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Portfolio changes - update 8
Hey friends, there's a lot of cleaning I'm doing, for real. It's getting tricky, as there's basically no companies I view as weak in my portfolio, now it's reaching a point where I have to consider just how much the position covers what I want it for and whether there's others that can do so instead, so I can consolidate further. I tend to prefer optionality over specialization. So:

  • I sold $ENPH - it's simply hard for me to pass on $TSLA at $700, I also sold $ASML as I see $AMD $NVDA and $QCOM more lucrative when looking at valuation vs revenue and earnings growth. Again, this all is about personal preferences and there's a lot of bias and other nuances of data points somewhere in my head that get me to those decisions.
  • On the other hand, I initiated positions in $SNOW and $ZS, as mentioned previously. I like this pricing.
  • I added to my positions in $ABNB $DDOG $MDB $NET $COIN (although I'm staying cautious there) $TEAM and $TSLA.
When I was studying Solar in 2015-16, I was screaming at the top of my lungs for people to buy Enphase ~$3. All the experts said avoid, while dropping their fancy acronyms and useless info. Meanwhile, our college entrepreneur program was installing Enphase on literally 100% of our residential installs. Was obvious to us they were going to be the leader in the space. Definitely been crazy over valued for a while now, wise to get out.
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End of Week Update
Very slow week for me overall as I was in 100% cash until Thursday.
On Thursday, I sold 2 $ABNB cash secured puts at $4.05 and bought to close them today at $2.00 giving me over a 50% gain in 1 day.
No other moves were made. Entering the weekend in 100% cash and up $400 on the week.
It’s Rally Time - Shorter Term
Market looks like it put in a short term bottom at close today.

I did sell 2 $ABNB May 27 $107p at close for $4.05.

Why did I sell a cash secured put on $ABNB at close? Explanation below:

As you can see in the chart, $ABNB is oversold on RSI (Meaning RSI is under 30), volume is declining (meaning sellers are not as motivated), and it has put in two inverted hammer candles on the daily. These candlestick patterns are often trend reversal candles, so three confluences came together giving me the confidence to sell a cash secured put.
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My Portfolio: Rebalancing and De-Risking
Howdy all! After going back and forth on this and with most of what I owned already reporting ER, I have decided to exit the following positions: $U, $UPST, $NET, $SOFI. The reason is based on what I view as high risk, slowing growth, and re-evaluating what I want to own in this current environment focusing on FCF and profitability (current and future). It was tough to take these massive losses as I bought them way too high and rather use that capital on other more higher conviction and/or more companies that fit my criteria and can weather this current inflation storm. I will still have these 4 companies on my watch list (especially $SOFI and $NET), as I think in time will re-evaluate when the time is right. Cash position is now at 10% which gives me flexibility in adding to something like $ABNB and $TTD. Still want to ensure my Cash position does not drop below 6% so when we hit bottom will have sufficient funds to re-deploy (plan on adding to this each paycheck). Open to all suggestions on approach and hope this helps someone who maybe in a similar position. Cheers!
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Closed positions, added to existing strong ones
Sold slow growth $FVRR and $U at major losses. Yes I’m a “long term” investor but that doesn’t mean I put up with slow growth…and I also admit that I overpaid which created the magnitude of these losses.

(Side note (to self): don’t get carried away with investing services recommendations amidst euphoria - high growth cos need to prove resilience. Keep strict limits to exposure or move out when they shoot 60-70% above their 200dma!)

Added $ABNB and $TTD as they continue to show resilience and positive outlook as leaders in their categories with strong leadership

Watching if $TSLA and $NVDA fall another 8-10%…would love to add those lower. Also mentioned $TXN recently. Seems like a good “low beta anchor”
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