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Loss Aversion
Stay positive out there my friends!
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"Loss aversion is the observation that human beings experience losses asymmetrically more severely than equivalent gains" - I believe this is why some investors find it hard to let go of losers.

A common rational is "I will wait to break even", which is not a great reason to hold a stock.
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Strong Q1’22 from $MELI
An impressive Q1 from MercadoLibre imo. High conviction long-term stock for me and very impressed with management.
I added to my $MELI position at $910 and it is now my top holding in the growth portfolio. I wouldn’t be opposed to adding more if it keeps falling.
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S&P500 Q1 Earnings Summary
275 of 500 companies have reported with 80.4% of them beating expectations. Average beat = 6.6% thus far.
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April Portfolio Update
Sells: None

Looking at adding to my $MELI position soon in this pullback.

YTD return: -21.9%
  • What a tough month for the markets. Growth struggled again, but my LT confidence remains in these co's when sentiment reverts.
  • Going to be a busy week with lots of Q1 earnings releases.

*can't link portfolio on CS currently due to not being in US.
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Zoom Out - investing over the long-term
It feels like we are on the LEFT over the past year and I believe the RIGHT will prevail soon and the high quality growth companies will emerge again out of this volatility.
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YTD Sector Performance - Observations
A tough market for most sectors ex Energy. Do you think this will mean revert and when?

I am majority a tech & cons disc investor which has been tough YTD, but I see these sectors having long-term tailwinds and beneficiaries of innovation and globalization. Therefore, not changing my strategy based on short-term performance.
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I am holding all selector funds that are above 200MA and waiting to take position if anything crosses 200MA.
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Mid-April Update - Growth Portfolio:
  • No moves so far in April
  • Tough couple weeks for growth stocks, but my long term outlook remains optimistic
  • Planning to add to $UPST this coming week
  • Still very high confidence in these names over the next 3-5 years

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