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Nvidia Keeps Dropping
  • Fears of history repeating itself for Nvidia and its gaming segment might be one of the reasons the stock is down.
  • Last quarter, Nvidia said that it expects to take a $500 million hit in Q2 because of Chinese lockdowns and the termination of selling to Russia, which represented 2% of the company's revenue.
  • TSMC will hike the prices of certain chips by 6% in 2023.
  • A hacker group has claimed to have more than 450GB of data from AMD.
i haven't been following $NVDA closely these days but it's been the consensus AI/ML/Gaming/AutonomousVehicle play for years nows. any weakness in the shares would seem to be an opportunity to average in. what would concern me:
  • the CEO retires
  • $AMD or $INTC do a technology roadmap leapfrog
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$QCOM had an amazing few years as the smartphone market exploded and then they got their ass handed to them (legally speaking).

ip businesses are pure cash flow but it's easy to get greedy and/or rest on your laurels and just cash the checks versus investing in R&D. $QCOM did the former and was capturing so much of the smartphone bill of materials that eventually their customers went nuclear.

i imagine the company's culture has changed a lot during these bad years and they've had to rebuild their credibility with investors at the same time. does make sense as a dividend growth play.
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Shopify x Pinterest
I for one think this makes sense (still a rumor).

Pinterest has also been making some moves lately.

post media
Challenging enough, I think, to run a social media company--$PINS especially, as we've seen. As a shareholder of both I would prefer $SHOP keep focused on what it does best because there's still a lot they haven't figured out about running Shopify yet and the market opportunity in front of them is plenty big.
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Dividend Stocks
"free money" question
Do you own dividend-paying stocks?
82%Yes (comment the ones)
3%See Results
28 VotesPoll ended on: 06/29/22
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AMD: Buy The Weakness?
AMD is a no-brainer stock to own for the long term.
  • The recent Analyst Day blew everyone's mind.
  • One analyst resumed coverage with an overweight rating and a $103 price target.
  • The semiconductor industry is expected to grow into a $1 trillion market by 2030, up from just over $600 billion in 2022.
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Why Meta Stock Crashed Again & 1 Reason To Buy
  • The company will hold off revenue sharing on Facebook and Instagram until 2024 to attract more creators to the platform. Bank of America analyst Justin Post says that this will affect 2023 revenue by less than 1%.
  • Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta Pay (previously Facebook Pay), which will also be used as a digital wallet for the metaverse .
  • The company launched Crayta on Facebook Gaming. This is a game development platform very similar to Roblox.
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Commonstock is the place to be
I 100% agree with Leandro here. I spend most of my time on CS now rather than toxic low-value Twitter.

This place keeps adding new features and the quality on my feed keeps improving.

Same here— its like choosing to hangout with a crew of welcoming people vs. a big crowd that just so happens to have random people jump out and yell at you every once in a while 😄😵‍💫
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Crypto Fatigue
Mizuho analyst Dan Dolev wonders if recent trading patterns point to "potential crypto fatigue." $COIN volumes appear to surge during sell-offs, but "fail to impress during the brief rallies," Dolev tells investors in a research note.

The analyst says that analyzing Coinbase volume trends in May and June highlights a potential decline in appetite for crypto trading versus the last two years, as volumes on days when bitcoin declined "dramatically exceeded" volumes on days when bitcoin increased.

He keeps a Neutral rating on Coinbase shares with a $45 price target.
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Meta's Creator Economy
After $META announced a number of new monetization features and extended the company's prior pledge to not charge commission from Creators on Facebook and Instagram platform by another year until 2024, BofA analyst Justin Post estimated that the delay in commission collection has less than 1% impact on Meta's 2023 revenues.

Post, who wouldn't expect the announcement to apply to advertising revenues related to Reels or other video products, maintains a Buy rating and $233 price target on Meta Platforms shares.
Anyone who sold Meta because they delay the comission until 2024 has no clue of Facebooks Business and long term business decisions 😅
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Cloud storage
If yours isn't in the list, write it in the comment section.
Which cloud storage option do you use?
30 VotesPoll ended on: 06/23/22
I feel like Google's is the most intuitive simply because its connected to your gmail account and is simply all in one. Used to use OneDrive prior to Google Drive though
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