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Credit vs. Debit
What’s the argument for using a debit card instead of a credit card? Besides not being able to get qpproved for a CC?

IMO if you got the cash, why not use a no fee CC, pay off right away with cash from debit acct, and get some rewards points or dollars back?
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I'm lazy and already have plenty of money. Plus, my cash account has a fat, low-interest overdraft if needed. Still, I haven't checked the balance in ages. I buy what I want to when I want to. Why would I complicate my life with a credit card to get some meagre rewards or points?
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Added to one of my favourite compounders $BN
Just added a decent size to my $BN position in my long term retirement account. Hard to pass up this pullback here imo.

Added $BN.TO at $42.75 CAD
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X (Twitter) vs Threads
What do you think is the outcome? Seems like Threads is just a fad as engagement has dropped off considerably.

Personally, I thought the platform was terrible and like a Twitter rip-off with much less features/functionality.
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I was never even tempted to move to threads, especially once I saw that you couldn't delete your acct without deleting your insta, and that they didn't like anon accounts. I refuse to update my Twitter app so (for now) I still have the bird, and they're gonna have to pry that app from my cold dead hands (or whenever I get a new phone 😅😅) I use Twitter more than any other app, I never wanted to try the version lol
First mover is always $AAPL
It’s funny to see the outrage at removing something like a headphone jack and now AirPods are such a high volume seller for $AAPL.

This pic is older, but still hilarious 😂
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FIFA - are you watching?
This is a very interesting chart from Chartr. Pretty significant increases in viewership within the US.

Are you watching any of the Women’s World Cup?
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Will watch the later rounds - nice to see a pay bump this year!
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May'23 - Growth Portfolio Update
Buys: $CRWD, $NET, $PYPL
Sells: None

  • Was happy to add some $CRWD just under $117 at start of month
  • Also added a little $NET at $43.5
  • I like the upside in $PYPL so I bought more

Total return (01/13/2022): -18.2%
YTD Return: +37.4%

  • Cash still sitting around 9% of portfolio. Eyeing up more buys on weakness.

Other comments:
  • $MELI and $SHOP are my largest positions currently at around 14-15% each. No plans to trim unless they get around 20%.
  • Mistake: trimming $NVDA at $270 in April, but hindsight is 20/20 and I still have 6% exposure. Would add back low $200's likely.
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Bruce Flatt: Allocating his own capital to $BN
If this isn't a massive signal to the market then I don't know what is.

Bruce Flatt, arguably one of the best capital allocators, is allocating his personal capital from $BAM to $BN. He sold millions of $BAM and purchased $BN with the proceeds.

A large disconnect in the price of $BN for the assets/investments owned.

Remember - insiders buy for ONE reason and sell for many different reasons.
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Celsius had a great Q
Celebrating the $CELH earnings beat with a tropical vibe 🤤

Quite the quarter from Celsius - the Pepsi partnership is a game changer for them!
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Energy drinks are one of the fastest-growing nonalcoholic beverage categories.

The Pepsi partnership was a huge win in terms of scaling distribution!

@beaver_cap I take it that tropical vibe is your favourite flavour?
Apr'23 - Growth Portfolio Update
Buys: $PYPL
Sells: $NVDA

  • I trimmed my $NVDA position due to large run up in price and valuation.
  • Added some $PYPL on weakness at $72

Total Unrealized G/L: -27.5%
YTD Return: +28.1%
  • Sitting on a decent amount of cash. Looking to add on weakness (as usual), but being patient. Cash balance sitting around 9-10%.

Other comments:
  • $MELI continues to be my largest position and deservingly so - execution is exceptional.
  • Excited for this Q1 earnings season - been great thus far imo.
  • Eyeing up some $CRWD and $NET at these levels.
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