Looking forward to this weeks earnings, hoping SaaS and my longs will make a comeback
Looking forward to:
  • $CHKP(just curious)
  • $AMD (curious to learn more)
  • $SBUX (Have a coffee there nearly everyday, never bought the stock, good candidate)
  • $RACE getting into autos, so learning more about Ferrari and $POAHY
  • $MRNA - bullish and I own it
  • $HOOD - cheap high margin business, need to see if financials improve
  • $MELI - Long
  • $FTNT - Incredible capital allocators, I learn a lot from them
  • $DDOG - Own it and long
  • $TWLO - Own it and long
  • $NET - Own it and long

I learn a lot from looking at companies I don't own, so I like to observe and learn a lot!

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I think $RACE will have a nice quarter. Their new CEO was interviewed by WSJ this weekend and he seemed pretty confident. They asked about inflation having an impact and he basically said they can just price it into the car. Makes sense since if someone is willing to pay $350,000 for a Ferrari they would probably pay $375,000 now.

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$ABNB, $SOFI, and $PYPL for me tomorrow afternoon.

Also curious what $AMD will look like compared to $INTC.
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How are you feeling about the Robinhood layoffs? (9% in April, and now another 23% of its staff).
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@nathanworden great for shareholders, remove unnecessary expenses.

I would say they have a great platform, they can take a step back and invest again later.
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@growthinvesting I can appreciate the optimism :)
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Busy week for me, have $SBUX $MTCH $PYPL $SQ all reporting.