My portfolio as of 31/08/22
$SUS.ST (Surgical Science Sweden) $AXON $SDI.L (SDI Group) $NEMTF $XMTR $APPS $KAKZF $NUMND (Nordic Unmanned) $BICO.ST (BICO Group)

In one sentence I would say i am focused on companies with long-term growth opportunities in a growing market through a sustainable business model and optionality led by trustworthy management teams (skin&soul in the game).
I always shared my performance on Twitter so for consistency i will do it here as well. Even though i think short-term performance isn't something to care about at all (easy to say when i'm down big I know).

My turnover ratio in '22 is quite high so maybe i would be down even more if i would have started 2022 with a concentrated portfolio. In the last months I sold all stocks >10B$ market cap and my index funds as I tried to figure out what's my investment philosophy. That definitely took me some time to evaluate so that's why i didn't share portfolio updates from March to June on Twitter. Here you see my portfolio at the end of 2021. (Beside the index funds).

Back the days i already mentioned that i want to elaborate my basic idea of investing into a more detailed strategy in 2022. I plan to update this and go into more details some day but i wrote down my general investment philosophy some weeks ago on my Substack.
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Brian's Commonstock Portfolio Pick Week 12
@brianferoldi picked $ADBE last week and this week it will be @brianstoffel's turn to pick a stock for their Commonstock portfolio that I am copying.

Let's take a look at Brian Stoffel's top 10 holdings below:

Top 10 Holdings:

Out of Brian S's top 10 the following already have been slected: $CRWD, $MELI, $SHOP, $DDOG, $AXON, and $ABNB

My prediction for tomorrow's pick is going to be $MDB MongoDB. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's YouTube video and finding out if I was right with my prediction.

Here is the link to their YouTube channel so you can watch tomorrow:

I also won $250 from Commonstock for my comment on their $DDOG pick. I highly recommend others to comment on @brianstoffel post for their chance to win when it comes out each week.
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My $ABNB trades
Another $100 into my Robinhood account that is following @brianferoldi and @brianstoffel's Commonstock portfolio.

This is the 11th stock added to the portfolio in the 11th week. So far I am loving the picks by Brian and Brian and have even added $SEMR, $MELI, and $AXON to my main account on Fidelity.

What stocks do you like best out of the Brian's picks so far? Comment below!
$AXON as a drone business
Axon Enterprises is best known for making tasers and software for law enforcement. In the wake of the Uvalde school shooting, $AXON proposed having schools equipped with taser drones to combat school shooters.

If more municipalities are open to storing these drones in their schools, $AXON could see their new drone product as a blockbuster product.

Some school board members have concerns about this. But overall, this solution looks to be the middle ground of how schools should be protected.
No opinion yet either way, but heck if this isn’t an interesting development.
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Added $AXON to my Taxable Account
I bought 11 shares of $AXON at average price $98.13 per share. I also bought 1 share of $VOO for $369.

The only reason I know about Axon is
from the Motley Fool. David Gardner, Brian Feroldi, and Brain Stoffel have been
huge advocates on all of their podcasts/YouTube videos for Axon. Check out "The
Brians" work on Axon for more information. My only concern is a lack of TAM.
Axon is already working on this issue with expanding outside of their core
business and trying to expand internationally.

I love buying $VOO or S&P500 equivalent when I buy an individual stock. First, it helps me track the performance of that stock compared to the market at the time of

Second, there is a reason why everyone is trying to beat the
S&P500. It's literally buying the best of the best stocks on a market cap
weighted basis. By adding more to it, I will be owning the best the market has
to offer at any given time.

I only buy stocks in my taxable account every two weeks. I
do this to try and stay away from “timing the market” which is impossible to
do. If you could time the market you would be a billionaire. I will write
another post on the 27 with my next purchase in my taxable account.

*Retirement Accounts *

I added to $VNQ and $QQQM in my Roth IRA. My 401k is
automated so I didn’t have to do anything but S&P500 and Total
International Index Fund was added to as well. I allocate 20% of my paycheck
every two weeks to 70% S&P and 30% international.
Our Second Purchase announced...SHOP
@brianferoldi and I are announcing our second purchase for our "From Scratch" investing portfolio. The stock we'll be purchasing: $SHOP.

Shares are down HUGE, but we're big fans of the business. @brianferoldi considers it high quality. I consider it Anti-Fragile. Here's what you need to know.

The company's mission -- "to make commerce better for everyone," checks all the boxes: it is simple, inspirational, and optionable. And it's important to note, it has also been tested in the past and remained squarely in the position as compass for company moves.

And a merchant can use the platform for...just about anything.

One huge thing we love about the company: dual income streams. Subscriptions have a flat rate, while usage-based merchant solutions grow as merchants grow.

What do these revenue streams actually mean?

It's worth noting that merchant solutions are growing faster (no surprise, as merchants grow on the platform) but are lower margin. Recently, however, gross profit from merchant solutions eclipsed subscriptions.

One thing we REALLY LOVE: we believe Shopify has varying levels of ALL FIVE MOATS that we evaluate. This is true for very few companies we've researched.

The results have been strong -- and the balance sheet is incredibly well-stocked.

Culturally, there's a TON to like as well.

There's tons of room for the company to grow

And outside of Amazon, Tesla, Mercadolibre, as Sea Limited -- few companies have such a history of optionality.

And despite being down HUGE, it's still been a winning investment over the long-run.

What about the risks? Here's what we see

Now, we get a lot of questions about valuation. We really don't spend too much time worrying about it. But we do note that on a P/S basis, SHOP is well within its historical range.

Would you prefer to see all this in video form? We just released it here:

One final note: you may have noticed we haven't made our first purchase of $AXON. That's because Brian and I both have trading restrictions based on our work for The Motley Fool. As soon as we're cleared to buy shares of AXON (and SHOP), we'll be doing that.
What do you think of Shopify right now?
73%This is a GREAT deal
26%Still too expensive...
63 VotesPoll ended on: 05/01/22
Our first purchase -- AXON
If you haven't heard, @brianferoldi and I are building a portfolio from scratch on Commonstock. You can see our portfolio by following us here.

We recently announced our first stock purchase: Axon Enterprise $AXON. Here's what you need to know about the company.

The company started with TASERs, but has moved on to body cameras and -- most importantly for us -- software solutions like Axon Evidence, Axon Records, and Axon Dispatch.

We believe there's multiple wide moats around the company.

The results have been strong and the company has a solid balance sheet with positive free cash flow.

Turning to leadership, the big thing to know about co-founder Rick Smith is that he's given up his salary in return for a huge payday in terms of stock ownership. That's why net income was negative last year.

We also believe the future is VERY bright

And it's been a GREAT investment

How about risks?

Want to know how the stock is doing if you follow along? Here are the three things we'll keep an eye on
What do you think of Axon?
69%Strong Buy
30%Not convinced
89 VotesPoll ended on: 04/26/22
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Higher FCF Incoming for Axon
I liked $AXON's CFO explaining that its subscription bundling core and recurring Axon Cloud software sales have it poised to build FCF steadily over the long term.

As these cash-generating units continue to mature, Axon's lumpy FCF should smooth out and make it a genuine cash cow with consistent, recurring inflows.

I’m a digital evidence tech.

The problem is that their cost is double that of Motorola and as a result limiting their ability to expand into other cities (more cash flow)

Their advantage is the redaction software capabilities that Motorola doesn’t have yet and the cloud software which allow agencies to exchange data easily.
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Remember the Big Picture
Yes, it’s tough psychologically now.

But I am genuinely grateful for these sell-offs.

If you are truly long-term oriented and consistently adding, this should typically be the case.

All down big -- and it may still get worse.

Regardless, a big thank you to the market. 🙏
25 for '22
This year I plan to build out more significant positions in these 25 stocks - partially due to lower prices, but primarily due to long-term mega-trends supporting each.

Curious if any of these looked terrifyingly bad (or good) to you all?