Other EV makers dealing with huge demand, but what about Tesla?
While other automakers struggle to ramp up production, $TSLA CEO Elon Musk says that his factories are "gigantic money furnaces".

It's unusual for an automaker to say this as demand for electric vehicles is surging. Tesla has built more factories and yet it seems like it has more production capacity than demand.

While $RIVN $LCID $F $GM and other automakers producing electric vehicles seem to need to build more factories to meet the demand, $TSLA is seeing that it needs to scale back operations.

The competition looks to be beating Tesla.

Was just a matter of time that Tesla would face serious competition
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Simply put…no! Things happened with Tesla over a LONG time, with a different competitive scenario than it is today. Fighting for supply now is totally different than even pre-covid, let alone when nobody needed certain niche minerals and metals…achieving these margins and demand traction (two pronged winning strategy) will take a miracle or few…
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$RIVN, rising rates, and cash burn
Out of all the EV startups, I find $RIVN to be the best positioned for a world of rising interest rates. Barron's did an analysis of the cash burn situation of various EV startups and saw that $RIVN, with its current cash burn rate, is the best capitalized out of the rest. Thus, there's a lesser need for Rivian to raise capital (especially through an equity offering).

With tons of cash for more than 2 years of cash burn (at the current rate), Rivian can ride out the wave of rising rates and see smooth sailing once it sorts out its production ramp-up issues.
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I’m bullish on $RIVN and another important note is it’s the only one on that list actually PRODUCING vehicles. In LA, I see multiple Rivians daily… maybe ever seen 3 Lucids and none of the others on the list.
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Can anyone explain why $AMZN invested in a chicken farmer?
According to SeekingAlpha, $AMZN invested in $VITL, a pasteur-focused chicken farmer.

While Amazon also invested in $AUR (self driving), $ATSG (air transportation), and $RIVN (electric vehicles) around the same time, those deals make sense. During 2020, Amazon bought out self-driving startup Zoox.

Electric cars, air transportation, and self-driving all help improve Amazon's logistics. But a chicken farmer? I'm not exactly sure how a chicken farmer will support Amazon's business meaningfully. Could it be a way for Amazon to secure more supply of Vital Farms products for their Whole Foods stores at a lower price? I'm not quite sure.

I am speculating but I would suspect you are on the right track with the Whole Foods thought process. Chicken prices have been rising consistently and supply has been constrained. It might just be a good way to ensure quality and consistency via a direct supplier.

Then again.. they have more money than god so sometimes these companies just buy things. Look at $GOOG and their venture sector. They will buy all kinds of businesses, hold onto some, others sell back off.
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Philippe Laffont Bets Big on Electric Vehicles
The veteran fund manager owns $TSLA $RIVN and $LCID. Combined, the three companies make up 23.92% of Laffont's 13F portfolio.

Tesla is Coatue's largest position with a 12.04% allocation, while Rivian comes in second with a 11.33% allocation. Out of 58 total positions, Lucid comes in 30th. Laffont purchased all 2.96 million shares of Lucid during Q1.

Quick Stats:

13F AUM: $13.67 billion
Top Ten Holdings Concentration: 63.56%
Avg. Holding Period: 7.38 quarters
Avg. Holding Period for a Top 10 Position: 2 quarters
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Need a new EV stock, $RIVN in mind.
$MULN has fallen. I think I got out at a pretty good time, didn't take as much of a loss as I expected after I found out about the companies true colors.
I still own $CYN, but they are working on the software behind EV, as well as focusing on industrial uses.
I am very interested in consumer driven electric vehicles. Something I have noticed is that every person I meet that owns a Tesla simply loves it.
But, lets be real, how many EV startups will actually end up making it in the long-run? $TSLA is a dominator at the moment, and many other auto manufacturers are starting to make their own electric vehicles, and making big promises on their future production of EVs.
$RIVN is a ticker that caught my eye back when they announced their IPO, seeing that the stock has tumbled since then doesn't look so good.
In the process of doing my own analysis, but a lil busy at work, so decided to post a little bit of my thoughts.
I own $GGPI (SPAC for Polestar, should be approved sometime this quarter). Polestar is backed by Volvo and Geely. Sold 29,000 cars in 2021 and is projecting 65,000 in 2022.
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