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Some updates on a few positions I added to recently.

$MDB - Lots of chatter about slowing Atlas growth but this isn't really a concern of mine. MongoDB is still the leading NoSQL database - that hasn't changed. Database-as-a-service is an interesting model that (I believe) will continue to gain popularity as more and more applications move to the cloud.

$SNOW - The more I research and learn about this company, the more I love it. And the beauty of the consumption model with a data analytics provider is that customer spend can quickly balloon as more users are brought on and realize the power of the platform. Despite the high price tag, I'm continuing to add.

$CRWD - Endpoint security is a mission-critical expenditure, even in this type of environment. Zscaler results also seem to indicate companies are not cutting spending on cybersecurity. Crowdstrike continues to execute and the growing adoption of new modules suggests that customers see the immense value its products provide. This is quickly becoming a top conviction company.

After $ZS report, I will probably end up adding to that as well, but cash position is starting to dwindle a bit as I dip into it to fund some house projects.

$CRWD, $SNOW and $TTD (no adding because position is already fairly large) are my three highest conviction holdings at this point. All of these companies are proving that they are capable of navigating difficult economic positions. No surprise that they have grown to be my largest positions.
Seeing so many companies miss on revs or earnings or lower guidance, have issues with supply chains or the macro environment really makes appreciate how $TTD $DDOG and $ENPH don’t effing miss. They get sold off when there are macro concerns or one of their industry peers shows weakness but as individual businesses they always seem to rise above to deliver and execute. These are the type of companies I want to own. Knock on wood I didn’t just jinx them.
Portfolio Update: August
With many holdings reporting earnings last month, I began to see some separation between the truly elite companies and the mediocre (or poor). Companies like The Trade Desk $TTD proved that they are an exceptional ad-tech company while many like $ROKU and $SNAP sunk. On the other hand, previous favorites $OLO and $MDB demonstrated that they aren't as resistant to macro forces as I thought.

$TTD is one of my personal largest holdings, so we're in agreement there. Surely over the long term $MDB, as a critical software and with the NoSQL trend, has staying power, no?
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US Portfolio August Results:
Performance YTD: -51.24% vs SPY: -17.85%
Portfolio By Weight:

$GOOG - 15.02%
$DDOG - 12.24%
$SE - 12.14%
$PLTR - 11.16%
$ZS - 7.43%
$SQ - 7.07%
$TTD - 5.85%
$ABNB - 5.80%
$QQQ - 5.58%
$DOCN - 5.30%
$TSLA - 4.33%
$SCHD - 3.04%
$MQ - 3.02%
$OPEN - 2.02%

Tough way to finish this month... Feeling good about completely selling out of my $NVDA and taking profits, it was my largest position at the end of July. Still holding the cash and plan on buying back in after the stock settles. Going to be a tough end of the year for it, I believe.
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Keep the head up my man. Block has been a sore one for me too in terms of YTD performance. Managed to pick some up for ~$60 though, which is cheaper than my purchases during the pandemic. Business is considerably stronger today as well.
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Which company delivered the best earnings report this week? $RIVN $DIS $TTD $RBLX
Which company had the best earnings report this week?
4%Rivian $RIVN
45%Disney $DIS
50%The Trade Desk $TTD
0%Roblox $RBLX
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My Portfolio: 08/02/22 -- A Battle for 2nd
With $SHW (of all stocks) bombing after earnings and $PINS (of all stocks) jumping, my 2-4 spots are jostling around.

Pinterest, $TDOC, and $ME scare me allocation-wise, but not enough to sell any yet.

  1. $KNSL - Firing on all cylinders, 30%+, profitable growth in insurance is bananas.
  2. $PINS - All about ARPU and shoppable content -- doing what it needs to for now.
  3. $ABNB - Reporting earnings tonight -- curious to see any new product ideas/tweaks.
  4. $SHW - Dreaded supply chain issues -- will be safe long term.
  5. $BTC.X - Just holding 🤷‍♂️
  6. $U - This may sound dramatic, but the $IS deal could be make-or-break -- need more time.
  7. $NDAQ - SaaS and ARR operations continue expanding -- AntiFin crime investment for me.
  8. $V - Steady as ever, as dull of dividend growth play as I had hoped so far.
  9. $TTD - Looking pretty interesting at today's prices, especially with the $DIS deal.
  10. $ZTS - Another boring pick seeming to execute well -- animal wellness play.
  11. $TDOC - Oh boy. Not adding to the position currently. Not dead, but not worth any new money. The thesis is intact for the most part but not nearly as bright.
  12. $ME - Probably over-allocated to this one, but still an exciting idea when looking decades out. It needs to manage its cash burn better, though. What will happen post $GSK?
Which allocation scares you the most?
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I hold $U also and it definitely isn't too dramatic to say the $IS acquisition will only bolster or break the thesis. If management can't pull this off, it'll be major dilution with nothing to show for it. A massive setback and a loss of trust in the executives in my book. However, a successful integration could cement Unity's place as an industry-leader.
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Beginning of August Portfolio:
As always, only showing my taxable brokerage account. Keeping my IRA, 401k, and Crypto all separate. Just over 2-month old account.

$ZM continues to be my largest position. I think this is probably one of the most important companies of the future. Covid made the company a household name, but their primary business was always to enterprises. If I was less responsible, I would only buy Zoom.
$PLTR and $ROKU are my second and third holdings. I bought more shares at $62 after ROKU earnings and sold them yesterday at $72 a share so have a small amount of cash from that, which will be put into either company. My conviction in both companies has been rock solid. Nothing about last weeks earning changed that at all. Noticed a lot of positives hidden by the negative ad numbers. We will see how $PLTR fairs this quarter with commercial customer growth and hiring. I think in a downturn PLTR can hire a lot of talented people, who would otherwise be taking positions at companies that are now freezing hiring.
$DDOG, $S, and $SNOW are three positions that may end up as just two. I don’t have the highest conviction in SentinalOne and am hoping their rev growth will provide me with a higher upside so I can sell the position to increase SNOW and DDOG. I have been tempted to just make the move now but I rather no touch my SaaS until after this week.
$APPN and $TDOC longterm plays. Conviction is higher than my position sizes but my cash is finite.
$TWLO was a new position started last month. Not sure how much I will increase it, while I still have positions above it that I would like to increase it first. I honestly just love what the company does, aside from dilution and employee satisfaction , but I am hoping these things can and will change
$TTD deserves to be much higher. Will increase.
All investments have a >5 year anticipation (aside from $S)
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