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Currently a Narrative Investor after many other strategies simply didn't work 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Betting on Oil and Natural gas futures. What is the play?
After following the Russia-Ukraine situation it feels like there is a larger effect happening on energy supplies.

I am not smart enough to figure out the trade here. Buy oil futures, buy other energy supply companies?

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Peloton Fire + 2 Big lessons
Unfortunately, my first post back for a while isn't a happy one.

Peloton has been falling faster than a drunk on a mountain bike. Several headwinds have crippled the company and the day of reckoning has finally come.

John Foley is stepping down and cutting the workforce as rumored sale talks are heating up. All these actions are likely leading to a buyout within the next few weeks.

Two big lessons here:
  1. Knowing when to buy is a skill. Too bad that doesn't matter unless you also know when to sell. I sold half my PTON position around $100, after buying at $55, but still, hold the other half of the position.
  2. It's okay to be wrong. It's not okay If you don't learn anything from it.

Peloton won't go away, but it may be swallow by someone else.
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Dorsey stepping down as Twitter CEO
I love investing in companies that act like startups. For the last few months, Twitter has been doing some rapid experimentation and continuing innovation through its product.

When companies have founder CEOs, they typical take higher risks because founders, as we know, have a pretty high risk tolerance.

With Jack stepping down, this leaves me in a tough dilemma. I hold both $SQ and $TWTR. I will continue holding $SQ. For $TWTR, I will watch the company closely for the coming month. If they slow down their innovation, I will probably start to sell, but hopefully they don’t. I love Twitter.
I kind of see this as a plus for Twitter. Dividing his time between square and Twitter hurt Twitter. I think a new CEO will be able to take Twitter to the next level.
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I just got this text. (For the record I used to be big on bitcoin, mostly in $ETH.X and $SOL.X now.)

I am thinking of recommending 1/3 in each currency.

33% in $ETH.X
33% in $SOL.X
33% in $BTC.X

Anyone think there is a better play? Would love to hear thoughts.
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BREAKING: $PYPL to explore buying $PINS
Are we going to start seeing payment companies and social media merge?

Very interesting news, @rihardjarc.

Shares up sharply following the news.