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Joe McLaughlin
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I work on the iOS app @ Yahoo Finance Bullish, believes in humans, over-indexed on tech. Loves mountain biking, sports, and my dog Dutch.
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can y’all keep a secret? 🙊
there’s a new version of the Commonstock app available on the App Store!

we’re working hard behind the scenes to make this platform as powerful and carefully crafted + easy to use as possible, and this is a big step toward those goals on iOS! please try out the app and let us know what you think or if you run into any issues.

stocks are on sale?!
anyone else buying the dip today? i lowered my average cost on $RIVN while increasing my holdings ~67% (with more on hand if they continue to drop), as i believe long term they’re still positioned well in the EV market.
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What kind of cash flow do you think they can generate 3, 5, 7, and 10 years from now? What sort of ROIC to you think they can achieve?
saw this graphic about the valuations of airline credit card programs vs their overall market cap. fascinating.

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The backlash to the ESG backlash is here | Semafor | Semafor
In today’s edition, we look at the backlash against the ESG investing backlash in Republican-led states.

I’ve seen similar views expressing the power of airline credit cards and it is bonkers that it is not more to light when people discuss airline plays. Do you have a link for that source?
Exited my Twitter position with a modest gain. The Musk saga will continue, but I’m off the roller coaster.

Can we all admit that without YouTubers pointing out the “defects” in Tesla’s manufacturing, most of the issues would go unnoticed. None of us ever checked panel gaps or paint depth on our Fords, Hondas, or Toyotas.

Disclaimer: I own shares of $TSLA & $F

Agree— and at the same time it represents a march forward in consumer demands / standards. A lot of what makes a product desirable is the social consensus around taste. The presence of YouTubers being taste makers can have a real effect on what is considered quality and what is sub-standard.

But yeah, point taken. Most consumers wouldn't have noticed or cared about panel gaps or paint depth without others telling them to care about it.
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