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My $SMG trades
This was a tough sale. I bought for the cannabis exposure in the Hawthorne Gardening subsidiary back before I was a growth investor or had a cogent investment strategy (I sold stocks way too often). I was a big fan of SMG though. Solid business, solid dividend, and a subsidiary I thought would explode. That was March 2017. Hawthorne is now struggling mightily (along with most of the cannabis industry) and SMG has been trailing my benchmarks pretty significantly over the 5+ years I've held. Considering I already have a more pure-play cannabis exposure in $GRWG (plus $GTBIF, $IIPR, $NLCP), I feel like the funds that were tied up in SMG can be better deployed elsewhere in this current environment.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company ($SMG) Investment:
Time held from initial purchase: 5.13 years
CAGR: 2.38% vs $SPY 11.68% vs $QQQ 17.12%
Total Return: 8.92% vs SPY 51.96% vs QQQ 81.87%

Results: Trailed both of my benchmarks
What will Scotts Miracle-Gro do over the next 10 years?
I bought years ago for the Hawthorne Gardening subsidiary, which has been struggling mightily lately (along with other picks-and-shovel companies like pure-play $GRWG). SMG has been on my Sell Watchlist for about 6 months now. If Hawthorne isn't succeeding, my thesis is breaking. $SMG $SPY $QQQ
What will Scotts Miracle-Gro do over the next 10 years?
30%Beat SPY
0%Beat QQQ
23%Beat both
46%Beat neither
13 VotesPoll ended on: 05/13/22
@commonstock It'd be neat if I could see the real-time results of my own poll without having to skew the results by submitting my own vote. Maybe a "See Results" link that only the author can see/use?
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If you expect food shortages to come in the future, expect huge inflows into vertical farming companies
in August of 2019, Vice News reported on a few vertical farming startups in Singapore. Because Singapore is a small nation that's highly urbanized, the country doesn't have much land to do farming the same way that other countries do. Because of this, the country has welcome vertical farming startups.

Some advantages of vertical farming include:
  • being able to grow plants indoors; protects them from locusts and other environmental and weather issues
  • more efficiency with resources (ex. less water-intensive)
  • higher crop yields per square foot (the sky is the limit)
  • plants grow faster overall

However, vertical farming is energy-intensive. Lamps are shining light onto plants 24/7 and complex systems are monitoring plants and providing them with their scheduled "rain".

With high energy prices, many are reluctant to invest in vertical farming startups. Higher utility bills decrease the profitability of this energy-intensive form of farming. At the same time, scientists are continuing to find new sources of energy as well as finding ways to make vertical farming less energy-intensive.

If food shortages do come in, then I believe that many investors will pile money into vertical farming startups since the economics of vertical farming makes them more capable of feeding the world faster than traditional farmers. Some might think that $BYND and other food processing companies will have an easier time alleviating a food shortage, but at the end of the day, they source their ingredients from farmers.

Some vertical farming companies that I'm looking at are $APPH $HYFM $GRWG $AGFY $UGRO $VFF. While all of them look appealing, I'm still debating on which one is the better investment.

And to end it off here, I hope that the world doesn't end up in a food shortage situation. Some countries are dealing with food shortages and let's hope that their situation gets alleviated as soon as possible. We don't want food shortages to become a big thing in the coming future.
Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 28th - Mar 4th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Two of my holdings, $SE and $SOFI report next week, so I'll be paying significant attention to both. Other than that, I'm also interested in seeing what retailers like $TGT $BBY and $COST have to say about supply chain issues and inflation.

Good luck to everyone!

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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Mega week for earnings! (Nov 8-12)
Here are featured earnings we are paying attention to @ Fincredible.

The ones I'm paying close attention are:

$PYPL - Want to learn more about their plans for 'super app', integration of BNPL and if any color on rumored $PINS acqn, which is now dead (or never was there). I own some $PYPL

$PLTR - I think I'm the only non-bull on this company. I'm unsure of their technological prowess and confused by their corporate governance. I don't own and have no plans, but just curious.

$COIN - I have no exposure in crypto except via a managed investment on Titan, but I think this is a great way to continue to learn and try and get smarter

$U - I like this company a lot. I'm particularly interested in their non-gaming revenues which I think is a larger TAM. Selfishly, I'm hoping this stock falls after earnings (Sorry for the many who own it) so I can buy on the dip, but not expecting it.

$SOFI $AFRM - I view both of these innovative companies but are overpriced, and don't have as much moat as people give them credit. Yet always interested to hear about them to be proven wrong, and given my investments in $PYPL, banks, and various private fintechs

$EHTH - not Ethereum, but eHealth. Given they fired most of the management team recently, always interested in what the tone/focus of the call is.

BTW as of this week, for S&P 500 companies (plus other popular stocks) you can not only play the calls in real-time at Fincredible, but also read the transcript and monitor specific keywords in real-time. Check it out -





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Earnings this week
Monday, March 22nd
$RAVN Raven Industries
$TME Tencent Music Entertainment Group

Tuesday, March 23rd
$ADBE Adobe
$GME GameStop
$DOYU Douyu
$PAYX Paychex
$BNGO Bionano Genomics

Wednesday, March 24th
$GRWG GrowGeneration
$SCVL Shoe Carnival
$GIS General Mills
$WGO Winnebago

Thursday, March 25th
Friday, March 26th
Sources: Business Insider, Google Finance, and Yahoo Finance
Currently long $ADBE since they transitioned from perpetual licenses to the cloud. Never added substantially$ to the position because they always seemed expensive (it was trading at sub 5x P/S). #regrets
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Tracking Results of 'The Market' Game
Tomorrow we will be holding another round of 'The Market' stock pitching game live over Zoom at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST! One of the fun things about this game is tracking the performance of the pitches.

One month ago at the event we had twelve pitches, and some great discussion. Here's how those ideas turned out:

Congratulations to Ryan C @rconn2986 for the pitch that has performed the best with Skillz! $SKLZ is an online mobile multiplayer competition platform that is integrated into a number of iOS and Android games.

At the live game Skillz was also the pitch that received the most votes- it's cool to see the Commonstock community forecasting the best performing stock over the next month. Let's see if that continues!

The average one-month return of the stock pitches last week was +7.9% while the S&P 500 returned +2.9%. Not too shabby.

If you'd like to attend the live game tomorrow, please DM me or comment below, and I can send you a calendar invite with the Zoom link!

I've been chatting with all the pitchers for tomorrow and I'm excited for the companies they'll be pitching. A lot of names I hadn't heard of before.

See you all tomorrow!

@rconn2986 @amanda @nwzh @pat_connolly @northstarcapital @aaronkettl @jacobsteele

@tyler asked, so I also pulled results from the game we had in December. Now I know why he asked- because Tyler's pick of MicroVision absolutely crushed i! 😆

These returns are from December 17th, 2020, through today, Feb. 12th, 2021.
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