Great time to buy consumer internet businesses
Initiated positions in $DASH $ABNB $SPOT and thinking about $HOOD $DUOL $COUR

Will keep piling for next 3 years.
Question for you, and I know its a bit redundant given you are a LT investor.

I'd say that some of these companies could be considered highly discretionary. In a recession, people eat out less (DASH), travel less (ABNB), have less disposable income for investing (HOOD), learning (DUOL) and they cut monthly expenses like SPOT, although I must say that Spotify is likely very low down on that list of expenses someone would cut first.

Do you feel the bad juju is priced in to these names?
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Securities Lending
Robinhood $HOOD recently announced they are enabling stock lending on the app. Was curious if anyone has thoughts on this in regards to the business or in regards to retail traders getting into stock lending.
Do you plan on lending any of your stocks?
57%Yes and good for $HOOD’s biz
7%Yes but bad for $HOOD’s biz
35%No but good for $HOOD’s biz
0%No and bad for $HOOD’s biz
14 VotesPoll ended on: 08/24/22
Brokerages have been doing this forever, I think most people were just not aware and because Robinhood gets so much press, it is now being looked at under the microscope.
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Fantasy M&A: What merger or acquisition would you execute if you could?
Given that M&A has seemed to dominate most of the private market activity in 2022, I thought I'd posit this question to the broader Commonstock Universe:

If you could orchestrate a merger between two companies, or the acquisition of one company from another, assuming there are no legal, regulatory, or anti-trust constraints - who would you choose and why?

Personally, I'd like to see $HOOD be acquired by another broker or integrated financial services firm, perhaps someone like $PYPL or $SQ. While the retail trading frenzy has simmered from Q1 '21, I see Robinhood's UI/UX as superior to other trading platforms and a complementary offering found in competing fintechs like $SOFI & $MS (Morgan Stanley/Ameritrade overlap). On the other hand, I can see brokers today acquihiring Robinhood's engineers, or even using Robinhood as a go-to market vector for younger demographics, should they purchase the company. I have no stake in Robinhood today, nor am I a user anymore. However, I, and so many people I know, have begun their investing journey on Robinhood thanks to their ease of onboarding and use.

What do you think? $MNA $ARB
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Looking forward to this weeks earnings, hoping SaaS and my longs will make a comeback
Looking forward to:
  • $CHKP(just curious)
  • $AMD (curious to learn more)
  • $SBUX (Have a coffee there nearly everyday, never bought the stock, good candidate)
  • $RACE getting into autos, so learning more about Ferrari and $POAHY
  • $MRNA - bullish and I own it
  • $HOOD - cheap high margin business, need to see if financials improve
  • $MELI - Long
  • $FTNT - Incredible capital allocators, I learn a lot from them
  • $DDOG - Own it and long
  • $TWLO - Own it and long
  • $NET - Own it and long

I learn a lot from looking at companies I don't own, so I like to observe and learn a lot!
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