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Yes yes yes!!! Bob is back
It’s official the board agrees with me. Bob is the guy!!

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Nice to see DK as the cover athlete

Would be another feather in the cap for $DIS if they get it. Could roll it through ESPN+ to incentivize their 3 headed monster of Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+
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Is the Mouse Dead?
When Does Disney stop bleeding??? Love to hear peoples thoughts on Disney. Not a lot of love happening with them right now and probably won’t be until next earnings and we see subscription numbers $DIS
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Limit Orders In
Time to set some limit orders…

As y’all know, the 9-5 is keeping me busy, so I’ve put in a few limit buys in case we get another dip.

I’ve got about half my cash lined up on limit orders. Here’s what I have pending:

$DIS $90
$TTD $45
$UPST $31
$ARKK leap at $9.75

Might adjust depending on the market, but leaving them open for now.

Time will tell if any of them fill.

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Getting the urge to buy again
I haven't been buying much lately. The 9-5 has been keeping me busy during trading hours since last week, but I'm getting the urge to buy again.

I've only got about 6% cash, so there's only so much I can do, but there is a bargain under every ticker it seems.

I'm trying to decide if I want to start adding back some large caps like $DIS and $AAPL, or if I want to add more to names already in my portfolio like $TTD $ATY and many others.

How are you guy's on CommonStock feeling? Is it fearful enough for you yet, or still too early?

Love to hear how y'all are feeling 👇

I never really stopped buying, but I gotta say my sense of urgency has eroded lol
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Interesting comparison on some Communication Services stocks:
Current NTM P/E vs March 23, 2020 COVID low

Alphabet Class A $GOOGL, 18.6, current vs. -0.5x
Alphabet Class B $GOOG, 18.7, -0.4x
Meta Platforms $FB, 15.2, -0.4x
Disney $DIS, 21.3, 4.9x
Verizon $VZ, 9.4, -0.7x
Comcast $CMCSA, 11.6, 0.9x
AT&T $T, 8.3, 1x
Netflix $NFLX, 17.2, -37.8x
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