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BridgeWater's Big Short Bets
"Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates is wagering nearly $6 billion that European stocks will fall. That makes the world's largest hedge fund the world's largest short seller of Euro equities. All in all, Bridgewater has 18 active short bets against European companies, including a $1 billion position against semiconductor company ASML Holding and a $752 million bet against oil and energy company TotalEnergies SE"

What is the thesis here?
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$PYPL: "We’re still investing in our business where a lot of our major competitors right now are retrenching"
post media
And this —> “I mean, Checkout is the PayPal as search is to Google and we have taken share for the last six years in e-commerce. We either held or took share depending on how you define e-commerce growth in the first quarter, again, as well”
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Interesting comparison on some Communication Services stocks:
Current NTM P/E vs March 23, 2020 COVID low

Alphabet Class A $GOOGL, 18.6, current vs. -0.5x
Alphabet Class B $GOOG, 18.7, -0.4x
Meta Platforms $FB, 15.2, -0.4x
Disney $DIS, 21.3, 4.9x
Verizon $VZ, 9.4, -0.7x
Comcast $CMCSA, 11.6, 0.9x
AT&T $T, 8.3, 1x
Netflix $NFLX, 17.2, -37.8x