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SoFi CEO Keeps Buying Shares, Mizuho Note & Reverse Split Comment
SoFi CEO Anthony Noto keeps buying shares

SoFi management 'very constructive' on demand, says Mizuho

A reverse split is an option, not a certainty.

@strib I’m bullish on SoFi, they have their act together and the fundamentals are very solid from what I’m reading, it’s the market that is currently bonkers.

As for the reverse split, it hasn’t happened and it might never happen, management are seeking shareholders consent to exercise a reverse split should the need arise and that would only be to maintain the ability for institutional investors to continue investing (keeping the price above $5). Being prepared is a good thing in my opinion.
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What to watch for the week of 6/13/22
Get prepared to take on the market by checking out my watchlist. Here’s what I’m most interested in for the week beginning June 13th. These are just a few of the potential market catalysts to look out for in the coming days. Feel free to save this post for reference, share it on your social page (please @ me if you do) and follow me for more. Let me know what you’ll be watching in the market this week in the comment section. Good luck everyone!

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Portfolio at month-end of May
Exited: $U, $NET, $UPST, $SOFI
Added more to: $TTD, $DOCS , $DOCN, $AMD , and $ETSY
Planning to add more $AMZN on Friday and $GOOGL next month.
Attempted to de-risk and free up cash and added to higher conviction names. SPAXX represents cash position on Fidelity platform.
Portfolio Performance May 2022
Thank the stars for the past 2 days. I made some adds when the market was down at good valuations. Fingers crossed we get a turnaround, but still have some of those down days to pick up some bargains.

Income portfolio slightly outperformed the SPY. Biggest gainer was $VLO up 18%, biggest loser was $HTGC down 13%.

Growth and Value portfolio down 9% for the month. Biggest gainer was $SOFI up 23%, biggest loser was $U down 37%

Swing trades got whacked again down 5% for the month, not much else to add to that :(
Best gainer was $GTBP up 32%, while $MOGO lost 36% with crypto crashing, again. Big spike in the graph unfortunately wasn't a massive win, jus a reverse split
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Thanks for the transparency! Do you find that you are more emotionally attached to one portfolio over the others? Do you have much overlap across the 3?
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Student Loans...
Rumor is that Biden plans to forgive $10k in student loans. Unlike the Fed printing money out of thin air, the money forgiven doesn't just disappear.

So I have questions...

Are these only government loans? In which case the taxpayer is eating the cost. The government starts providing huge sums in financial aid, giving incentive for kids to go get "less than ideal" degree's, actually raising the overall cost of higher education, then those kids can't get well paying jobs and the government bails them out on the loans they gave them. Which means the taxpayer (that means YOU) is paying for these high cost, low ROI degree's. (I know that doesn't apply to all)

Are any of these loans 3rd party loans? If so, I'm assuming the government would have to honor the loans, in which case the taxpayer is still on the hook, but the companies may actually benefit. In this case, are the $10k loans paid out over the intended schedule, or paid off in a lump sum? Could potentially have an impact on companies like $SOFI.

Bottom line, I'm sure if you have a student loan, you're pretty happy about it. I get that, I wasn't throwing away any stimulus checks either, but there is a reason the inflation numbers are high.

This is an obvious election year ploy for votes (and both parties do it). At some point you have be fiscally responsible... right?

Everything the government touches gets slower and more expensive. Ah well, I guess there will be a little more liquidity to buy jpegs at least.

Anyway, didn't mean this to be a government rant...

Does anyone know the details on the loan forgiveness? 👇

Did you go to a private school or public university/college? Just curious if any government spending was involved directly or indirectly. It's likely it was if you're in the USA.

$SOFI is a great option for refinancing. After all, 6.8% government backed loans were higher rates than most private lending.

However, they do not come with the protections of a government loan.

And there has been fraud in financial advising regarding student/private loan.

But to be honest, it's a generation burden. State's simply slowed their funding to post secondary, thus the cost shifted to students. Not to mention, tenure is the pension that some how survived a modernized guarantee of income. I'm sure a facility member will come in here to blame expanded administration.

What is more interesting, is home community colleges have been able to tame costs. But if you look into, it's government support for facilities and over worked, under paid employees.
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Re: Rebalance
The time has come.

Not to be overly dramatic, but my portfolio today looks like an absolute cesspool of fluctuating garbage. I began a near total rebalance this morning and I gotta say, it feels great.

Call it the investing version of spring cleaning. Prior, I had >15 positions, some of which were companies I knew nothing about besides the fact that they’re stocks were off ~20-70% when I bought. For a long term investor, that’s no good.

Unfortunately, I have no charts or complex models to back this feeling up, but I think this current moment, for me, is a great time to rebalance and prepare for the long term. I view my brokerage account as a heavily risk-on, essentially venture portion of my investments. I want the risky-ass names that might just hit $100bn or $1tn someday.

Call me crazy, but we’re all about keeping it simple over here. My theses are little more than this: these companies have unbelievably solid management teams, strong financials, large TAMs, compelling narratives, and are heavily discounted in my view.

A few names I entered (in the interest of transparency):

Other names I’m considering:
$SHOP (increasing) $PYPL and $POTX

What names are you looking at? Are you holding off on buying the dip? For what reasons? As always, let me know where I’m wrong.
Down 86%, I'm broke
Hi all, I am new to commonstock and have joined the platform to get some quality advice.

To tell you about my full investing experience: I started investing in June 2020 with around 100k in savings. Being a twitter user I went for advice there. I rapidly made big gains and my portfolio went to 180k in september. Back then I started taking debt to invest, I could borrow an extra 150k. Between september and february my portfolio was obviously in the green every day, I quit my job, started going to expensive restaurants, invited my girlfriend on ski trip in the best hotels. The sky was literally the limit. Mid february came the first market pullback, something completely new to me... however after some margin calls I was able to get through june 21 with a portfolio worth 400k minus 123k in debt. Over the summer I remained invested in the high flying tech names $ZS $CRWD $FSLY $UPST $SOFI $TSLA $LSPD $SE and so on I guess you know the music too. To keep a long story short and not to bother you too much, my portfolio is now down 86% from its peak and I am hugely indebted... I got margin call after margin call, my mortgage application got rejected and I still have 100k to pay back. I am basically broke as even if I sell all I still have today I cannot even pay my debt back. And I don't even talk you about the $SOFI shares I added on margin before its earnings release... All of this to say I really don't know what to do, I just want to liquidate my whole portfolio and get back to March 2020 where I did not know anything about the stock market and I still had my job. So basically I don't expect a lot from commonstock but would be grateful to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading till the end. #bullsneverdie
Head up man. LEARN from your experiences and you will thank yourself years from now for going through this and being better for it. You came to the right place to learn. Commonstock has an exceptional community and like minded investors with QUALITY conversation. I’d personally avoid Twitter for any investment advice. Without the verified portfolio and trade activity visibility, there’s a lot of a bad actors over there and hardly any accountability. Glad to have you on board here, I’m confident you will really like what you find!
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