"The Market" Game Recap
Thanks everyone for coming to "The Market" game last night! We had 16 people concurrently (about 20 total coming and going over the course of an hour and a half).

My favorite part was the discussion- people asked really good questions and we got a great conversation going. Check out @grace 's memo on some of her takeaways for a glimpse of the juicy learnings: https://share.commonstock.com/arn0mpYH3cb

If you'd like to receive a calendar invite for next month's game, shoot me a DM with your email and join the group channel here: https://share.commonstock.com/share?invite=FIkFbJ

Here is a recap of the picks, and the Commonstock users who pitched them, in case you want to reach out to them and learn more:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

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This was one of the coolest moments in my Commonstock journey. It probably sounds corny, but having passionate community members make connections with each other and pull the product out of us is a truly special feeling... Now we just need to build it!

Thank you @nathanworden for creating this and thank you so much to everyone for joining last night and for your amazing ideas!

Can't wait to see if that chart @rconn2986 drew will be accurate! Everyone lookout for the drawdown in ~April 2020 😬Post media
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*2021 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Guess you found my 2nd CS account 🙃
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Thanks for the mention!! I had a great time hearing everyone's ideas and I loved seeing the way this community engages with each other to share ideas and ask hard & well-thought out questions. Can't wait for the next one!!☺️
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Thanks for hosting Nathan! It was a ton of fun.
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Of course! Thanks for coming Will- you made my fiancé want to buy facebook all of a sudden XD
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@nathanworden - this was awesome. I've never participated in something like this and I bet many of the attendees were in the same boat. Thank you for being such a great part of the Commonstock community.
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My pleasure! I'm super glad you came- you had great questions and also did a great pitch off the cuff. Good stuff!
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This was truly fun and enlightening! Loved getting to hear from such smart and passionate people. I’m really looking forward to growing in wisdom and wealth with you all. Cheers!
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Same! Double cheers!
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This sounds exciting - I’d love to join next time!