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🏦Takeaways from Jackson Hole symposium
💳Credit card delinquency rates up slightly
🎮A sharp slowdown in gaming revenue at $NVDA

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Looking forward to this weeks earnings, hoping SaaS and my longs will make a comeback
Looking forward to:
  • $CHKP(just curious)
  • $AMD (curious to learn more)
  • $SBUX (Have a coffee there nearly everyday, never bought the stock, good candidate)
  • $RACE getting into autos, so learning more about Ferrari and $POAHY
  • $MRNA - bullish and I own it
  • $HOOD - cheap high margin business, need to see if financials improve
  • $MELI - Long
  • $FTNT - Incredible capital allocators, I learn a lot from them
  • $DDOG - Own it and long
  • $TWLO - Own it and long
  • $NET - Own it and long

I learn a lot from looking at companies I don't own, so I like to observe and learn a lot!
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Looking for an undervalued stock? Use our valuation screener to spot outliers with low PE ratios. Current depressed stocks include $EBAY $NRG $PARA $NUE $MRNA $PHM $F and $DHI.

NRG Energy $NRG is a clear outlier, trading at a PE ratio of 2.2x and a market cap to revenue ratio of 0.3x.

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$NUE and other commodities-linked stocks are stocks to be wary of when buying them on cheap valuation. Usually commodities players are at their peak when they're at their cheapest.
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