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Tomorrow Elon Musk will announce
Starlink is merging with $IPOF in a SPAC 🙂 . It will be similar to the price jump when $DWAC was announced.

DWAC price explosion after the spac target announcement:
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Validated to: No
$IPOF will be over $20/share on 4/22/2022
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I’m going to the Berkshire meeting
I’ve wanted to go for the past few years and will be going this year to see Warren and hopefully Charlie.

Will anyone else be in Omaha the last weekend of the month?

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$IPOF Starlink?
Lots of rumors floating around, lets see what we think
IS $IPOF going to announce merging with Starlink in the next month?
10 VotesPoll ended on: 04/17/22
I had starlink. Had to send it back. Didn’t work. Shame because it was cool.

SPAC route because they can’t go traditional IPO because they’d have to say too many facts about the product? 😂
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Mohamed El-Erian debates David Rosenberg on inflation
An interesting debate:

El-Erian argues prices will keep rising while Rosenberg argues inflation will die down.

Federal Reserve PCE estimates:
Do you think the PCE will be above or below 4% at the end of the year?
58%Above 4% - Sustained inflation
41%Below 4% - Inflation will fade
12 VotesPoll ended on: 03/31/22
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contrarian take
The Fed is going to raise rates, this is old news. Everyone thinks that this will shrink multiples and be bad for long duration risk assets because you are discounting by a higher rate.

But consider this:

It seems clear that the Fed will exercise caution and even at the fastest only move rates to about 2.5% a year from now. Compare this expected increase in nominal interest rates with the change in inflation. If inflation goes from the current 7.9% to 10.4% then the real change in interest rates is 0.

Aside from the Fed, most government policy is geared to err to the effect of increasing inflation over decreasing growth or increasing unemployment. It is too politically difficult today to promote policies otherwise.

If you take this all together I think there is a good chance that real rates stay around the same or even go lower from here. And this would be good for long-duration risk assets if you think that the real rates impact the multiples more than the nominal rates.

So load up on $TSLA , $GME and $BTC.X calls
Place your bets!

You bring up a great point, not to mention the government’s debt will get much more expensive if interest rates are raised. Everything is connected. Raising rates and keeping them up could prove difficult.
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Cash is trashn't
With the potential for political chaos leading up to and after the election, a possible resurgence of coronavirus in the fall, slowing hiring growth, stimulus uncertainty, and a wave of corporate defaults on the horizon I paused this week and reflected.

I asked myself:

"What could go right?" and "What could go wrong?"

"What would the upside be?" and "What would the downside be?"

"What are the odds of a positive upcoming quarter?" and "What are the odds of a negative upcoming quarter?"

"What risks are priced into the market?"

And I decided that cash is where I want to be to take advantage of potential large swings ahead. I am okay missing out on a big move up to protect myself from the downside given what I see as the risk/reward in equities and anything liquidity correlated (equities/precious metals/commodities/bitcoin). The S&P is only down about a percent since the pre-crisis high in Feb. I want to protect my capital from a liquidity driven sell off.

I've cashed in my chips and will absorb new information and reevaluate as this story progresses.
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