Weekly Watchlist Results

$SPY +4%
$QQQ +4.18%
$DE - No Trade - Continuation to the upside
$DKS +5.3%
$SBUX - No Trade - Continuation to the upside
$COIN +18.28%
$SHOP +15.16%
$CRWD - Hit Price Target 1 at $169 from prior weekly watchlist
$ABNB Inverted Head & Shoulders?
I've seen this chart posted a few places so it's not just myself noticing it. A strong pattern that is highlighted in many books is the "Head & Shoulders" topping pattern. These patterns are prone to failure however they can be a powerful indicator of a top or a bottom. In his book Stan Weinstein highlights the inverted pattern as one to look out for with stocks on the cusp of advancing in price. $ABNB has a really good Inverted Head & Shoulders Pattern Developing. It would require a break above $125 approx and as mentioned these are certainly prone to failure. However, if you asked me which stock I want to buy..the ones still making new lows like $META, $SHOP, $SE or something that is showing constructive action after a massive tech decline then give me something that looks like $ABNB any day.
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My August Returns Are In!... And The Good Trend Continues
Retirement Portfolio
In August, I opened two new positions in $NET and $PCOR. I added to three times to $MKL , $TYL, $MCD, and $WM as part of my 401k DCA and added to no other positions. Another relatively quiet month. I also added to $JPM, $AAPL, $SBNY, $COST, $O, and $SBUX via DRIP. I exited $MTCH and sold 32% of my shares in $BMBL.

My retirement portfolio was down 2.54% in August but that was less than my benchmark SPY portfolio (down 4.41%) and benchmark QQQ portfolio (4.51%). I'm now down 37.40% YTD compared to my SPY benchmark at 16.52% and QQQ benchmark at 21.72%.

My best performing retirement positions YTD:
  • $SWAV is up 96% YTD
  • $EGIO is up 17% YTD
  • $WM is up 14% since I started buying a couple months ago

My best performing retirement positions in August:

My top 10 positions now make up ~35% of my portfolio. The top 6 remain in the same order of $MELI, $AAPL, $AMZN, $F, $GOOGL, and $SHOP. $SWAV jumped up from 9th to 7th after a great month with great earnings with $NVEE, $SIVB, and $COST rounding out the top 10.

Looking forward to September, I'm contemplating exiting my $SQ position. I'm turned off by Jack's comments and his insistence on $BTC.X being the be all and end all. I don't mind the crypto exposure but the Bitcoin only hardline is narrow-minded in my opinion. If you made me czar, I'd actually just have Square exit their crypto entirely and focus on what they're good at.

I'm also considering exiting $MMM in my 401k and replacing it with one of $ABBV, $BEP, $DEA, $HSY, $MKC, $MTN, $TGT, $TROX, $UNP, or $UPS but I need to research them first before deciding.

Taxable Portfolio
In August, I only added to $DT. No positions in this brokerage pay a dividend so there was no DRIP and I did not exit any positions.

My taxable portfolio had a second great bounce back month, up 9.56% after being up 13/67% in July. My benchmark SPY portfolio was down 3.64% and my benchmark QQQ portfolio was down 4.18%. I'm now down 30.15% YTD compared to my SPY benchmark at 14.84% and QQQ benchmark at 21.43%.

My best performing taxable positions YTD:
  • $TMDX is up 172% YTD for me. Wowsers.

  • $MSP with a 39.49% return YTD - RIP as is had such a great return because it was acquired.

  • That's it. None of my other 14 positions are positive. Whomp whomp.

My best performing taxable positions in August:

My top 10 positions continue to make up ~90% of my portfolio as I only have 14 positions in this brokerage. The top 10 remains basically the same with $SNOW, $TMDX, $ATZAF, $SILK, $DT, $LMND, $NCNO, $CPNG, $OM, and $BIGC.

Looking forward to September, I already added to $ATZAF as my monthly add. I don't expect to make any other moves but we shall see.
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At these prices there are a ton of companies that look too good to pass. If you could only open a position in one of these three which one would you pick and why?
This was actually a tough one but I would go Twilio right now because I feel like they have the least question marks. If we’re talking 10+ years I think $U is going to reward investors the most once they get some things sorted out internally
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August'22 - Growth Portfolio Update
Sells: None

  • Made some adds with the cash coming in. I am looking to add some $CRWD on weakness here as well as $MELI.

YTD return: -33.9%
  • Quite the rollercoaster of a month with most increase being wiped out in the past week after the Jackson Hole speech..
  • I take these price weaknesses to add to the businesses that are still executing - great for the long-term!

Other comments:
  • $NU is a new buy for me in Aug. Took a starter 1.6% position at $4.71 after diving into research and chatting with a few great investors. Planning to add and bring up to ~5% position eventually.
  • I plan to deploy more cash into market weakness. Slow & steady!

Always happy to collaborate and hear your thoughts! Please comment below or send me a DM.
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Thanks for sharing! I love so many of these companies, great choices. I would love to know your thoughts on NU Holdings. I have been interested in them for a while and started reading more. My fiance is Brazilian, so I helped her open an account with them; super easy.
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Shopify cultural issues
Starting to see more and more of these negative news bits around $SHOP. Recent glassdoor trends are also concerning and corroborate the narrative that there are culture issues. Concerning.
Not good for the once fintwit darling! Negative CEO and culture PR seems to be sticking around this once the last calendar year
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