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New Weekly Paid Newsletter 11/09 is out
Holdings as of 11/09: $FF $LKQ $HII $WWE $OZK $ORI $SFM $VMD $FB $BUR $IAC $CVS $TWTR $OPFI ( $OPRA via call options )

Topics of The Week: Portfolio Update, Commentary, Exiting $OPBK, & More Earnings.

I also wanted to share part of this week's newsletter free of charge for "commonstock family"

**Exiting Op Bancorp ($OPBK):**

I said it before, but this time it happened!

I exited $OPBK at about 100% profit.

Image courtesy of @nathanworden (Thank you)

Originally I was buying because during pandemic this bank had no debt, right metrics, and the most important thing… management was buying LIKE CRAZY lots and lots of shares while the whole world was preparing for doom and gloom.

Crazy part some are still buying (although not as much as
before) but I will be leaving this train…

Although I think this potentially has room to go higher with interesting rates going up. I just don’t feel as good with this being mainly niche play in California (one of the reasons why I bought $ORI and not $FAF) and I already have Bank OZK as my “Bank play”.
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You correctly identified that a bank with good metrics— and was buying back shares (while the whole world was dooming and glooming) was a buy sign. That was the right move at the time and regardless of what happens in the future, selling now is a win. Good work.
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New Monthly Newsletter 11/02:

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Anyone want to tell me why I shouldn’t own Heartland Express $HTLD ?
Even before I read Deep dive by Vanck

I knew of $HTLD but liked $KNX more (and $ODFL even more more).

The only problem $KNX never went into my Margin of Safety price so when I bough it and it never went down I just sold for a small profit (I never got a chance to built up large position) and $ODFL never even looked back and just kept going higher.

Now $HTLD is drifting lower and I'm considering starting position once I sell out of $OPBK

Here are quick reasons why I think I shouldn't invest:

  • shortage of drivers
  • high fuel prices?
  • no major moat?
  • cyclical? No growth?
  • it’s no $ODFL
  • self driving trucks?

And here are some quick reasons why I think I should invest:

  • no debt ever
  • Smart business oriented operators
  • insiders own about 40% and buying stock on open market
  • metrics in low teens with 80% gross margin
  • repurchasing shares
  • driver oriented
it’s a lager to others, so maybe reversion to the mean?

Here are some screenshots of comp
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New (free) Monthly #Newsletter 10/05 is out:

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To keep the dividend train going, I wanted to share my top 5 dividend stocks that I own right now and what dividend yield I’m getting:

1) $OPBK with 6.50% Div Yeild
2) $OZK with 4.69%
3) $ORI with 4.16% not including special dividend this year
4) $CVS with 3.13%
5) $FF with 2.63% not including SP this year
I focus more on growth companies, but here are my two dividend plays:

American States Water $AWR
=> It increased dividends at a CAGR of 9.8% in the past 10 years, including a 2021 raise of 9%.

Target $TGT
=> Digital sales are doing very well. I'm expecting a record profit this year which would set them up for a dividend raise next year.
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This week I have started position in $IAC (up today that is my my most intense research giving family/work schedule).

But because I am also down 25-30% $OPFI & I want to preserve my cash pile, I had to (what I believe) make a hard decision…

A) Not to use my cash
B) Not to sell my winners (aka $OPBK which is a bank stock that almost but not yet has reached what I believe it’s fair value)

but instead

C) Sell some of my “loser” $OPFI & transition that cash into $IAC to establish position.
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