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My favorite investments are in rapidly growing, consumer-facing businesses that innovate and are based/doing business here in the U.S. and around the world
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Had been running a BCS on $ATVI that I was planning to let expire at a pathetic loss on Friday. The long call was worth pennies...but check out this one-day % gain I had on it yesterday, when the $MSFT buyout was announced! 👀
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Small-cap and micro-cap stocks tend to be more volatile than the big guys and when $MELI, $SE, $DOCN, $ABNB, $SHOP, $HUBS, $RBLX slide, the small-caps are sliding more! In that case, isn't now a better time than ever to be gobbling up shares of $SMLR $ATY $DMTK $KSI.TO...or whatever your favorites are? But folks continue to get excited about and look to add the MercadoLibres and Sea Limiteds. Why is that? Is it just that the little-known small-caps remain little-known whether the market is up or down? Is it that investors are more likely to go fishing for small-caps when the MercadoLibres and Shopifys seem to be at a top and therefore not worthy of further investment? Is it that the risk/reward profile for a beaten down $MELI or $SE is way more attractive than some thinly traded off-the-radar microcap?
Big fan here of small / medium cap companies.

I’ve got an eft that I regularly put money into that covers the big dogs (S&P100) so I don’t see the point in direct investing in those companies.

The difficulty I have is that it takes a lot longer to research and identify small / medium cap stocks that I want to direct invest in.

What I need to get better at with these stocks is locking in profits sooner, it’s rare I’ll direct invest in a company and at some point not be in profit but I’ve held on to things too long waiting for a 100% return when I should accept the 20-30%.

Part of the issue was investing in $TWI when it was around $3 a share and then locking in a 50% gain and then watched it climb to $10+ and have the obvious feeling of kicking myself for selling.

But the takeaway is small / medium caps are good but lock in profits because not all of them are going up 100%+
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