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Top 10 S&P500 Companies by 2021 Revenue Growth
What S&P500 company had the highest increase in revenue in 2021 (vs. 2020)?

  • Hint 1: It grew more than 22x

  • Hint 2: It's obvious once you see it

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Wow everybody knows the company obviously but didn't knew that they actually grew by 2200%. Was fun, thx for sharing this.
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Buying crypto vs buying $COIN
Some people prefer holding stocks of "crypto" companies to holding actual crypto.

$COIN, $BTC.X a and $ETH.X seem to move in unison ... although $COIN is arguably doing much worse in 2022 than the rest of the crypto ecosystem (here approximated by $BTC and $ETH)

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For me it's easier to choose Coinbase which gets me exposure to much more than random shitcoins
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$UBER and $LYFT price notes

Quarterly returns:

  • Negative for both companies for the past 4 quarters
  • Q2 2022 (in progress / incomplete) doesn't look like much will change

Quarterly returns (interactive)
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FAANG Returns over years
Double digit loss for $FAANG?

2015 - 2021: Never happened (*except for $FB in 2018)

2022: Reality for all of them.

Source: Factor.fyi
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Meta (Facebook): Annual returns over years
$FB Q1 results in nutshell: The company missed earning per share but added more users.

So far, 2022 has been the worst year in $FB's almost 10-year history as a public company: The stock is down almost 50% since Jan 1, 2022

Still, $FB beat S&P500 in 7 out of 10 last years, and often time by a lot!

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