Wild week in the market. Some of these earnings reactions are probably more about multiple contraction than poor reports/guidance. I wrote about my thoughts on various earnings reports as well as corresponding portfolio moves $ABNB, $PAYC, $DDOG, $ZI

Other quick thoughts on earnings:

$CFLT - good but not looking to add aggressively
$HUBS - great, will probably add more
$TWLO - good, may add more
$SHOP - not great, but also not looking to sell

Have a great weekend!

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Brief news 3/5/22
$AAPL partnered with $ROKU and launched Apple Music app on Roku.

$AMZN plans to create about 2500 corporate and tech jobs in California with expansions in Santa Monica, Irvine and San Diego.

$ENPH expanded their solar energy deployments in the Netherlands.

$FVRR introduced AI generated voice auditions for voiceover artists so they don't have to read a single sentence from a script now.

$KIND launched new neighbor features to increase transparency and encourage constructive conversations; fight toxicity using an AI and Machine Learning.

$SPOT partnered with $RBLX to launch a Spotify Island - a virtual paradise where fans and artists can hang out and explore sounds, quests and exclusive merch/content. Players can also enjoy an immersive audio experience by creating music and exploring sounds at the virtual beat-maker stations powered by Soundtrap. Try it out if you want: https://www.roblox.com/games/8209480473/Spotify-Island

$ZI acquired Comparably and renamed their RecruitingOS to the TalentOS. Their offering now looks like this:

ZoomInfo also released earnings yesterday, here visualized:

$ZS appointed Brendan Castle as a Chief People Officer. Brendan brings about 30 years of experience to the company and previously led $GOOGL's 3000-person global recruiting organization covering all hiring from new graduates to industry and executive for all products, services, sales, and engineering.
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Staying the course.
No moves with my stock positions. Really like what I own after evaluating each after ER and adjusting accordingly. Been adding more crypto as it looks like we are in accumulation phase
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My $ZI trades
Reverse trade to makeup for the small loss when market switches direction.
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Some nice meltdown towards the close on $QQQ, closing in the bear market territory. I'm looking for some new entries next week - $OKTA $MDB $AMZN $ZI and $ROKU, but we'll see if we form/retest some bases there or not.

Still yet to add to some of my existing positions, although most of them are fully built as I desired. I'm overall pretty happy with what I have here. I do believe I'm set up well for good returns over the long run.

Have a great weekend everybody!
Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 14th - 18th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Three of my holdings report next week.

  • $ABNB - The stock has held up pretty well during the market sell-off. The valuation is still high, but with re-openings the company could see a big boost this year.
  • $TTD - They've said Apple IDFA is a non-issue, so their growth should be great. A key indicator of ad spend.
  • $ROKU - The stock is down almost 64% from ATH, but the fundamentals keep improving. I expect great results from the company, with ARPU growing and margins expanding.

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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ZoomInfo $ZI Partners with Google $GOOGL
Through this partnership, customers can expect to see ZoomInfo and Google Cloud converging through product innovations and integrations, beginning with seamless access to ZoomInfo data and intelligence directly within Google BigQuery, which will provide organizations with unparalleled access to ZoomInfo’s modern data capabilities.

“By combining ZoomInfo’s actionable data and insights with Google Cloud, we’re delivering the performance and scale to fit our customers’ go-to-market data needs,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “This frictionless integration accelerates our customers’ time-to-revenue and allows them to get more mileage out of their data in Google Cloud. Revenue operations doesn’t get more modern than this.”

“When companies unlock their data advantage it means they have the ability to uncover new insights, build new business models and improve experiences for both employees and customers,” said Sudhir Hasbe, Senior Director of Product Management, Google Cloud. “Our announcement with ZoomInfo today is a perfect example of how we can continue to empower companies to unlock their data advantage by getting even more out of their BigQuery investments to further drive value from their data.”

For example, customer and prospect data comes from a variety of sources, is siloed in various systems, and is often incorrect, incomplete, or outdated. Organizations need modern data capabilities to keep up with ever-changing data needs and maintain a unified picture of their customer.
By importing ZoomInfo data directly into Google Cloud, data and operations teams will be able to use data in their workflows quickly and easily, saving their sales and marketing teams time, money, and resources.

Good news for ZoomInfo... I have a postion.


Thanks for sharing this news Parrot! I hadn't heard of $ZI prior to this. For anyone in a similar position to me I would recommend the following deep dive - https://youtu.be/qD6A7oKtbuc

A partnership is definitely an interesting relationship for the two to take. I am curious to see how this was structured in terms of an IP perspective.
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Bullish on CRM + Adjacent Marketing, Sales, Go-To-Market Companies
$HUBS Y/Y revenue growth over the last 5 quarters:


Serious acceleration at a much larger scale, amazing what going from an app to becoming a true platform can do

I really am bullish on this broad space for 2022 and beyond and taking a basket approach with $HUBS $SEMR $ZI $CXM !
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