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Performance 6/27/22
Down -1.14% for they day.
I update my portfolio adding some of my favorite long term hardware and software stocks back to my portfolio. I’m planning to basically just add to these 12 stocks over the next year. I had all of these stocks back in November of last year and watch how they held up in this tech sell off, I think they are some of the best long term holds.
New allocations:
15% $AMZN
15% $GOOGL
15% $AAPL
15% $MSFT
5% $AMD
5% $MDB
5% $ZS
Also for the last 2 weeks I’ve been DCA $40 into $BTC.X every day, and I’ll plan on keep doing that till we get back to the $30k’s
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YouTube's future potential.
I truly believe $GOOGL's YT has some insane optionality given the character of the platform.

Here's 3 paths I can see them working on forward:

  1. Cloud Gaming

yes yes yes you know by now I'm a huge bull on cloud gaming. but seriously - gaming has been a huge part of YouTube community since the beginning. YT has been ramping up efforts to attract streamers from Twitch too lately, a lot of gamers among those. Why not let people on desktops, consoles and TVs have an option to launch the game directly through Stadia for games they have in Stadia library as they watch a YT gameplay?

or why not work with the dev teams of some of the most popular titles to say have an ability to let streamers of games invite viewers in game by letting them join with ease of a click, especially with games like Among Us or generally those with a community multiplayer focus?

  1. Higher education

seriously, I can't believe YT hasn't done this yet. we're facing some of the toughest challenges in the labor market as much of the positions get automated, the need for reeducation of workforce is so important!

why not partner with the leading companies across sectors, leading universities and schools and develop a YT sub-platform focused on high grade edu content and let employers and general public access it all in one place if they pay for a subscription?

  1. E-commerce

(now AFAIK this is being worked on) just about any creator has some form of their merch. develop a place inside YT platform to list, shop for those goods, pay for them with ease through Google Pay. Perhaps partner with services like $SHOP and make it easy to integrate their listings onto the platform in case they already have a dedicated store.
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Portfolio changes - update 16
decided to swap my $TEAM shares for $NOW. $TEAM is a big player in a software tools space, primarily for SW Teams, IT Teams and Business teams. every single of those categories I have an exposure to mostly through players like $MSFT $GOOGL $CRM and will have to some degree through $NOW but a lot more besides that.

this company was going through my mind for a bit, even researched it before and was prepared to buy in but paused it then because I believed there's not much stuff it adds to my overall exposure given that I had multiple companies that had some similar pieces of solutions to ServiceNow. a lot has changed since then, as you can see and now I believe it fits my portfolio well. this weekend and on Monday I finally went deeper again and I'm convinced I found a lot of great things I like to look at, an awesome fit for my aggregated exposure around specific investment themes around which I built my portfolio, their optionality in the space is truly insane and the leadership is nothing short of excellence. it scored very high, placing it at 4th place when ranking the amount of spaces I want to be exposed to, just behind $MSFT $GOOGL and $SNOW.

so I ended up buying $NOW today and also added to my semi allocation $AMD and $NVDA to compensate for the liquidation of my $QCOM position, like I discussed in my other post.
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Current $QQQ exposure:
Apple $AAPL: 12.43%
Microsoft $MSFT: 10.72%
Amazon $AMZN: 6.25%
Tesla $TSLA: 4.16%
Alphabet Class C $GOOG: 3.97%
Alphabet Class A $GOOGL: 3.79%
Meta Platforms $META: 3.05%
PepsiCo $PEP: 2.08%
Broadcom $AVGO: 1.93%

YTD Returns: -30.02%
5Y Returns: +99.01%
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$GOOGL to $2,636 at BofA Securities
We are lowering 2Q consolidated net revenue (ex-TAC) by 1% to $58.2bn from $58.6bn for FX, lowering 2H’22 revenues and lowering 2023 revenues by 6% to $269bn.We are lowing 2Q EPS to $24.80 from $25.97 as we cut other income due to potential investment write-downs. For 2023 EPS, key for valuation, we lower our estimates by 7% to $121.27 from $129.83 as we assume some expense growth moderation."
Lowering price targets because of "potential investment write-downs"...the world of analysts has gone crazy far in the wrong direction...
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Portfolio changes - update 15
Hey fam! I Sold $MNDY and $RBLX at the open, both for consolidation reasons:

  • $MNDY I'm exposed to a similar product through $MSFT Project and Planner + $CRM is invested in Monday through Salesforce Ventures, so I'm maintaining a limited exposure.
  • $RBLX - while I like what they are doing, I prefer an exposure to multiple industries at once, if possible. That's what $U offers me with heavy focus on gaming with a huge market share there but also stuff like digital twins, tools for manufacturing, architecture, advertising, even tools for filmmakers, aerospace and a lot more. profitability in focus, promised by management to come in Q4 this year, sooner than anticipated before.

Also sold my initial position in $ZS. As much as I really like the company, I realized I'll be probably better off going for $NET as their product portfolio covers Zero Trust Security and Web Application pretty nicely with Cloudflare One and other products, so I consolidated into the one I like "more".

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Looming decrease in spending to further impact the market
  • Consumer spending hasn't fully corrected (people are still paying for more streaming services than they need 😅)
  • As companies cut software and ad spend the companies they were paying for unneeded seats and paid acq for will have decreased earnings ($GOOGL, $ADBE, $META, $SNAP, etc)
  • Many institutions have already reacted to this, but there will be continued selling pressure
$SPY will be under $367/share on 7/15/2022
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