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Will this affect $GOOG $AMZN $NFLX $META and other companies where YOU ARE THE PRODUCT?
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I think the people are not trusting these brands but will continue to share their data with them. The other option would be, that they have to pay much more for these services
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$SMR - NuScale ready to scaleup their business - Nuclear Power
If you believe in the power of nuclear energy, Nuscale is an innovative wide moat extremely early-stage business to monitor/invest in!
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Very excited about NuScale— they have operations in my hometown :)

They’re not public ally traded yet, correct?
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Big! $MRNA - Moderna Receives FDA Authorization for Emergency Use of Its COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 6 Months of Age and Older
Trading at 4 P/E is ridiculous.
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It depends how you see that. The below is extracted from Seeking Alpha and possibly the low multiple is justified by the expected future EPS beyond 2022 (which are not that impressive). Not only this but the vast majority of revenues comes from COVID-19 vaccines.


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Is it time to rip? Fed raised rates by 0.75, my portfolio thinks so
Is it the beginning of a secular bull market? I know we have a madman causing chaos(Russia), but in general, it seems like we are moving towards being more optimistic.

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The market liked that hike with stock indices closing higher today. Now it remains to be seen what the actual impact will be.
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Time for the housing bubble to pop.
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Last year was historically good for housing, so keep that in mind when charts compare YOY.

As for new construction, most production homebuilders have been throttling sales for the past year or so. They may not have to for much longer, and supply chains might finally start catching up. Key things to watch for new construction will be cancellation rates (lagging indicator of housing market affordability), sale-to-close cycle time (supply chain efficiency), and gross margin (first thing buyers cut when building a new home is product upgrades, which have a big impact on margins).
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DCA is useless if you dont DCA now!
This is the time when you get to buy more ownership of an asset and get a high ROI/CAGR.

If you dont DCA now, DCA in general will be useless, buying now will prop up your portfolio over the long term.