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Head of Product Eng at Commonstock. Thinking in incentives and systems. Lover of markets, economics, thought experiments, exploratory conversation, pizza, pasta, bread, Piemonte wine.
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Pretty good arb from RenTech.

Model that you can generate excess returns by not paying taxes, reinvest the capital back into the model, then pay a % back later.

Part of the calculus must be that sec only sends people to jail if they steal from shareholders or employees (ie enron), but steal from the IRS as an institution and it’s just a paltry fee.

Evil genius shit 😈

SEO used to be you've gotta be on page 1.

Now, if you're not above this fold you might as well not exist. This is the most valuable digital real estate in the world and it's 90% ads.

Long $GOOG πŸš€
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Today $SQ announced Square Banking, completing the fully closed network payment system. I’m not sure the markets have fully digested the value of colocating consumer payments, business banking, and consumer banking under one roof.

Long $SQ πŸš€

I was hearing rumors about this, saw this post and immediately sold $BX (84% gain) and bought some shares of Square. Really excited for next 5-10 years of the company
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$SQ offering business checking accounts might seem boring at first, but this is a HUGE deal. It's the final piece for SQ creating a fully closed payment network.

Buyers pay via SQ debit card directly into a SQ-hosted debit account, avoiding costly card processing fees on the buy side. This will also be a multiplier for SQ Capital, enabling them to better assess creditworthiness.

How are we feeling on $BTC.X after the $TSLA announcement? Personally I’m still bullish but yesterday was quite a ride 🎒
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Honestly, $BTC.X has never been about transactions for me so it doesn't change much 🀷
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