Will the baby formula shortage inspire $OTLY to make a pivot in its business?
$OTLY is currently growing fast by selling oat milk to consumers and businesses. Being at the forefront of the consumer products plant-based revolution, one idea that came to mind is creating a plant-based baby formula to help solve the baby formula shortage.

Since most baby formula is created with cow's milk, supply chain issues with the dairy industry could possibly be why we have a baby formula shortage. $ABT is a major manufacturer of baby formula in the US and they've been shutting down baby formula manufacturing plants over the past couple of years as declining birth rates meant less demand for baby formula.

By creating a plant-based baby formula, I see Oatly regaining enthusiasm from investors. Since it will take time for Abbott to restart old baby formula manufacturing plants, it will be a while before the baby formula shortage gets resolved. And with the crisis currently ongoing, I hope that Oatly uses the crisis to start creating a plant-based baby formula.

And if they're able to develop it and get it to market sooner so that Abbott can resolve the baby formula shortage, I can see more parents willing to let their kids consume plant-based baby formula. The returns from this endeavor are questionable, and if the declining birth rate trend reverses, then the endeavor will pay off massively.
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Stock Buys - Tuesday 5/3/22
My stock buys for today, doing some more DCA while the market is down. Mostly Dividend stocks with the odd growth stock thrown in.

$SMG- this is one of my 'picks and shovels' cannabis plays, unfortunately it's been taking a beating, DCA down
$SCHH - DCA down on this REIT ETF
$LTC - DCA down on this REIT
$JACK - DCA down
$OTLY - DCA down (way down) from IPO purchase

Going to keep an eye on my trackers see what pops up throughout the day.
+1 for $SMG. Been holding and adding since early 2017. Hawthorne's recent struggles are a little concerning but even $GRWG is struggling so it seems to be industry-wide, not Hawthorne specific.
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SBC is a scam to adj. EBITDA and you're getting diluted
Stock-based compensation (SBC_ has gotten out of control with some companies that utilize the line item top boost adj. EBITDA for profitability but can also dilute you.

Prime example is $TWTR. Market Cap >1.5x since IPO while price only up ~2% in the same time

The link below shows this weeks "Chart of the Week" for the following names

The numbers are quite shocking. If you're interested in receiving content like this, hit the subscribe button (it's free!).

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (March 7th - 11th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! I'm interested in:

  • $ZIM - Comments on their outlook for shipping prices.
  • $CRWD - Another stellar earnings report and I'll probably start a position in this company.
  • $MQ - How fast are their non-$SQ revenues growing?

Which earnings report are you looking forward to?

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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2021 IPOs are selling off
  • Nearly 400 traditional IPOs, along with an additional 600 special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), occurred in 2021, representing ~$316 billion in deal value

  • Two-thirds of the companies that went public in the U.S. in 2021 are now trading below their IPO prices.

  • In the first eight months of the year, IPO shares rose. In November, 2021’s class of IPOs was trading up 12% on average, according to Dealogic. By late December, they traded 9% below their IPO prices.

  • Investors fear interest-rate increases are going to happen sooner rather than later which is currently curbing the appetite for riskier assets.

Click link below to see the visual! $RIVN $OTLY $HOOD $HNST $APPH

It was quietly expected considering IPOs was done 2021 exactly to get such a premium. Sorry for investor that got on board at ATH
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Hey all... I hope you're having a great weekend.
Here’s some reading to round up the week with my Weekend Edition # 18.

This week I cover:
  • Market Recap
  • Indicators of the Week - Are the Bulls Losing Steam?
  • Earnings thru Macro - $HD, $LOW, $AAP, $TSN, $WMT, $TGT, $BABA, $BIDU, $OTLY
  • Around the Markets - Covid Resurgence - cheap travel stocks, $DIS
  • The Week Ahead – Fed Denomination; Earnings Calendar
  • Closing Thoughts - a muted Santa Clause rally?


Upcoming Earnings Calendar! (Nov 15th-19th)
Earnings season is slowly coming to a close, but there are still several highly interesting events coming up. Here's next week's earnings calendar and what I'll for looking forward to.

  • $SE: insights on their global e-commerce expansion.
  • $NVDA: comments on their product availability and supply.
  • $WMT: Update on their Walmart+ membership and comments on inflation/labor shortage/supply chain issues.
  • $DLO although this stock is too richly valued for me, I like their business and I'm following it in case there's a good buying opportunity post-earnings.

Comment below which earnings report you are looking forward to the most!

Friendly reminder: you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.

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It'll be interesting to see how everything plays out with $OTLY. Personally, I love the taste of Oat milk, specifically Oatley, and think they'd have a much easier time if they stressed taste rather than how they're currently positioning themselves. Playing the price game is just not smart, as there are US plant-based beverage companies that already have an upper hand.

'"Oatly is one of those inflated bubble stocks," Axler said on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Thursday.'

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