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Ethereum update
$ETH.X is getting a major update this coming summer that will reduce issuance by 75-90%.

Due to this upcoming reduced issuance, I'm debating transferring some of my $SOL.X over to ETH.

This update will likely lead to an opportunity for long-term investors to earn 8-12% yield via ETH's proof-of-stake mechanism. Given the potential for steady yields, institutions may become more long-term holders.

Risks here include (but aren't limited to): technological implementation and competition ($AVAX.X ecosystem is heating up, $SOL.X is becoming more widely adopted via OpenSea, and $DOT.X is the most widely held crypto asset by hedge funds as of Q4 21).

What are you all looking at within the crypto space?

Source: Bitwise Notes from CIO April 5th
fyi... from my miner networks.. they found a major exploit in the proof of stake... we now think proof of stake will be early to mid 2023... mine on!
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Will Ethereum 2.0 will dominate Solana?
$ETH.X is undergoing a major upgrade. The network will transition from proof of work to proof of stake in order to be more eco-friendly and to make the network more secure. At the same time, the network is doing its best to become scalable.

By some estimates, Ethereum 2.0 will be able to process 100,000 transactions per second, which is much higher than the $SOL.X network, which is 65,000 transactions.

Ethereum 2.0 is going to derail many projects. $MATIC.X, which relies on the fact that it can provide $0 gas fees for NFT transactions for popularity, could see the utility for its network diminish as people resort back to doing NFT transactions with Ethereum.
Do you think that Ethereum 2.0 will dominate Solana?
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I'm giddy for the ETH 2.0 upgrade— but with software upgrades like this, my hunch is that it will continue to get pushed back and not actually end up happening until 2023.

Most people expect the merge to happen in 2022, so I expect 'the market' to be displeased. I haven't added ETH yet this year, but am laying in wait for this scenario to play out.

If I'm wrong, and the merge goes through by August, well, I'm a happy camper too since ETH is already a pretty large holding for me.
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Polkadot: the first Layer-0 solution
In essence, Polkadot $DOT.X is a crypto project that wants to connect different blockchains together.

Unlike many of the other crypto projects, where they essentially provide a platform for transactions and dApps, Polkadot is working to help connect the $BTC.X $ETH.X $XTZ.X $ADA.X $SOL.X $ATOM.X etc. together. This will help make building and using blockchains easier for everyone.

I see Polkadot as the innovation that will help commercialize the entire Web 3.0/Blockchain ecosystem.
My Portfolio: 03/07/22
Also have about a 6% position in $ETH.X, but I have it staked, so I don't believe it shows up here. Between it, $BTC.X, and $SOL.X, I often think about lowering this 20% allocation of my portfolio and adding to my 25 favorite stocks at the moment.

I listed those 25 stocks here:

I still believe in these three cryptos but would feel more comfortable owning these stocks that I understand much better -- and at a discounted price.

What do you all think?
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Bold crypto allocation, but I don't really know enough about the space have an opinion!

In your list of 25, I like $ETSY $GOOGL but there are some great businesses in there. A lot of which have been trampled this year and last.
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FTX enters crypto gaming
FTX is launching a crypto-as-a-service offering for gaming companies that want to offer support for NFTs. A few interesting tidbits from this story:

  1. Attention $U shareholders - Unity was the primary game engine that FTX will focus on.
  2. FTX will integrate tightly with the $SOL.X blockchain.

Recent stories highlight that video game studios are scrapping plans to use crypto-related technologies in games, after users backlash. However, I agree with FTX's thesis that most likely than not, crypto will revolutionize gaming, and users will eventually adapt to (and profit from?) this trend.
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Bought $SOL.X

Position Size: 163.57 coins at $123.50 a pop ~ $20,200.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance ~ Alan Watts

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$SOL, $LUNA, and $AVAX have been sold off too aggressively lately. Expecting them to lead on the next bounce as people become risk-on again.

Afterwards, expect the usual rotation into smaller caps like $FTM, $NEAR, $ONE, $MATIC.

Intuitively, I expect big funds are bidding SoLunAvax here because they are high growth assets that are also relatively low risk.

Retail and high net worth individuals more likely to bid alt L1s because they need to capture greater upside and volatility isn’t a concern.
Solana’s Network is CRAZY
I did some digging into $SOL.X after encountering it in forums about $ETH.X and $BTC.X , but I didn’t know what to expect. Here’s what I found

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Thanks for sharing your write up about $SOL.X! Some of it was too technical for my level but I’m trying to learn more. How would you recommend allocating to Solana for someone building out a basket of cryptos? Would you recommend they buy $BTC.X or $ETH.X first? All these in equal weights?
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