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Nov 1: Trading Journal
Trading more with a small size to learn more about price action, level two, and support and resistance levels. Took $FCEL here off social momentum and sold after it couldn't make a higher high.

Learning Lessons
Happy with the gains but looking back I should've had a $SPY chart open at the same time. The big dip at 10:00 followed right along with $SPY so it would have been a good re-entry.

I still have much more to learn about price action. Other than live trading my favorite way to learn is by watching people like RocketCatchinBob and MapleStax trade live. In this video(34 min in) Rocket Catchin Bob, talks about using price levels and Level Two for a good dip entry.

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another baller option move! love seeing the progression in your trading.
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Thought the momentum would continue from yesterday.. I was wrong. broke even from yesterday's trade. I still think $LCID momentum will come back so will keep my eye on it.

Sold my second call option today! Lots of learning lessons. Should have sold when it was up 70% on Tuesday. Was down 8% yesterday and I sold today for an 111% gain!

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