My top 10 growth stocks!
I've finally settle on 10 stocks that I want to hold for awhile and accumulate for the next years. Its been months and months of studying them and I feel that I love their missions statements and the direction moving forward at this time. (Common theme of about half of these that they have great cash flow and great revenue numbers that I find intriguing)

$RKLB I believe this is the Space Company of the future, not SpaceX. Enough said. (Currently my top position over half of my portfolio.)
$PLTR Data analytics (Use case would be consumer companies using it to integrate their data, decisions, and operations.) (The next Microsoft suite for all companies small/mid/big/large)
$MELI E-commerce play that will dominate South America
$ENPH Solar Play
$SEDG Solar Play
$TSLA AI/Robot play
$CRWD Cybersecurity
$DDOG Data (the next gold in my opinion)
$CRSP Gene Editing (I believe this stock has the biggest potential if the human trials are successful)
$STEM AI Energy Management Play

I plan to add $250 a week/or more on this portfolio. If anything changes, Ill update accordingly, but I believe in a few years out I will have at least half of these still on my portfolio.
Big big fan here of Rocketlab and have been adding to my position in the downturn fingers crossed in 10 years I’ll be looking at a graph saying I can’t believe I bought these shares for $5

Also like Stem and have also added to that position.

Definitely want to check out the two solar plays in your list because I do like some renewable tech
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Space Debris/Satellites who will clean it up? $RKLB
This question has been asked a few times, to me and probably you or someone you know if they into space haha. The thing is, while space debris is unlikely to affect space travel, it will lead to significant problems for spaceflight around Earth. The risk would be highest for objects orbiting at an altitude of around 1,000 kilometres (620 miles), which is used for communications and Earth observation.

So whos going to clean up and make money off this as a side gig? We are. $RKLB
Jahoosh_ from stocktwits pointed out that this could be a cash cow machine and we could be like $WM Waste Management in LEO- Low Earth Orbit. $RKLB
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If all the constellation plans will really be realized like Starlink, Kuiper, OneWeb, SDA and so on which will need new satellites every 4-7 years. This could be an interesting business. But it will take several years until this gets really interesting at scale imo
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What I like most about $RKLB -Question by @nathanworden
First thing is first. I love the CEO, he is a mixture of my two other favorite CEOs which is Alex Karp and Elon Musk, but what stands out about him is that he is willing to say when he is wrong and he is willing to communicate with everyone on twitter. A big part of my trust comes with Peter Beck as the CEO.

Next is them not being the 2nd place to SpaceX as launches go but actually that Peter Beck isnt just trying to make a launch company, hes making a space company that has (Quote from link below) "As it turns out, total revenues at Rocket Lab surged 124% year over year to $40.7 million in Q1. And the reason for that is that Rocket Lab's new "space systems" business, which builds spacecraft for its customers, absolutely exploded in size, growing 1,873% year over year to account for 84% of company revenues at $34.2 million.

As CEO Peter Beck explained, Rocket Lab has implemented a "rapid succession of space systems acquisitions," employing its IPO cash to transform itself into an "end-to-end space company delivering complete spacecraft design and manufacturing, satellite components, flight software, and launch services." As a result, the company won a $143 million contract in Q1 to build 17 spacecraft buses for Canadian space company MDA and its client Globalstar.
This was Rocket Lab's biggest-ever contract win -- and it never would have happened if Rocket Lab had confined its business to just building rockets. (

Lastly, Peter Becks willingness to adapt and change and as their mission statement says "WE OPEN ACCESS TO SPACE TO IMPROVE LIFE ON EARTH" is a statement I can agree and support and invest in.
Will be interesting to see them report earnings, they're actually cashflow positive...
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My trades for $RKLB on Commonstock
Going into this earnings tomorrow. I'm excited. I'll keep buying the dip, I love this company it has become my favorite company and currently my top holding. $RKLB
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$RKLB Rocket Lab - Antipodean Adventure Launch
$RKLB Another great launch by Rocket Lab the more missions the more viewers on their live YouTube channel I believe that this company is going to become a favorite with the masses in some time. They take their time they are precise it was windy on the last launch window and they waited and so it wasn’t windy to get a good launch and here goes another great launch by the team I already have a lot of shares with this position so my plan is not to add more but certainly not to sell. This one and pltr will be ones that i sit back and hold for the long term.
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Micro & Small Caps
Are micro & small caps making a lasting comeback? Since the June "bottom" (bottom so far) some have done phenomenally well. I don't know what's to come, but each of these companies has earned my doubling, tripling and quadrupling down:

*Not advice * I own a sizeable % of each in my own portfolio.
Been experiencing the same in my portfolio. $MVIS reports earnings today, excited to hear some updates!
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