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Seeing all these banks getting headlines and here I am sweating (everyday… but not really) to NOT see my $OPBK $OZK and $C in headlines 🤣
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I own $KEY and have not enjoyed this week.
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@averageinvestor anything to worry about in $KEY
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@from100kto1m all I’ve seen is that they fit the mold of a regional bank that “could”see issues. They aren’t in the position of First Republic and some articles are calling them a great buy the dip opportunity.
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@averageinvestor Would you consider adding to your $KEY position at these levels?

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@tomato I’m very interested in adding to $KEY. They’ve delayed their reporting by over a month, which in the past has been a sign of bad news from other companies. As of right now they should report around April 20. I’ll consider adding after they report out since it most likely is going to be bad bad news - possible dividend cut?



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