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New position: $PROSY/$PROSF
Today I started a new position in Prosus, a proxy for $TCEHY. This might not end up as a buy and hold forever play, but currently the Risk/Reward just looks too good in my opinion. 3% position, read more in my new Seeking Alpha Article

My asset allocation needs a makeup
This might come as a surprise to many of you, but stocks are a small part of my net worth at the moment. I'm still learning and slowly allocating more money towards it.
I am not happy with my current allocation, especially the Virtual items part should shrink a lot.

I am deploying a lot of cash right now and I'm looking to get my stocks+ETFs up to 25-30% of my NW in this year. I was thinking about adding some Real Estate exposure via REITs in a seperate portfolio. Thoughts? I don't really have much knowledge in that area, but putting a few percent into that category sounds like a good idea to me.
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Shoutout to the underappreciated heroes of Commonstock
Every day we see a lot of great posts here on Commonstock, but something that goes underappreciated in my opinions are the people actively engaging under posts, asking great questions and adding valuable insight.

Some people that come to mind and who I'm always happy to see under my own and other posts are @tomato and @joeyhirendernath

Who am I missing? Tag some people and show some love :)
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Having a really rough time today, sometimes things just get to you and that is okay. Took a long walk into the forest to get perspective back.
Happens to everyone. Stay strong and hang in there. Sometimes its best to take a step back and clear your head of all things market (like your walk). Then come back with a fresh set of eyes. The news cycle is very negative, especially now, so take it with a grain of salt. You got this!
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I exited my $XIACF position
Documenting my $XIACF sale. It is one of my older investments and I was sloppy with the invest case and following it. Lesson learned: Actually watch your KPIs
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Hey, exiting any Chinese company down <just> 35% these days may well be a stroke of brilliance! Jokes aside, mistakes happen and it sounds like you understand what went wrong. Try not to be too hard on yourself, @stonkmetal. Hopefully it's also a learning opportunity or at least a reminder for others who come across this.
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