Could Sam Bankman be the next Ryan Cohen?
Recently, FTX CEO Sam Bankman bought a 7.6% stake in $HOOD. FTX is a crypto brokerage platform similar to $COIN.

Being an expert on how exchanges work, it would be interesting to see what Sam Friedman looks to do with Robinhood. Even if his stake in the company may seem insignificant, it's important to note that FTX and Robinhood are indirect competitors. Both offer a crypto brokerage platform to consumers but at the same time, Robinhood offers fewer cryptos for people to trade and gives people a plethora of stocks and options to buy and sell.

The reaction to Sam Bankman's stake in Robinhood was big. The stock rose more than 20% after hours because of it.

In late March, $GME experienced a similar reaction as Ryan Cohen, co-founder of $CHWY, added to his stake in the videogame retailer. Around the same time, $BBBY shares surged as Ryan Cohen took a stake in that company as well.

Ryan Cohen is investing in those retailers because he wants to help fix the operations of those companies. Sam Friedman could be looking to do something similar with Robinhood.

We have yet to see.
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On GameStop CEO:
"I am not taking anything away from Ryan Cohen. He has at least three zeros in his net worth more than I do. He founded this company Chewy and sold it for a gazillion dollars. But let's just rid ourselves of this notion that somehow he is the next Warren Buffett, because he is not. He bought a big stake in GameStop. He became the chairman. He brought in all these executives and board members. The stock went up a ton. But have the fundamentals of the business gotten any better? Any better at all? The answer is no. And by the way, the stock peaked at $483. It's now down to about $150."

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2021 Lessons Learned: Trading/Speculation Turned Buy&Hold
I learned a lot in 2021 - had many losers with sizable losses $VMEO $IAC (call) $GEVO $ME $CTXR
I'm forgetting some
$FIGS turned out to be a loser but I sold at a gain

But a handful of trades made up for the losses, nearly double $AABB $GRTS $GME (short)
Those were the main ones

Lesson: a couple winners can make up for many losers. Luck also plays a big role, especially for short term speculation

Given up a big chunk of 2021 gains through 2022 already. We'll see how we end the year though, I think I'm decently positioned. Majority of my portfolio is in profitable growers at reasonable valuations. Have decent portion allotted to potential multibaggers

Profitable growers at reasonable valuation: $GOOGL $PUBM $FB $EVVTY $LEAT
This portion makes up 79% of my portfolio

Unprofitable potential multibaggers: $TUEM $SLGC $NAUT
This portion makes up 21% of my portfolio
Hi @logicalthesis, welcome to Commonstock! Thanks for sharing some of what you've learned recently. I like that you're seeing learning opportunities in both your winners and losers!
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Stock Splits and Retail Crowd
Stock splits became one of the most popular semi-recurring narratives among retail investors

$GME is the latest example
post media
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Bold Strategy Cotton
I just saw the $GME news that they want to seek shareholder approval to issue more stock, with the intention to split it.. I have never seen a move like this.

I find it interesting as they want to increase shares from 300M to 1B said another way to more than triple the shares then split them..

I have seen splits, and I have seen issuances, but I have never seen both like this. I recognize the stock is disconnected from fundamental reality but what are peoples thoughts on a move like this?

Especially since the entire $GME saga has been based on the ability to control and corner their shares outstanding I question if this is a smart move by leadership. I also do not understand why they would not just do one or the other.
Is this a good strategic move for $GME?
60%No - But Apes Strong Together
10 VotesPoll ended on: 04/03/22
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