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The 9th installment of my #TMTseries is out!

In this issue, I focus on private company Stripe including:

✅How the space shaped up to its current state
✅The advent of "PayFac" Technology
✅Stripe's business strategy, product innovation and M&A mandates

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Inflation is driven by an energy supply crunch

Governments have a few choices today: ration demand, hike/tighten enough to weaken growth, and ease foreign policy in Ukraine. As the pain grows they will do all three.
The 8th installment of my #TMTseries is out!
I analyze $AVGO's planned acquisition of $VMW and among other things:

  • Analyze the financial terms of the deal;
  • Explain how and why the operational model of VMware will change drastically;
  • Understand Broadcom’s outstanding financials and explain the competitive advantages behind it;
  • and finally seek to identify what this deal means for VMware’s customers from a business and technical standpoint going ahead.

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Investing the Pelican Way
Spend most of the time chilling on posts/floating on waves, but ALWAYS staying alert for opportunities.

Expend time/energy VERY selectively; abort quickly when prospects aren’t great.

Act swiftly/decisively ONLY when it’s damn near a sure thing.
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A Federal Reserve pivot in September or so has vanished like a dream. Velocity of hikes is what it's gonna be about in the short and medium term now
Returns, Last 10 Years..
Bitcoin $BTC: +569,772%
Tesla $TSLA: +12,039%
NVIDIA $NVDA: +6,497%
Netflix $NFLX: +1,988%
AMD $AMD: +1,644%
Domino's $DPZ: 1,262%
Amazon $AMZN: +1,052%
Microsoft $MSFT: +1,021%
Apple $AAPL: +736%
Google $GOOGL: +703%
S&P 500 $SPY: +277%
Gold $GLD: +9%
What would be crazier— for Bitcoin to repeat similar returns over the next 10 years, or for it to level off and return 0% (but not go to zero)?
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"Inflation is like toothpaste. Once it's out, you can hardly get it back in again. So the best thing is not to squeeze too hard on the tube.” - Dr Karl Otto Pöhl

The FED stomped on the tube since Covid hit lol