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Pinterest investment pitch by Nikki Dunn
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Today I'm pitching Pinterest. $PINS

Pinterest is a place where mostly women go to find inspiration for things like hairstyles, nail styles, I have neon yellow nails, furniture, different types of decor for the home.

It's something that became very important during COVID. Pinterest makes money off of advertising, as a lot of social media companies do.

Something that's really key about Pinterest is that social commerce is on the rise. China has been the pioneer of social commerce and we've seen it grow exponentially. We're starting to see social commerce be mentioned a lot more: Shopify, Square.

And Shopify actually mentioned in their last earnings call, that they're seeing exponential growth in social commerce.

Pinterest used to be a place where you just go to look at images, but they're shifting from static photo images to video content and they are creating affiliate programs so that they can attract creators and creators can feel like they have a place to monetize— especially merchants specifically, which is really who they're wanting to go for.

Pinterest is starting to connect merchants to their app through Shopify. And they're also tapping into the infomercial trend that is coming back online for shopping. Women shop a lot and Pinterest says started to take advantage of the ability to move from just static images into more of a shopping ecosystem.

They're focusing on how they are an extremely curated place, meaning the things that people pin to their boards or the things that they search or they like— their algorithm is really curating that content and making sure that advertisers can get super targeted.

And that's why advertisers are finding success and Pinterest is proving that with being profitable.

ARPU trends: they continue to be positive overall. Yes, they have their ups and downs, but particularly we're seeing some weakness in ARPU because Pinterest is moving from this static imaging place, and they're giving advertising space to video content and to more of that creator ecosystem.

But Pinterest is definitely free cashflow positive. The COVID pandemic helped them a lot to be able to move from the app they were into this shopping ecosystem. And now they have the runway to do that with, positive, free cashflow.

And COVID actually proved that social commerce is very important for shopping for home goods.

Amazon and Shopify are trying to do this inspirational type of content. Inspiration is what Pinterest is so good at. And you can see other people trying to duplicate it, but I don't see it being super successful. And I think that someone should just acquire Pinterest.
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Way Out Wednesday
14 stock positions increased/added.

Additional investments into my Stash Portfolio (5)

$ATVI - $94.22 consensus price target. Continuing to add more for the $MSFT buyout arbitrage play.

$MMM - $158.88 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Increasing a 'core' position.

$ETSY - $156.42 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will consider flipping for a profit when the market recovers.

$PINS - $31.45 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will flip for a profit when the market recovers.

$ZG - $53.69 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will flip for a profit when the market recovers.

Additional investments into my M1 Finance "Fat Cat Investing" portfolio (9)

The 'Fat Cat Investing' portfolio is down 0.56% today and 5.20% overall since inception - a part of my ongoing "Real Estate Rumble".
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True, but you know, goals 😂
I could just as easily list each stocks 52 week high, but that figure too could be years away, given the current situation it’s all a crapshoot.

Or my profit/loss on that position but I’m not sure how helpful that would be.

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Portfolio changes - update 3
As you well know by now, I'm a huge proponent of transparency. And despite me sharing my portfolio publicly here which gets updated like every 1-2 days, I want to make sure I can tell you what I'm doing as close to real-time as I can. So here we go, shall we?

I put my money where my mouth is, which are my high conviction bets.

There's a few companies I'm still thinking about for various reasons, such as $ETSY $ADSK $TWLO and $PINS. I'll let you know about them when done with my thinking.

Stay strong! Have a great day!
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Tech Investment - Update #2 📉
Another month passed, and I am here to make a quick review of my Tech Investment.
As you are probably aware, I am running an 8-month-long DCA investment on 6 Tech Stocks.

This video is an update after two months, with $9,000 invested right now.

No surprise, my portfolio is RED. 😡

I also take the opportunity to briefly check the Earning Reports on 4 of the 6 stocks.
How do you stay focused on the long term after a pretty rough month? I find it really helpful to get insights into other investor’s psychology
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'The Market' Stock Pitching Game is Friday, May 13th @ 12:00pm EST
"The Market" stock pitching game is a bracket-style elimination tournament for investors.

Six brave contestants will each give a three minute pitch on an investment idea.
Quality discussion ensues—
The audience decides the best pitch of the day!

Here's an example of the kind of discussion that goes down at the game: VIDEO

Sign up to get the Zoom link for the Friday, May 13th game HERE

Here's the awesome lineup!:

Leandro @invesquotes
Adyen $ADYEY

Green Candle @greencandleit
Block $SQ

Bastiaan @picolinie

Nikki Dunn @shetalksfinance
Pinterist $PINS

Yonathan Daniel @y4l.investing
Greenland Resources

Neil Couch Investor @couch_investor
Roku $ROKU

What is the best investment idea of the month? The Market will decide!
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Quick Note about $PINS recent earnings
Pinterest stock jumped as of their most recent earnings report and I think it's for some really great reasons.

First, $PINS Revenue was up 18% Y/Y...

Despite Monthly Active Users being down 9%.

This surge in revenue was due to Pinterest's ability to continually grow the Average Revenue Per User.

Also, $PINS net loss was significantly lower than last year's loss as well as a lower percentage of the revenue generated, a killer combination.

Overall $PINS continues to grow revenue and lower losses consistently in the face of lower users, presumably from the pandemic surge. I continue to have high hopes for the company as a standalone entity and as a solid acquisition target.
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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -3.30%/-13.26%
$QQQ -3.73%/-21.26%
$VTV -3.17%/-4.36%
$VUG -3.46%/-21.92%
$ARKK -10.16%/-50.17%
Portfolio -1.42%/-15.20%

The market closes below early March lows on some bad earnings and concerning economic data.

2022 had the worst start to a year on record for the Nasdaq. April was the worst month for $QQQ since 2008. Four down weeks in a row.
So, don’t feel bad if your portfolio isn’t doing well, it’s been a tough environment to invest in.

Lots of earnings reports this week, a lot to go through & analyze. Usually, when holding quality companies, I expect no big moves on earnings reports because of their predictability. In uncertain economic times however, this can happen, it happened and must be investigated.

When analyzing earnings, it's critical to go straight to the source. Don’t listen to mainstream media coverage. The media’s job is to get attention with dramatic headlines, not to provide you with in-depth analysis. Instead, read the report and listen to the call.

My portfolio did alright this week. Earnings impact has been balanced. Strongly negative reactions to $ALGN, $BA and $AMZN. More positive reactions to $FB, $PINS, $V and $MA. I have 17% in cash, if the market goes down next week, I will probably buy some more quality companies.

Check out my public eToro portfolio to follow all my investments:
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Brief news 28/4/22
$AAPL under regulatory pressures introduced Self Service Repair Store, available in the US and should expand outside US, starting in Europe later this year.

$ABNB reached 2 billion searches in their "I'm flexible" search, which was designed to serve people who are primarily passionate travelers with hybrid/remote work. The "I'm flexible" offering was introduced in May 2021.

$COUR announced earnings, here visualized:

$CRM announced new innovations in Salesforce Flow, a suite of automation technologies, with ability to help customers quickly automate any complex business process on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

$ENPH announced earnings, here visualized:

they also announced an expansion of battery storage in Michigan.

$GOOGL announced earnings, here visualized:

$MSFT announced earnings, here visualized:

$PATH appointed Robert Enslin as a Co-CEO of the company. Robert previously worked as a former executive for $GOOGL Cloud and has about 30 years of enterprise software experience.

$PINS reported earnings, here visualized:

$PYPL reported earnings, here visualized:

$QCOM reported earnings, here visualized:

$SPOT reported earnings, here visualized:

$SQ announced a launch of Square Loans for Canadian Businesses, giving SMBs a simple access to funds and eliminating another major pain point associated with running a business.

$TWLO welcomes 2 new executives, Reeny Sondhi as a First Chief Digital Officer and Amy Holcroft as First Chief Privacy Officer. Both of those roles are new to Twilio. Reeny previously worked as Chief Security Officer at Autodesk. Amy previously worked at HP where she was a privacy leader for 13 years.

Woah, that was a lot of results haha. Looking for $ROKU $TEAM $AMZN and $AAPL today.
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What are your thoughts on $COUR' generally? I think it's really promising to see that their-

  • Total revenue was $120.4 million, up 36% from $88.4 million a year ago.
  • Gross profit was $77.6 million or 64.5% of revenue, up 57% from $49.5 million a year ago. Non-GAAP gross profit was $78.2 million or 64.9% of revenue, up 58% from $49.6 million a year ago.
  • Adjusted EBITDA was $(11.0) million or (9.1)% of revenue, compared to $(10.1) million or (11.5)% of revenue a year ago.
  • Net cash used in operating activities was $(38.3) million, compared to $(4.3) million a year ago. Free cash flow was $(42.2) million, compared to $(8.6) million a year ago.
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Round Trips
There have been a ton of major "round trips" since 2020. These are names that soared higher in 2020 and have come all the way back . Here are a bunch in no particular order:

EDIT: I am calling these the Covid-180's

$FB - Meta Platforms, Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $534.71B

$NFLX - Netflix, Inc. - Entertainment - $92.44B

$SHOP - Shopify Inc. - Software - Application - $61.52B

$SE - Sea Limited - Electronic Gaming & Multimedia - $53.12B

$U - Unity Software Inc. - Software - Application - $24.17B

$SPOT - Spotify Technology S.A. - Internet Content & Information - $23.55B

$RBLX - Roblox Corporation - Electronic Gaming & Multimedia - $19.97B

$CHWY - Chewy, Inc. - Internet Retail - $15.12B

$ROKU - Roku, Inc. - Entertainment - $14.01B

$PINS - Pinterest, Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $13.67B

$CVNA - Carvana Co. - Internet Retail - $13.47B

$PTON - Peloton Interactive, Inc. - Leisure - $6.73B

$MRTX - Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. - Biotechnology - $4.01B

$INMD - InMode Ltd. - Medical Devices - $2.55B

$FVRR - Fiverr International Ltd. - Internet Retail - $2.10B

$CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $1.47B

$NEO - NeoGenomics, Inc. - Diagnostics & Research - $1.41B

$NVTA - Invitae Corporation - Diagnostics & Research - $1.29B

$TREE - LendingTree, Inc. - Mortgage Finance - $1.28B

$SNBR - Sleep Number Corporation - Furnishings, Fixtures & Appliances - $1.11B

$TTCF - Tattooed Chef, Inc. - Packaged Foods - $737.26M
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