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Portfolio changes - update 1
So I already made some changes on Thursday and Friday.

  • Sold $ZM - not a bad company by any means but since I'm doing some consolidation I decided to cut due to heated up competition with $GOOGL's Meet and Chat + $MSFT going straight after not only Zoom's core offering but even after their growth parts (take Zoom Phone vs Teams Phone as an example), but with one problem - Microsoft is including Teams into Win11 by default and including all the good stuff Teams has for businesses into Microsoft 365 packages which businesses already pay for, therefore the value proposition should be better than paying for additional service. So those are the headwinds I'm seeing.
  • Sold $DOCU due to troubled execution of Agreement Cloud, I was looking for an improvements this quarter, but since it's been a while now and they just recently hired a new president of global operations which should help them do just that, I don't expect any significant improvements this quarter really. I'll consider adding to my $ADBE where I see a pretty good execution of the Document Cloud and great relationship with Microsoft which already uses their solutions and integrates well within Office package.
  • Sold $KIND simply due to other ad-tech names coming down substantially, I see them as more lucrative and proven than say Nextdoor in the current context. Simply a consolidation decision.

  • Added to $HUBS and $MELI after stellar execution and fantastic results. They definitely are the winners I consider a core part of my portfolio.

I'm thinking of some other changes at the time though not yet decided, mainly around streaming services, so think $NFLX and $DIS. I've been also rewatching Tony Seba's notes on Energy, Transportation, Agriculture and Food: brilliant mind, go check it out, it's bonkers!!, and also watched the RethinkX film which explains all the fundamental shifts coming this decade in a perfectly understandable and fascinating form -

I definitely want to adjust my portfolio to that too, so there's some more thinking going on inside my head.

Have a great rest of the weekend!
Wild week in the market. Some of these earnings reactions are probably more about multiple contraction than poor reports/guidance. I wrote about my thoughts on various earnings reports as well as corresponding portfolio moves $ABNB, $PAYC, $DDOG, $ZI

Other quick thoughts on earnings:

$CFLT - good but not looking to add aggressively
$HUBS - great, will probably add more
$TWLO - good, may add more
$SHOP - not great, but also not looking to sell

Have a great weekend!

The Devastation Continues
Here are a ton of stocks at lows and appear to be headed lower:

$JPM - JPMorgan Chase & Co. - Banks - Diversified - $386.69B

$BAC - Bank of America Corporation - Banks - Diversified - $317.55B

$ASML - ASML Holding N.V. - Semiconductor Equipment & Materials - $257.15B

$VZ - Verizon Communications Inc. - Telecom Services - $221.35B

$NKE - NIKE, Inc. - Footwear & Accessories - $211.96B

$ADBE - Adobe Inc. - Software - Infrastructure - $204.90B

$CRM - Salesforce, Inc. - Software - Application - $187.74B

$PYPL - PayPal Holdings, Inc. - Credit Services - $112.45B

$BLK - BlackRock, Inc. - Asset Management - $106.91B

$WBD - Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. - - Entertainment - $58.36B

$ILMN - Illumina, Inc. - Diagnostics & Research - $53.47B

$ADSK - Autodesk, Inc. - Software - Application - $44.78B

$A - Agilent Technologies, Inc. - Diagnostics & Research - $38.87B

$ALGN - Align Technology, Inc. - Medical Devices - $33.79B

$COIN - Coinbase Global, Inc. - Software - Application - $33.18B

$STT - State Street Corporation - Asset Management - $27.92B

$TWLO - Twilio Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $24.68B

$HUBS - HubSpot, Inc. - Software - Application - $20.53B

$SWKS - Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - Semiconductors - $20.04B

$PAYC - Paycom Software, Inc. - Software - Application - $19.25B

$KMX - CarMax, Inc. - Auto & Truck Dealerships - $14.95B

$DPZ - Domino's Pizza, Inc. - Restaurants - $14.26B

$PINS - Pinterest, Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $14.23B

$ETSY - Etsy, Inc. - Internet Retail - $14.15B
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THIS is what i’m talking about, very aesthetically pleasing post, thanks for putting this together 💪🏼
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Hot seats
As Q1 earnings arrive, I have my set of holdings I'll cut or will be looking to cut depending on the performance and results posted by those... I was thinking about a bit of a consolidation in my corporate enterprise allocation, and decided to:

There seems to be nothing wrong with those names, I just thought like there's a pretty substantial overlap between them and so I decided to cut some and strengthen those other names.

And then on the other hand I have $DOCU -- I'll be really closely watching the execution of Agreement Cloud, as this is a substantial part of my thesis and they seem to have some problems there for a couple of quarters already... If I'll see just another underperformance on that part I'll be selling for $ADBE or one of the other names I want to add to my portfolio but yet didn't buy any.

Secondly, there's $ZM. Still a leader in this market, but I'm seeing some evolution of competitors in this pretty competitive space, and so I'll be closely watching what they have to say about the competition and put their numbers into a perspective. Will decide then what to do.

Notably, I'll be looking to listen to $OKTA's earnings call to see the effects of their breach and how they answer questions on their reaction to the fact.
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Q4 21 Earnings Recap Pt1
Highlighting each of my holding's earnings report, update their KPI trends, and include some quotes of interest from the earnings call

Included in this first edition are:

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$HUBS Q4 2021 Earnings
Revenue: 369M (47% YoY, 8% QoQ) 3% Beat
EPS: 0.58 vs 0.53exp
FCF: 78M, 21% Margin
Rule of 40: 68

Q1 2022 Guidance

Revenue: 382M (36% YoY, 4% QoQ) 1% Raise
EPS: 0.47 vs 0.46exp

2022 Guidance

Revenue: 1.73B (33% YoY) 4% Raise
EPS: 2.38 vs 2.41exp

Very happy with these earnings from a highly executing company! Those FCF margins are getting quite nice 👀
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