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$AXON Added to the S&P 500: Who's Next?
Early last week, once it was clear that $FRC was heading out of the S&P 500, I started thinking out loud about who may be the next addition.

I (selfishly) settled on four I liked: $AXON, $TTD, $VEEV, and $ABNB, and started researching for an article.

However, before I got there, the index added Axon. And before I get yeah right'd directly out of the room, it's all on Twitter if it's important to you at all. 😂

So I shifted and wrote this article on why I still like Trade Desk, Veeva, and Airbnb to go next.

Here's some reasoning for why each would be interesting for the S&P Index, as all three seem to meet the necessary market cap and profitability requirements.

  • Trade Desk - The Index's primary exposure in advertising comes in the form of two ad agencies -- $IPG and $OMC -- and all the massive "walled gardens." As a result, TTD seems like a better modern fit for the index, particularly considering its young Unified ID 2.0 solution looks like it could become the standard in the industry, being adopted by AWS, Snowflake, Adobe, and Salesforce recently.

  • Veeva Systems - Providing R&D and Commercial software solutions to the life sciences industry, Veeva recently signed a 10-year contract with behemoth pharma $MRK. This success with large customers and the company's stellar 23% net income margin point to a widening moat and a powerful land-and-expand growth strategy.

  • Airbnb - This may be the most apparent selection of the group (AXON actually would've been my least confident of these 4 -- here we are anyways), but Airbnb being a verb speaks to most of the core reasons why this is an obvious pick for many. Asset-light and sporting an incredible ROIC of 26% in its last quarter, the company should continue growing stronger as younger generations embrace the "work from anywhere" lifestyle and embrace longer-term stays.

Curious to know what you all think of these picks -- or who you might add instead.

Thanks as always for reading. 🙏
Who should be added next to the S&P 500 Index?
40%Trade Desk
6%Veeva Systems
0%Other (comment below)

15 VotesPoll ended on: 5/11/2023

Dissecting the Markets's avatar
Veeva is more established and is known to be the "Salesforce for Life Sciences". I see them being next in the S&P 500.
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