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Stocks on sale
So in my initial post I mentioned that my current process is dca on payday (well, I at least deposit on payday lol). It had been a busy week, so I didn't get to buy much until today, which turned out to be a good thing with how crappy the week has been in the market!

I suppose an argument can be made for making larger bets in fewer companies, but considering that I'm holding bags in a lot of my positions, I like to spread the wealth lol.

I have not seen any posts here on $SAIA, so I'm looking forward to sharing my thesis there, and I'm excited to add them to my buy list! They have similar historic returns as $ODFL, without the dividend or the size, but I like what I've read so far and will try to share in a separate post.

Comment below if you have questions or opinions (especially bearish ones) on any of these, I love hearing the other side of the argument and who knows, you may be right and may save me some money 🤣

I like $DOCN because they're giving startups affordable cloud computing services. Hearing many startups complain about the high AWS bills adds more conviction to DigitalOcean.
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6 New Starter Positions
As always, I will continue to pick up tiny starter positions in companies that fascinate me. This strategy helps me keep track of them and entices me to add to them over time -- especially if they continually outperform.

Here is the list and a concise reason why I bought each:
  • $THO - Way more stable than I ever would have expected -- strong in troubling times and consistently profitable with improving trends in its favor from younger generations.
  • $CACC - Unbelievable compounding over time in the "high-risk" auto lending space. Often seen as predatory, but usually, the only option left for many. Not sure what to think of this grey area -- what are your thoughts?
  • $POOL - Generates most of its revenue from recurring sales, maintenance, etc., versus needing new pool construction nonstop. -- 1% div and 18% payout ratio.
  • $ODFL - Most profitable less-than-truckload operator out there will only grow in importance with time -- 0.4% div and 9% payout ratio.
  • $CGNX - Dominant in the machine vision space and has many attractive, rapidly growing verticals to lean on -- 0.6% div and 16% payout ratio.
  • $NNI - Price to tangible book value of 1, and a weird business. Collecting repayments on student loans and would benefit from a government-induced student loan bailout -- 1.2% div and 8% payout ratio.
2 Dividend Stocks Set to Double in 5 Years
I took a look at two of my favorite dividend-growth stocks, $ODFL and $TPL.

Despite dividend yields of only 0.4% and 0.7%, Old Dominion Freight Line and Texas Pacific Land Corp offer massive dividend growth potential and unique operational strengths.

ODFL is the most profitable (20% profit margins) less-than-truckload specialist and continues to gain significant market share while posting impressive dividend growth.

TPL is an oddball company formed from the bankruptcy of the Texas and Pacific Railway. Now viewed as an oil and gas play thanks to the royalties it receives from allowing producers to use its land -- the company is quickly diversifying into new revenue streams, including $BTC.X mining and carbon capture and sequestration of CO2.
Will these two double in the next five years?
40%Yes, both.
20%Just Texas Pacific.
20%Only Old Dominion.
5 VotesPoll ended on: 06/11/22
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Anyone want to tell me why I shouldn’t own Heartland Express $HTLD ?
Even before I read Deep dive by Vanck

I knew of $HTLD but liked $KNX more (and $ODFL even more more).

The only problem $KNX never went into my Margin of Safety price so when I bough it and it never went down I just sold for a small profit (I never got a chance to built up large position) and $ODFL never even looked back and just kept going higher.

Now $HTLD is drifting lower and I'm considering starting position once I sell out of $OPBK

Here are quick reasons why I think I shouldn't invest:

  • shortage of drivers
  • high fuel prices?
  • no major moat?
  • cyclical? No growth?
  • it’s no $ODFL
  • self driving trucks?

And here are some quick reasons why I think I should invest:

  • no debt ever
  • Smart business oriented operators
  • insiders own about 40% and buying stock on open market
  • metrics in low teens with 80% gross margin
  • repurchasing shares
  • driver oriented
it’s a lager to others, so maybe reversion to the mean?

Here are some screenshots of comp
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