Three Bagger!
Hit my first three bagger position this week!

$VDE (Vanguard Energy ETF) eclipsed the 200% gain mark for the position, as a whole. Initial acquisition date was 11/2/2020.

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One Year Chart:

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It doesn't mean that much since I don't intend to sell, but its cool to see.

More than anything, this is a testament to buying and holding.

Pending 3-bagger watchlist:
  • $XLE - currently at 195% gain (Acquisition Date - 3/13/2020)
  • $AAPL - currently at 147% gain (Acquisition Date - 4/1/2020)

What was your first 3-bagger?
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Congrats! Mine was $MSFT, which was my first stock ever bought back in 2013.
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@ifb_podcast that’s a great company! Do you still hold $MSFT today?
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I do, kept adding to it along the way. The one smart choice I made 😂😂. Dumb luck really, read Peter Lynch telling me I should buy what I use, as I was working with Word and Excel 😂
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@ifb_podcast I have to give my compliments on $VDE to Wealthfront as it is a holding from when I was still using them
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This is awesome to see! Kudos :) will you ever sell it? Or what would make you sell it, given how cyclical energy is?

$AAPL was my first three bagger!
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@investmenttalk hoping $AAPL gets there for me too! As of right now, the only thing that would make me sell is if it becomes <1% of my portfolio, which I don’t see happening
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Congrats man! Easy success. $INMD was a five bagger for me. Cheers to many more for both of us 🍻
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@thethinkinginvestor thanks! Hoping for a 5 bagger some day. Did you end up selling $INMD?
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Congrats, lets celebrate with a non alcoholic Stella!

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bravo, nice get ! I would read this note, complementary
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@maverickresearch thanks for sharing! If im understanding correctly, the market is anticipating contraction in energy sector moving forward?
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@scorebdinvestor welcome, my interpretation is: market does not believe this outperformance will keep performing/outperforming ... mean reversion in valuation is present in all asset calsses ... contracion is harsh to say comes next/soon ... . Net I would say: do not expect this to replicate in the next 2-3 years as it did in the last 2-3 years ...
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Great buying points. Both in the midst of the pandemic panic :)
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Very well done--and I wish you many, many more. :) I was going to say "you never forget your first!" but I honestly couldn't tel you my first 3-bagger and I've been investing only since 2016 or so. I'm guessing it was $SHOP or maybe $TSLA.



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