Portfolio Update: During tough times like these I go into auto-pilot. I let all of my dividends continue to DRIP (dividend reinvestment programs) helping me systematically DCA (dollar cost average) and take advantage of the down turn. I have not made any material changes with the exception of selling out of my $Y position as the company is being acquired and it was more or less a mission accomplished situation for me. I rolled the proceeds into existing positions consolidating my portfolio a bit.

Personal Strategy: Less is more. While it certainly hurts watching some of my favorite stocks get beaten down this is no time to panic. I intend to hold firm and weather this economic storm like the ones that have come before it and the ones that have yet to come.

Macro Thoughts:
  • I believe we are in the midst of a recession already. It may take a few more months for the talking heads to admit it / come to terms with it but I believe we are already there.
  • Inflation is the key driver here but I am of the opinion that it is a supply side issue meaning the Fed's rate increases will not materially affect the root cause. Raising rates decreases demand by constricting the money supply but does not increase the supply of the goods, namely energy and food, that are driving the inflation in the first place.
  • Energy - We have entered a new phase of the problem. Where crude supplies have been the main focus over the past few months, refining capacity is going to be the next area that needs to dramatically increase before we see relief at the pump. Additionally, there is hope among many that OPEC+ will be able to increase capacity but they have been missing their production goals already so I am of the belief that they simply do not have a lot of spare capacity to tap into.
  • Food - Food inflation has been the second most important issue for many on main street. As the war in Ukraine continues to rage on, this crisis will continue to exacerbate as both the Ukraine and Russia are normally large bread baskets for the EU and other Mediterranean countries. This will not have a quick fix either as wheat harvests should be taking place now but are not due to the war. Even if they were to harvest, the blockade of Odessa and the mining of the Black Sea have the grain reserves essentially land locked.
  • Economy - We are starting to see some cracks. The housing market is cooling as rates rise, major companies are internally preparing for a downturn via proactive layoffs and hiring freezes. To me, seeing companies like $TSLA, $META, and other mega caps slowing down is indicative that the problem is more widespread than we may believe.

Key Take Away / What To Do: The current macro backdrop is rather bleak and there are no quick fixes to the root causes driving the rampant inflation. Despite this, downturns are part of this game we call investing and if you are in for the long term panic selling at this point is one of the fastest ways to destroy capital. Instead, focus on your core jobs, hunker down and continue to raise cash. Take advantage of any dividends in your portfolio to reinvest and over the coming months / year slowly average into your highest conviction names. With volatility like it is, quick trades may seem attractive but in my experience luck can be easily confused for skill in the short term so I chose to stay steady and consistent vs. trying to time the ins and outs of the wild price movements.
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Love the update. Agree with all your thoughts. Conviction will pay off. Just relax, invest in your highest conviction names and one day we shall be back
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Why I still hold and want to invest more into $ETH.X $BTC.X & NFTs
Hey my name is Mya Parker. I am a 15 year old who made roughly $10,000 selling NFTs as an NFT artist when I started back in January of 2022.

So keep in mind while reading this I didnt heavily invest dollars into these crypto assets but I invested time into innovating on the space and betting on myself. It payed off. But here is the reason I continue to keep a good percentage of my networth in crypto and then some in NFTs.

Investing in Crypto vs. Stocks
Everytime stocks have crashed so has crypto regardless of what people think of $BTC.X being a store of value. It has done this but it also has increased when stocks have increased. But usually multiples more. That is a pro. A con is that crypto has no intrinsic value which means no real bottom no matter what. Stocks have this so are less risky. Also when you invest into stocks you actually own a piece of a company and a company that makes earnings. Crypto that I invest in heavily $ETH.X does not have this. Also with a stock you are investing in all the people in that company. So when you buy Tesla $TSLA you get all the smartest people essentially working for you. Its an investment in the most innovative technologies, smartest most talented people, and its a future investment in all of that. Which is great. What is interesting with crypto such as $ETH.X though is that you get an investment in that innovative technology, what is built upon it, all the people innovating in that space, the future of it all, and more.

What History tells us
This is very interesting. Also in the past, historically, everytime crypto has went down which it has a lot never has an asset at that scale return back multiples higher every single time. This gives me confidence of keeping some of my money in crypto and a little in NFTs. It is because I am young so it makes more sense for me to take risks. I dont have to pay bills. So to me invest in crypto on the dip and its goes to 0 or its returns me multiples on my money. Invest in stocks on the dip and make multiples on my money but it would take tremendously longer. This is the reason I have invested money in both stocks like $TSLA $COIN and a little in $BTC.X and $ETH.X.

The best play if you are bullish on stocks & crypto recovering imo
Also an interesting this is I think $COIN is potentially oversold from coinbase nft failed. Because if crypto goes back up the profits are crazy as we have seen in the past and the payback time seems great at this price if crypto goes back up.

Anyways I am biased and invested in some well actually all assets mentioned here. Always remember be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful!

If you want more of my insights check out My Podcast:
Please if you disagree voice your opinion respectfully here. I love constructive criticism It's the only way I advance as a person. If you agree let me know as well :)
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Performance 6/27/22
Down -1.14% for they day.
I update my portfolio adding some of my favorite long term hardware and software stocks back to my portfolio. I’m planning to basically just add to these 12 stocks over the next year. I had all of these stocks back in November of last year and watch how they held up in this tech sell off, I think they are some of the best long term holds.
New allocations:
15% $AMZN
15% $GOOGL
15% $AAPL
15% $MSFT
5% $AMD
5% $MDB
5% $ZS
Also for the last 2 weeks I’ve been DCA $40 into $BTC.X every day, and I’ll plan on keep doing that till we get back to the $30k’s
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Analyzing one of the best U.S. stock companies for performance over the last 5 years - $ENPH
I saw this on another forum a few days ago, wonder if this will continue to go up? The content below was the shared content.

In the past 5 years: $ENPH rose nearly 235 times or 23,566%

Like Tesla $TSLA, this company is also engaged in new energy-related industries - Enphase Energy ($ENPH), a company mainly engaged in the solar field, rose about 23,566% from June 15, 2017 to June 15, 2022, an increase of nearly 235 times!

Enphase is developing rapidly, and its stock price has risen by more than 450% and 570% in 2019 and 2020, respectively Enphase Energy ($ENPH) is a global energy technology company that designs, manufactures and sells home energy products, as well as an intelligent platform for solar panels, best known for their market-leading Microinverters system.

Affected by the global trend of green energy and the increasing popularity of micro-inverter systems, Enphase has grown at an astonishing rate in the past few years. From the perspective of stock price, the company has soared by more than 450% in 2019 and continues to soar nearly 600% in 2020. . Although the company's stock price is currently down more than 8% this year, this does not hide its previous "glow".

Enphase currently has the following highlights:

Enphase's revenue and profit growth is accelerating, and its excellent Q1 performance shows that the company has the ability to deal with supply chain challenges.

It has a strong economic moat and advanced and superior technology, and will strengthen the economic moat through continuous R&D and acquisitions.

Companies will benefit from substantial growth in the microinverter market over the next few years, with room to grow outside the US.

Q1 revenue increased by 46% year-on-year, with rapid growth and stable profit margins

In late April, Enphase announced its 2022 Q1 results, and the company excelled in many ways. It recorded revenue of $441 million in the quarter, up 46% year over year. Meanwhile, Enphase generated free cash flow of $90.1 million.

The most impressive thing is that while it continues to grow rapidly, it has maintained a stable profit margin - Q1 gross profit margin and operating profit margin are basically the same as last year. Considering the ongoing difficulties of the global supply chain, this demonstrates the company's good supply chain management capabilities.

These outstanding performances are not unrelated to the management's clever allocation of capital and strategic layout of production bases. Currently, the company's manufacturing bases are mostly distributed in three countries (Mexico, India and China), and it is expanding the capacity of its Romanian plant to meet the growing demands of the European market.

Enphase micro-inverter is the dominant one, accounting for more than 70% of the share

Enphase has a strong moat -- its technological edge. Enphase is known for its micro-inverter technology. A report from Everbright Securities in May this year showed that Enphase is currently the dominant player in the field of micro-inverters, accounting for more than 70% of the market share.

Micro-inverters have natural advantages over traditional string inverters. Traditional inverters convert DC power from multiple panels ("string" panels) to AC power. Whereas in a micro-inverter system, each panel has a micro-inverter that independently generates AC power. This structural difference enables microinverters to overcome the challenges of shading, pollution and panel failure. Basically, if a microinverter fails, it only affects one panel, not the entire system.

Building on these natural advantages, Enphase's microinverters are more efficient and economical due to their advanced grid-connection capabilities, predictive control systems and integrated energy management technology. An integrated energy management system can optimize the generation, storage and distribution of energy.

In addition, Enphase has been continuously investing in research and development ($119 million in the last 12 months) to enhance its technological edge. At the same time, it will also further enhance their technical capabilities through acquisitions (such as the acquisition of Sofdesk in 2021).

Macro positive: increasing popularity of solar energy, market demand for micro-inverters may increase by 20% annually

There are several macro factors that will benefit Enphase in the long run.

The first is the growing popularity of solar energy. U.S. solar capacity has been growing rapidly thanks to favorable policies, rapidly falling costs, and growing interest in green energy. As of March 2022, the entire United States has 121 gigawatts of solar power generation capacity.

Another factor is the growing popularity of microinverters. As mentioned above, micro-inverters have many advantages over traditional inverters, so the demand for micro-inverters is increasing. According to Mordor Intelligence, demand for microinverters is expected to grow at an annual rate of 20% through 2025. In addition, Enphase's strategic collaborations with U.S. Solar Power (SunPower) (SPWR), Panasonic, Ryuji, Solaria and Hanwha will contribute to Enphase's growth.
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Other EV makers dealing with huge demand, but what about Tesla?
While other automakers struggle to ramp up production, $TSLA CEO Elon Musk says that his factories are "gigantic money furnaces".

It's unusual for an automaker to say this as demand for electric vehicles is surging. Tesla has built more factories and yet it seems like it has more production capacity than demand.

While $RIVN $LCID $F $GM and other automakers producing electric vehicles seem to need to build more factories to meet the demand, $TSLA is seeing that it needs to scale back operations.

The competition looks to be beating Tesla.

Was just a matter of time that Tesla would face serious competition
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